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This product fits: Toyota Starlet three door (1996 to 1998)

Toyota Starlet three door (1996 to 1998)  :

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Toyota Starlet three door (1996 to 1998)  :
Toyota Starlet three door (1996 to 1998)

BICE WalkyGuard no. BCA014

WalkyGuard is a new and innovative headrest-mounted universal dog guard. Its adjustments for width and height make it suitable for almost all vehicles with rear head rests, and it’s certainly the fastest and easiest guard to fit and remove that we’ve seen – not more than a couple of minutes.

If your car hasn't got adjustable rear seat headrests, this dog guard won't fit - please don't order it!

As well as fitting almost all vehicles, i.e. being particularly good value for money, it doesn’t impede the normal use of a fixed or rolling parcel shelf / boot blind – that’s a unique feature of a well designed headrest-mounting guard.

Almost as important in our experience is that the WalkyGuard doesn’t rattle – one of the irritating bugbears of many dog guards. It’s a one piece welded construction with no potential for metal on metal vibration, with a black powder-coated finish.

The WalkyGuard is held in place with only two brackets, well protected to prevent damage to either the headrest posts or the WalkyGuard. Position the WalkyGuard centrally against the back of the rear headrest posts, hook a clamp around one post on each side, and tighten; it’s that simple.

The guard adjusts from 28cm high (with the top bar removed) by 85cm wide to a maximum 46cm high by 146cm wide. The top bar is easily removed if there is not enough headroom - many cars have limited headroom in the boot space.

Additional fitting notes:

  • Use the rectangular guide bar to position the guard centrally on top of the back seat, then secure it to two headrests by tightening the holding brackets around two headrest posts - an easy one handed operation.
  • Once the guard is in place the horizontal bars should be adjusted so they don't quite touch the edge of the vehicle, and then given a quarter turn which locks them in position.
  • Removing the guard is as easy as fitting it - just loosen off the tightening knobs and remove from the headrest posts.

4.44.4 based on 82 reviews

BICE WalkyGuard no. BCA014 Reviews

- 03/03/2015 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
Very good product easy and quick to move. Looks better than other more expensive options.
- 26/02/2015 | Vehicle type: Estate
Easy to fit and fits perfect. Very happy with my dog guard. Thank you
- 12/02/2015 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
Superb, first class product.
- 04/02/2015 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
Fits a Seat hatchback on the small setting. It took about 10 min to sort it out. Will recommend it to other Seat owners.
- 23/01/2015 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
This is really easy and quick to fit and equally easy to take off when you need to fold the seats down for large loads. Simple and effective
- 13/01/2015 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
Simple to assemble. Easy instructions. All in place and dog in the car within about 5 minutes of taking it out of the box. Perfect!
- 19/12/2014 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
Reasonably easy to fit and change from car to car. Very strong in situ.
- 15/12/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
The dog guard is easy to fit and the adjustments allow for a perfect fit. The important thing for me is that it is easy to remove when required. This dog guard fulfills all my requirements including value for money.
- 06/12/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
This is a well made product that is easy to fit. Very importantly it doesn't rattle as most do.
- 27/11/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
Very simple to fit on the rear headrest supports and when fitted, totally secure and easy to adjust. It is unobtrusive when fitted and can be removed in seconds if you need to put your back seats down. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a guard that covers the top of the back seat to the roof.
- 21/11/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
Very very good, easy to fit
- 15/11/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Well made and looks good; fits well once adjusted which is straightforward and quick. Most importantly, it keeps the dogs where I want them, despite the efforts of a very determined and persistent Border Terrier! Plastic lock rings to adjust the length of the bar ends feel a bit flimsy and fiddly to operate - I was a bit fearful of over-tightening them. Also, the fixings to the headrest uprights are solid lumps of steel and quite close to the necks of passengers. I would prefer to see less "projection" on these.
- 26/10/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
I've had manufacturer's dog guards that are very expensive so tried this one this time for my Subaru Legacy Rn Tourer. I am delighted with the quality, strength (I have a Labrador)and ease of fitting and removing. A really good and sensibly priced product that does the job as well as one priced at three times as much.
- 20/10/2014 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
Product arrived on time. Easily fitted and very effective. Dogs do not appear to find it intrusive. Great product for a reasonable price.
- 14/10/2014 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
Fantastic dog guard. Really easy to install. Very sturdy and well made. Was just what we were looking for. Would definitely recommend this to others.
- 06/10/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
I chose the WalkyGuard as I wanted a guard that would not require any permanent fixings to the cart bodywork. I am delighted with the product. It was easy to install and as it attaches to the head restraints, it means that if the seats are pushed forward (as they can do in a Renault Grand Scenic), the dog guard moves too. A great product and highly recommended!
- 01/10/2014 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
We found this product after researching dog guards. This product scored high overall and was also competitively priced. We have two cars and wanted one guard which we could use in either car. The product is strong and well made. It was fitted in minutes. We have been using for over a month and are pleased with our purchase. Delivery was superb, very fast and exceeded our expectations
- 27/09/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Well made and very simple to fit and remove. Build quality only scores a 9 because the plastic end caps on the extending bars are cheap and fall off rather easily. Otherwise and excellent piece of kit.
- 22/09/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
As we were only looking after my sister-in-laws dog for a few weeks I wanted something that could be taken in / out easily and this fitted the bill exactly. First fitting was the longest as you have to work out how high to have the head rests and to adjust the height and width that took about 10 mins subsequent fittings 5 mins or less ! We had a 4 year old labrador and whilst he could poke his nose through that was it. He never really tested the robustness as once he realised the barrier was there he just settled down to sleep so I can't comment on how it would stand up to rough treatment.
- 17/09/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Excellent product. Very easy to install and uninstall.
- 10/09/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
Bought for a Zafria car, but had to modify it myself to make it fit. Not very secure, one bracket screw was faulty which did not help the installation. Not worth the money.
- 06/09/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
I purchased a WalkyGuard Dog Guard, it is well made and very easy to fit. The guard secures onto two of the rear seat headrests and the height can easily be adjusted by adding or removing the top bar of the guard and the width adjusted by extending the poles. I am very pleased with the product and have recommended it to a friend and family member who have both purchased them and been very pleased with the guard also.
- 26/08/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Ordered this product as i now have 2 dogs and needed to utilise the whole boot. Delivery was really quick and the guard is solid and well built. Easy to attach to the car, even on my own. I particularly liked that i could continue using my boot guard as i need to hide things away when im not using the boot for the dogs. No issues with visibility either. A great buy for the price and definitely worth recommending
- 19/08/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4
Good overall build quality , slightly awkward fitting as it stops me pushing the rear seats down without unscrewing it from the headrests, occasionally starts sqeaking and needs retightening.
- 15/08/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
The walky dog guard is fantastic, so easy to install and remove.great product,good design and well made,good value, the service from the roof box company was excellent and would recommend them and the product to anyone
- 15/08/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Really good , well made and useful product Excellent Company to deal with and very helpful
- 14/08/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Fantastic company to deal with. We originally purchased the wrong dog guard but it was no hassle at all to exchange. Would definitely purchase again from you.
- 12/08/2014 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
This dog guard is the best we have used in 28 years of dog ownership. It is sturdy, easy to install, firm, yet can still be removed easily if more space us required. I would recommend this dog guard to anyone.
- 11/08/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Having had this WalkyGuard dog guard fitted to my Passat Estate for some moths now I can give an honest review. It is extremely easy to fit, does the job it is intended to do perfectly well. It appeared to be well made initially but over a period of time and with it being taken off and fitted back on a few times, for carrying items with seats down, it has begun to rattle. The tightening mechanism for the rods is not up to being used too often, in my opinion. I can no longer tighten the rods in position sufficiently enough to hold them tight. Consequently they rattle/vibrate inside their housing against the metal frame. I have had to take them all out and wrap insulating tape around the ends to stop this rattling. Would suggest a strong tightening mechanism, plastic is never that strong!
- 09/08/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
The dog guard arrived within the time stated and was the correct product (as stated by the retailer) for our vehicle. It was easy to fit and 'does the job'!
- 08/08/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4
Great product, even for a big Bernise Mountain Dog, keeps him safely in the back, and away from passengers. Easily removed to use the back, and enable the back seats to fold down.
- 07/08/2014 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
Fits our Hyundai i30 no problem. Had to remove one of the bars but that was easily done. Would recommend.
- 05/08/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
Very satisfied with this product. Reasonably priced compared to other alternatives, easy to fit and very sturdy. Keeps the dogs safe and secure.
- 25/07/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Very good quality but with a major problem! It is held in place by two screw nuts which fix to the bars holding the headrests in place. The problem is that however tightly I do them up they work loose causing the guard to rattle. I overcame this by using two bungey straps wrapped round the headrest and guard. This has worked very well!
- 24/07/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4
Versatile , yet well built. Easy to install and remove and the size, means it tucks away easy. Fits a multitude of cars, but be warned we have a 2013 Sante Fe and from a height point of view it is a barely fit on the lowest setting so almost too big. Works with boot cover still installed as well---bonus. Clever piece of kit really.
- 14/07/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4
As the dog guard is meant to fit an IX35 I fitted it straight from the box only to find it is to tall and hits the roof mounted centre seat belt housing. The choice was either having it slop at 80 degrees so not vertical but sloping into the car, with the brackets on the headrest not locating properly, or remove the top bar. I decided to remove the top bar so that it would clear the seat belt housing on the roof and sit vertically, only to find it rattled unless the guard could be pushed onto the roof. I decided to remove the unit and only fit it when the dog goes in the car so I do not have to listen to it rattling around all the time. The dog guard was certainly not designed for the IX35, the manufacturer my list it as compatible but I doubt they tested it. I was disappointed. Other than the poor fitting, the quality of the dog guard is very good and the fitting is simplicity itself, a pity it does not fit as it should in my 2011 IX35 Premium 4x4.
- 11/07/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
WalkyGuard dog guard is of excellent quality, easy to fit and it is designed to fit a variety of vehicles. No complaints from me or my furry friends!
- 10/07/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Fitted to 2014 Skoda Octavia Estate, this product is remove/refitted so quickly compared with other dog guards and is well made. I did have a persistent rattle which I thought was coming from the horizontal rods vibrating within the bars so I damped the ends of the rods with tape......the rattle was actually coming from the fixing devices on the vertical headrest rods so I fitted about 25mm of thick rubber tube to each rattles!
- 09/07/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
very good product. easy to fit and remove .
- 08/07/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4
I found this very difficult to actually put into my BMW X3 . My son-in-law had to do it for me. He had bought one at the same time for his car (same sort). The plastic bits on the ends of the rods are a little flimsy. However, unless you need to keep taking the guard out this isn't a problem.
- 08/07/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Good quality item that fits the Mini Clubman perfectly. No loss of space for the dog, no awkward connections. Equally no complaints from the driver or the dog re the visibility and security that both require. As always, really good service from not only in the sale but answering a few questions before hand. Recommended.
- 07/07/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
Wish I had purchased this dog guard from the start. Very easy to fit, well made and most importantly it's stable secure, and doesn't rattle. I would highly recommend this guard to anyone.
- 07/07/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
Easy to use, sturdy and excellent for use on front seats (slight limitation as to positioning of the seats. Ideal to have them at similar distance from front and rake) as well as back seats. Overall delighted with the product
- 05/07/2014 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
This an awesome product. So simple and quick to install whilst being easy to adjust to suit such a wide range of vehicles. Saves you money on a dealer specific guard and where they are not available this gets you away from the old style floor mounted versions that take up half the boot. Don't delay, just buy one. You won't regret it.
- 05/07/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
The best dog guard on the market! No rattles or bits coming loose on a long journey. We drove 1500 miles, nothing moved on this dog guard. Fitted in minutes too. Customer service was excellent also. 10 out of 10 for both product and service!
- 04/07/2014 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
good quality, well constructed easy to install/remove. Nothing more to say as the product speaks for itself.
- 04/07/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
I have a citroen C4 grand picasso & the Guard fits well. Really easy to fit. Delighted with product!
- 03/07/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4
Great product and sales team friendly. Have recommended to a friend and will mention on my facebook.
- 03/07/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Great quality; really easy to fit and adaptable to different cars so no buying a new guard each time. I like how you can still use the boot cover with it in place (when the pooch isn't in the back of course!). Doesn't rattle if you keep the ends tightened properly which is good.
- 02/07/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
We have this fitted to our VW Passat estate. It fits just fine and can be adjusted for height and width. The screw fittings are plastic and need tightening from time to time or a slight rattle is noticed. We can remove it, when we need to, in seconds. Again the screwlock fittings need occasional hand tightening; they do not mark the headrest supports. We chose this because it does not leave pressure marks on the interior trim of the car. Apart from periodic tightening checks, it has performed faultlessly over the 9 months of ownership. We may not need to buy another because the range of adjustment is probably sufficient for most applications.
- 01/07/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Bought this to keep the dogs in the boot as you would expect. I discovered pretty quickly (after finding her hanging on to the side of the car) that it doesn't keep determined puppies at bay! Otherwise good quality and very easy to fit.
- 01/07/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
I could not have made a better choice of dog guard for my vehicle. I had been waiting for 2years for vauxhall to produce a dog guard without success, i then read about the roof box dog guard product purchased one and could not be more pleased about and the service and delivery was excellent
- 01/07/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4
How lucky I was to find this dog guard.It is so easy to use and so very safe for my three dogs It's light and easy to move from one seat to another with little effort Thanks for I love it
- 30/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
My dog guard arrived in great time and is so easy to use. The downside is that stoppers on the end of the bars, a few have split and fallen off after only using the guard a few times. I am really not impressed with the quality, it really doesn't reflect in the price. I do not hold out much hope that the others will not come off over the next few times I use it. I expected more for my money
- 30/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
Easy to fit. No rattles. Projects more into the bootspace than necessary.
- 27/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
Quality would have been excellent if when trying to tighten metal clips and centre bits on both soon as tightened came threw and would not work. Lucky my Dad was there to fix them. Apart fro m that fits great .
- 27/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
I have used this guard now in two different cars - a Seat Leon hatch, and my current car a Hyundai i40 tourer. In both cars it fitted perfectly, the adjustable width and height means it will fit almost any car without any trouble. For both of my cars the additional height was not needed but the width extension means there is no way for sneaky dogs to drag themselves on to the back seat. The guard is rock solid with very easy fixings to attach to the rear headrest supports. if you have 3 headrests it is easy to attach it only to two of them so you can drop a split rear seat without needing to remove the guard to save you a bit of time - of course if you need the guard out it is literally a 30 second job to remove it. Fully recommended!
- 26/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
Did what it said on the tin
- 26/06/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
Great product. Had to completely remove the top bar and top fixings as it was too tall for our new Nissan Qashqai. But by doing so we got it to fit ok. That was easy to do though and it works a treat and doesn't rattle at all.
- 26/06/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4
Brought for use in an Audi Q7 , great product for the price , the only thing I did find was a slight rattle on the head rest bars when fitted but solved this with a bit of foam pipe lagging . No problems after that . As I said great value and probably hard to beat for the money .
- 26/06/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
I changed my car recently and found the thought of buying yet another factory set dog guard that won't fit any other car daunting to say the least. We currently have four in perfect condition in our garage!! I purchased a walky guard and it fits my Vauxhall Tourer ike a dream, easy to fit, no rattles, brilliant! Fast delivery as well, first class service, thank you.
- 26/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
Brilliant item, fits a small Peugeot 206 and a Mondeo (we didn't need the detachable top part on either car). The design is clever enough to make fitting easy - all we have to do is to turn it round when switching cars to accommodate the differences in rear screen clearance and headrest angles. I knocked one star off build qulaity because one of the clamps became jammed (cross-threaded?)after a few months. I feel a bit mean doing this because Roof Box were incredible in that they sent a free replacement clamp and I didn't even have to ask (I was willing to buy a new clamp!). There was also a rattle which I cured by wrapping electrical tape around the telescopic bar causing the problem before tighening the plastic knob again. I've had various dog guards in the past that either didn't fit various cars or took an age to set up (the ones that have legs that push against the roof lining and hatch floor)or that just fell over after the slightest knock...WalkyGuard stays exactly where you put it and doesn't take up any storage space. Our dog is an assistance dog and the WalkyGuard has impressed the dog trainers! Highly Recommended.
- 26/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
It is very easy to fit into the car and easy to take out. Does the job brilliantly. Very pleased with it.
- 26/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
An excellent robust dog guard and very simple to fit.
- 26/06/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4
Very solidly built, well finished and fits like a glove. Having bought various dog guards over the years I can confidently say that this one is far and away the very best. Cannot fault it in any way at all!!!!
- 25/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
Excellent products,which were easily fitted and very fast delivery, would highly recommend!
- 25/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
This was quite easy to fit, although the middle headrest had to be removed. It is also easy to remove. The main draw back is that it is noisy. The adjustable poles rattle, so I would not recommend this item
- 25/06/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4
Well how impressive is the Walky Dog Guard! Talk about value for money it is fantastic. From ordering to receiving and fitting the guard was totally painless!The quality is superb and it does the job perfectly. I tell all my friends where we got the dog guard from. Thoroughly satisfied indeed.
- 25/06/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4
Excellent product. Easy to fit and adjust, just clamps to the rear headrest risers. Very strong when in place
- 25/06/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
This is a good quality product. It is easy to fit and take out when not required. It doesn't rattle when driving. I would recommend this product.
- 25/06/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4
Easy to fit and very stable, can be adjustable on all levels. Well worth the money as a lot cheaper than buying the vehicle branded guard. Recommended wholeheartedly
- 25/06/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
The guard was easy to fit & is great. Thanks very much.
- 25/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Excellent item - just what I needed and was looking for! I have two 50Kg Rottweilers and they can't get through it (yet!); it's obviously enough of a deterrent for them. Easily fits in and removed when I need the car for other uses. The horizontal bars are adjustable and can fit snugly right up to the windows. Very pleased with this purchase.
- 24/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Expensive - but easy to use
- 24/06/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4
Purchased this Dog Guard to keep my 2 year Labrador in the back of the car (Hyundai ix35. Its sturdy, very easy to fit (takes a matter on minutes) - highly recommended.
- 24/06/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4
Very easy to install although when ordering I thought this specific to my car and model turns out its more of a universal piece of kit not a bad thing if I nd to ues it in an other car.
- 24/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
This dog guard was very easy to fit. However, it is not very strong, partly because it only attaches to the headrests, and would offer little protection in an accident to prevent objects in the boot flying forwards. But bear in mind it is not very expensive and it does enough to act as a deterrent to stop the dogs jumping forwards onto the back seat. It is also good in that it can be moved forwards to attach to the front headrests when you want to travel with the back seats flat.
- 24/06/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
Great product. Was very easy to fit and seems relatively well made. Great value considering cost of similar products on the market.
- 24/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Hatchback
We've had this for several months now and it does the trick. Very easy to install and fits our hatchback perfectly. Sturdy construction means our very lively dog has only once managed to dislodge it only very slightly. We quickly rectified this and she hasn't managed to 'beat' it since. There's still room for her to stick her nose near the rear windows as well. Great value.
- 23/06/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
Good build quality easy and quick to fit and remove when I need to use the back seats in the people carrier
- 23/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Elegant design, good price and promptly shipped too. Couldn't be better.
- 23/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Over all the dog guard is very good. Fits easy ally & firmly to the rear head rest posts. No rattles when driving. The rubber end caps were split & needed to be glued on (no problem really)

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