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Atera STRADA EVO 2 to 3 bike carrier no. AR2700

RRP: 525.00
DiscontinuedAnother excellent tow bar rack from Atera. Superbly well manufactured and easy-to-use. The big difference - it can take a maximum load of up to 60kg, great if you have heavier or electric bikes.

We reckon that Atera's STRADA range of carriers are the best designed and best engineered tow ball carriers on the market, bar none. This page shows the 2 bike version; an adapter (listed below) can be added for carrying a 3rd bike. Apart from its all round style, what's so special about the STRADA EVO?

(1) It can take a maximum load of up to 60kg, great if you have heavier or electric bikes (do make sure you are not exceeding your towbar noseweight).

(2) Fundamentally, it slides away from the vehicle, rather than tilting, i.e. the bike carrier takes the weight of the bikes, rather than you. The sliding system provides tailgate clearance even for vehicles with vertical tailgates. The EVOís sliding and closing system is generally the easiest to use of any sliding or tilting wheel support rack on the market.

(3) It fits to 'bolt on' or 'swan neck' tow balls (including detachable tow bars) without any adjustment; you just place it on the tow ball and push down the handle - no spanners or Allen keys are required.

(4) It's very easy to carry - it won't bump your shins if carried properly - and as soon as you place it on the tow ball the weight is taken, so you can straighten up and rest your back. Other carriers require you to support the platform with one hand while fiddling with the fixing system with the other.

(5) Furthermore, it's one of the most compact 2 to 3 bike carrier available. At just over 1 metre wide it should fit into most if not all car boots, allowing you to park safely without risk of the bike carrier being damaged. You only need to flick up a catch to fold down the upright bike holder support.

(6) The removable, lockable bike frame holders are also without a doubt the best available, incorporating a ratchet tightening mechanism. They fit oval and other outsize frames as well as round ones, wrapping a strap right around the frame for safety and security. (This looks like a simple plastic strap, but it is in fact 'sandwiched' around a spring steel core.) All bike holders have swivel joints, and the long holder has a slight curve in the aluminium support rod to increase the opportunities available. These arms are removable and can be positioned anywhere on the upright and the upright is bigger making it even easier to attach your bikes. We haven't yet come across any combination of bike sizes and styles that can't easily be locked into place (using the same key which locks the whole unit to the tow ball).

(7) The frame is curved allowing you, when the bikes have been slid out of the way, to stand almost right up against the tow ball. This means you can lift items into and out of the boot both safely and easily. This is not a trivial benefit - most other bike carriers have rectangular frames and although you may be able to open the tailgate easily enough, you usually have to lean across the bike carrier frame to reach the boot space, which is definitely not ergonomic.

(8) It has smart new lights. These don't just look better, they are clearer too.

It makes sense when using this carrier to place a safety strap around all the bikes and the bike holder support frame. We're therefore providing a free strap with each carrier - one strap per carrier! As well as providing peace of mind the strap will also help to minimise vibration.

Technical and miscellaneous:

  • Weight of carrier =16.3kg
  • Maximum payload: 60kg
  • Approximate dimensions when folded: 1080 x 330 x 590 mm
  • The wheels are held in place with quick fit polypropylene straps which suit all rim and tyre sizes.
  • The STRADA EVO has five function rear lights so it is fitted with a 13 pin plug for 13 pin continental type electric sockets. If you have a 7 pin socket you will need the Lighting adapter '13 pin' (rack) to 7 pin (car) listed below. If you need one of these remember to tick the box below to add this to your order.

    (If you have a 7 pin socket the reversing light and fog light will not work. The 7 pin socket isn't wired for these functions)

Note for vehicles with a rear mounted spare wheel: You may not be able to fit the STRADA EVO onto vehicles with a rear mounted spare wheel: in our experience you almost always have to remove the spare wheel. This could be (1) to get the bike carrier onto the vehicle (the upright may hit the spare wheel), (2) to get the bikes to fit on the carrier (the handlebars etc could hit the spare wheel) or (3) take the carrier off the tow bar after use (the handle to remove it could clash with the spare wheel).

You'll need a lighting adapter if your vehicle has a standard UK style 7 pin socket - buy a STRADA EVO 2 from us this season and we'll give you this for free, saving up to £20 at typical prices!

Made in Germany.

55 based on 5 reviews

2 to 3 bikes - Atera STRADA EVO 2 Reviews

- 13/07/2017 | Vehicle type: Van
This bike rack copes with my electric bike with ease! What a relief to be able to get the bikes on and off so easily- thank you
- 14/12/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Not cheap, but quality never is. The build quality is excellent. The carrier locks securely to the towing hitch and the bikes are locked securely to the carrier. I use this carrier for a heavy electric cycle and have no qualms about it's ability to do the business
- 14/08/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4
I've had Thule racks previously and went for the Atera this time to allow opening of the car boot. The Atera is ore compact, sturdy, and easy to use than the Thule and is extremely well thought out with neat touches on all the fittings.
- 21/07/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
I was lead to believe that this was the best in class and I have not been disappointed. Build quality is as you would expect. German engineering at its best. Easy to mount, easy to load the bikes and easy to fold away and put in the boot when we are out on a ride.
- 19/06/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4
Really well made piece of kit and keenly priced. I bought this on the advice given when I called up and I wasn't disappointed. I have given it the full stars as I can't find anything wrong with it ( perhaps a tad heavy but if your prepared its ok). The bikes fit on perfectly I found it easier to adjust all the pieces with it on the ground rather than struggling with the bike balance on the reach when on the car. The lights are neat as well, they look modern and I think worth the little extra. Comparing this to my old one is incredible, no more flimsy props and bits of strap hanging off and blowing in the breeze. Great service from all at The Roofbox company the whole process went very smoothly.

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View Specs Sheet PDF

Technical specifications at a glance:

Max number of bikes: 2 (3 with adapter 2710; shown below)

Fits bolt on tow ball: yes

Fits swan neck / detachable tow ball: yes

Dimensions: 108cm (width) x 59cm (depth)

Weight: 16.3kg

Max load capacity: 60kg*

Max bike weight: 30kg*

Max bike wheelbase: 125cm

Distance between bikes: 19cm

Tilting: yes

Integral lighting board: yes

Lighting board plug type: 13 pin (7 pin adapter available if required; shown below)

Bike carrier to tow ball lock: yes

Bike carrier to bike lock: yes

Possible to tow when in use: no

Fits with a spare wheel: no

Guarantee: 3 years

Useful information:

*The maximum permitted load you can carry is also determined by your nose weight; you will need to check you donít exceed this before using any tow ball mounted bike carrier.

We offer our existing customers a full "Next Day if possible" spares service, and will cannibalise new stock as required to find you the parts you need.

To find the spare parts you need, please see the diagram below, identify the product codes, then choose them from the list below. If you need more than 1 of any item, change the quantities in the Shopping Basket.

Atera EVO spare parts

Item: Description: Our price (each): RRP:
Atera spares: 022 638 - Atera STRADA Evo 1st bike arm (no lock) £37.25
Atera spares: 022 639 - Atera STRADA Evo 2nd bike arm (no lock) £39.95
Atera spares: 022 714 - Atera Strada Evo LHS light cover £25.95
Atera spares: 022 715 - Atera Strada Evo RHS light cover £25.95
Atera spares (small): 022 716 - Atera Strada Evo/Vario LHS light trim £23.95
Atera spares (small): 022 717 - Atera Strada Evo/Vario RHS light trim £23.95
Atera spares (small): 092 967 - Atera number plate strip £4.30
Atera spares: 094 096 - Atera Strada EVO 2 complete light unit set £154.60
Atera spares (small): 094 152 - Atera plastic sleeve insert for bike arm £4.20
Atera spares: 094 319 - Atera Strada Evo wheel restraint LHS £19.75
Atera spares: 094 320 - Atera Strada Evo wheel restraint RHS £19.75

 Spare parts