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KAMEI 510 gloss black roof box no. KM441 (81440):

Long Wide roof box:

KAMEI 510 gloss black roof box no. KM441 (81440)

A new box from KAMEI in a deep glossy black - really smart!

KAMEI makes the best quality boxes on the market. Don't just take our word for it! They're a specialist box manufacturer, Quality Assured to ISO 9001, represented in over 40 countries, with numerous Best Buy awards over the years, including the last six Auto Express "Best Buy" awards. With their innovative and intelligent designs, top quality materials and engineering, and outstanding build quality, it's no surprise that they are Original Equipment box suppliers to several major manufacturers, including Audi, Mercedes-Benz and VW. And KAMEI boxes have the longest guarantee of any manufacturer in the car rack systems sector - 6 years!

It includes KAMEI's ingenious central locking system - all the benefits of central locking without the potential drawbacks:

The box is unlocked with a quarter key turn, but locked again just by pulling the box shut. Big deal? Actually, yes. All other central locking systems have a big drawback when it comes to closing the box, because you need to turn the key in the lock at the same time as holding down both the front and the rear of the box – which is a three handed operation if the lid is being held up by bulky gear, or if the base is sagging due to incorrect loading or weakness.

The KAMEI system has three catches and three hinges, for extra security. And you can’t take the key out of the lock until the box is properly shut. It's a really neat system.

  • Made from top quality 'DUROKAM', an ABS plastic developed by KAMEI to optimise weight, stability and impact resistance.
  • Wind tunnel development as well as TÜV and GS (security) testing and approval.
  • This Duolift box opens from either the left or the right hand side, making it very easy to fix to roof bars (no stretching into the box is needed), as well as providing full choice about where you position it, depending e.g. on what else you are carrying on the roof.
  • The DuoLift system includes patented gas struts for wide and easy opening and closing.
  • Sliding box to bar fittings so there’s never a need to drill new holes if the distance between your roof bars is non standard.
  • This box comes with U-bolts to accommodate roof bars up to 83mm wide x 32mm deep; these will fit around all the bars we sell except for Whispbars. If you’re going to be using aluminium bars, T-track adapters are available; these are listed below. We think they make for a smarter look than the standard U-bolts, and in any event they’re necessary for Whispbars.
  • 6 year guarantee.
  • Holds up to 6 sets of skis.
  • Weight 18kg empty, maximum load 75kg, gross loading limit 93kg.

This season we are offering a free roof box hoist to give you a superb deal. Boxes are bulky items so the ideal place to store them is above your car in the garage, or perhaps in a shed. Many people will leave the box attached to the bars, and also use the box for storage.

If you don't need a box hoist, our alternative gift is a set of 3 Fasty straps - 0.5m, 1.5m and 3.0m. Although of much less financial value they will be useful for 1,001 things, time and again. (Note that only one box hoist or one set of straps will be included per roof box ordered!)

If you're ordering this roof box as part of a Package Deal, you will select your free gift once you've chosen your roof bars.

4.94.9 based on 10 reviews

KAMEI 510 roof box, gloss black Reviews

- 03/07/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate 5
Looks great, easy to fit, like the dual side option, bags of space
- 28/06/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV 5
Well made easy to pack because of the two sided opening,easy to fit onto vehicles as i have used the box on two different vehicles, looks good on the car, easy locking mechanism, with the internal strapping to hold everything in place and of course being German made is strong,
- 27/06/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4 5
Nice looking box and easy to operate.I like the dual opening in such a wide box. testing it out tomorrow
- 26/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 5
I bought the Kamei 510 thinking it might be too big for my A3 Sportback. The safety net of the 90 day exchange took the worry out of selection though. So glad I bought this box. It fits perfectly and has tons of usable space. Happy as I was the box delivered did have a problem. Only one side of the box would unlock. The roof box company could not be more help with sorting this out, comms were great and they exchanged the box in no time. The replacement works like a charm. After-sales is the true measure of a company. Very happy. For a big box it is a doddle to shift on your own. I'm 5'11'' and I can get my arms around it to chuck it around. Favourite features are key retention (saves the embarrassment of locking your keys in the box), snap-shut 3-point locking (feels really solid and secure) and the duo lift (access to both sides is a must for a box this size). I was really surprised at the low wind noise at speed - no greater than with bars alone. The fuel economy didn't seem to suffer much either (helps having a diesel). I've used this box in anger twice now - one fully laden camping trip and one family week in St Ives. Capacity increase from 380 ltrs (my A3 boot) was great as we stopped at Newquay on the way down we could take the pram out of the boot to go roaming for a few hours. Couldn't have done this before as it would've meant unpacking everything to dig out the pram. Trying to be objective the only reasons I can think to choose a different box is price (though in this case you get more than you pay for) and rack space for bikes (might get one on if you're lucky). I prefer to load my bikes on the rear out of the wind anyway. Can't believe I waited so long to buy a roof box. I would advise anyone to buy a roof box - this one!
- 26/06/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV 5
This is a good quality product with the most useful feature of having a dual offside and nearside opening facility. The finish on the box is first class. The box has a large capacity that provides storage in which I hold 4 fold flat chairs, one concertina camping table, a foldable camping kitchen cupboard/shelving unit as well as other smaller packable items. After ordering online from The RoofBox Co. the large boxed item arrived within a few days. It was well packaged and arrived safely in perfect condition. I would recommend the Kamei 510 in gloss black for both its very luxurious appearance and its practical, usefulness for extra storage. The service from The RoofBox Co. was faultless and not only would I recommend them every time but I would use them every time because of their competitive pricing, good service and ease of ordering online. I even received a free set of roof storage straps.
- 25/06/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4 5
The Kamei looks very much smarter than the box it replaces. I have aero bars but have previously only been able to use U bolts which was a painful exercise to fit, involving lots of stretching and swearing plus stuffing a sponge under the U bolts to prevent them falling on the car roof. I got the fitting kit with the box for the aero bars and what a difference. This large Kamei box is light enough for me to place it on the roof single handed - and that's nearly a 2 metre height and I am no muscle-man. Popping it on to the bolts is a doddle - just lift each corner of the box in turn, slide bolt along the aero bar to align with the box fitting and drop the box onto it. I didn't time the process but it was only a few minutes and nothing like the struggle I had with the previous box. No more stretching as the left and right opening make it really so much simpler to reach each anchor point. It is extremely capacious and the main benefit is that a run to the Mediterranean can now be done with no clutter inside the car. Absolutely delighted with the box which is indeed a quality product.
- 25/06/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV 4.5
This is a fantastic box and having double sided opening is a bonus. The only downside is that it is so large it needs two people to get on the car... and finding a storage point was a challenge. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Delivery was prompt.
- 24/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate 5
This is an excellent roof box. The quality is outstanding and look is superb. There is a fantastic amount of space. Opening from both sides is good. Like the click to close lid - but sometimes have to try a few times before it closes. Overall I am pleased to have gone with the 510.
- 24/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate 4.5
Having used many kinds of roof box I can honestly say that the quality and ease of use of this product is second to none. Would recommend to anyone.
- 23/06/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4 4.5
Excellent product, outstanding quality and very capacious. Would highly recommend the product to anybody.

About our reviews:

We test, and often use personally, almost all the products we sell, and we stand behind our comments and recommendations unless customers convince us they need changing. Our Customer Services and Workshop staff also have input into our recommendations.

But it's because we've learned a lot over many years that customer feedback is so important. Fresh, first time out opinions are the most useful ones, and in any event we certainly don't have access to the full range of vehicles that our customers have between them.

Product feedback from existing customers helps our new customers make choices, and also helps our suppliers with their product development.

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Very few customers know much about the roof box market before they visit our site. We have a lot of information about the things to think about before buying, and the “real world usefulness" of various roof box features, but you’ll be buying sight unseen, and you probably won’t have used a roof box before, so there is inevitably some luck in getting a box that you’ll be happy with.

We want to remove the risks of buying these large and often expensive items, perhaps from brands which almost every other roof box retailer doesn’t stock, and so we have a unique “90 day Exchange Scheme” for roof boxes.

This allows you to use a roof box and, with the benefit of experience, to exchange it for a new one within 90 days of invoice date. Most exchanges are from a shorter box to a longer one, or from a wider box to a narrower one.

These are the rules of the Exchange Scheme:

  • You are allowed one exchange only.
  • The original box must be in "as new" condition, subject only to fair wear and tear.
  • The replacement box must be a different model.
  • The replacement box must not be part of a package deal or be from our Bargains section.
  • Roof bars are never part of the Exchange Scheme.

This is how the exchange scheme works:

  • We charge in full for the replacement box, including the appropriate carriage charge and a charge for any packaging needed for the return of the original.
  • We arrange the collection and pay the return carriage costs.
  • When the original box arrives back here we refund you for the invoice value of the original box, but you won't get back more than the invoice value of the replacement box. In other words, if the replacement is cheaper than the original we won't be giving you "extra cash back".

Technical Specifications at a glance:

External dimensions: 200cm (l) x 90cm (w) x 44cm (h)

Internal dimensions: 188cm (l) x 80cm (w) x 39cm (h)

Volume: 510 litres

Weight: 18kg

Max load capacity: 75kg

Max number of skis: TBC

Opens from: both sides

Type of struts: hydraulic gas struts

Fits bars up to: 83mm wide x 32mm deep – which are all bars we sell except Whispbars. T-track adapters are available (see below)

Distance between roof bar fittings: 62 – 87cm

Space required on roof bars for mountings: 72cm

Guarantee: 6 years

Colour: metallic black

Delivery charges and arrangements:

We charge a contribution towards delivery costs, depending on what you order, where you live, and how quickly you want the goods.

For most UK addresses, the charge for our two to three day service is £5.50 (£9.50 for orders including a roof box) and our charge for Next Working Day deliveries is £8.50 (£12.50 for orders involving a roof box). AutoSock, shoe chains, RUD i-Sock, and small spare parts, are charged £3.95 (Royal Mail Tracked), £4.95 (Royal Mail Express Tracked) or £5.95 (express courier, usually Next Working Day).

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