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Walser 'AEROTEX' car seat covers and cushions

"Aerotex" is a Walser patent, a technology which draws the heat and moisture away from your back and disperses it. Running the air conditioning at low temperature is reckoned to add up to 10% to fuel consumption, so there has to be real merit in turning down the air conditioning and using a set of Walser Aerotex seat covers or seat cushions to help keep you feeling generally fresh and comfortable, especially on a hot day.

Walser's Aerotex seat covers are not only side-airbag approved for the majority of vehicles but, by using a variety of technical fabrics to draw the moisture away from the areas which tend to get hot and sweaty, sitting on an Aerotex cover should leave you feeling fresher, more relaxed and, in theory, less prone to colds and chills.

"Aerotex - a seat cover which breathes." The Hohensteiner Institute has shown that the "physiologic comfort" of Aerotex is over twice that of normal seat covers and of the original car seats. International Patent AM 8667.

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