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Atera STRADA Sport 2 to 3 bike carrier no. AR2684

RRP: £412.50
Code: AR2684

Atera's STRADA SPORT tilting carriers are extremely robust and made from both steel and aluminium, to give them the best of both worlds. The steel means the carrier reinforces where it needs to be making it suitable for heavier bikes yet the carrier only weighs 14.9kg so it is easily manoeuvrable. It fits to 'bolt on' or 'swan neck' tow balls without any adjustment; you just place it on the tow ball and push down the handle - no spanners or Allen keys are required. It tilts away from the vehicle allowing access to the tailgate. An adapter is available to carry 3 bikes.

This superb rack from Atera is relatively compact and light yet the reinforced frame makes it suitable for carrying heavier and electric bikes (up to 30kg). The optional drive-up rail makes the loading particularly comfortable if you have heavy bikes.

We reckon that Atera's new STRADA tilting carriers are the best designed and best engineered tow ball carriers on the market, bar none. This page shows the 2 bike version; an adapter (listed below) can be added for carrying a 3rd bike. Apart from its all round style, what's so special about the STRADA SPORT?

(1) It is extremely robust and is made from both steel and aluminium, this gives it the best of both worlds. The steel means the carrier reinforces where it need to be making it suitable for heavier bikes (up to 30kg each) yet the carrier only weighs 14.9kg so it is easily manoeuvrable.

(2) It fits to 'bolt on' or 'swan neck' tow balls without any adjustment; you just place it on the tow ball and push down the handle - no spanners or Allen keys are required.

(3) It tilts away from the vehicle allowing access to the tailgate.

(4) The bike frame holders are without a doubt the most sophisticated units available. They fit oval and other outsize frames as well as round ones, wrapping a strap right around the frame for safety and security. (This looks like a simple plastic strap, but it is in fact 'sandwiched' around a spring steel core.) With swivel joints at both ends, and a slight curve in the aluminium support rod to increase the opportunities available, we haven't yet come across any combination of bike sizes and styles that can't easily be locked into place using the same key which locks the whole unit to the tow ball.

It makes sense when using this carrier to place a safety strap around all the bikes and the bike holder support frame. We're therefore providing a free strap with each carrier - one strap per carrier! As well as providing peace of mind the strap will also help to minimise vibration.

Technical and miscellaneous:

  • Weight of carrier =14.9kg
  • Maximum payload: 60kg
  • Approximate dimensions when folded: 1000 x 200 x 590 mm
  • The wheels are held in place with quick fit polypropylene straps which accommodate tyres up to 2.4" - 2.6" (dependent on rim height). Longer straps are available for tyres up to 4" - listed below.
  • The STRADA has five function rear lights so it is fitted with a 13 pin plug for 13 pin continental type electric sockets. If you have a 7 pin socket you will need the Lighting adapter '13 pin' (rack) to 7 pin (car) listed below. If you need one of these remember to tick the box below to add this to your order. (If you have a 7 pin socket the reversing light and fog light will not work. The 7 pin socket isn't wired for these functions).

Note for vehicles with a rear mounted spare wheel: You may not be able to fit the STRADA onto vehicles with a rear mounted spare wheel: in our experience you almost always have to remove the spare wheel. This could be (1) to get the bike carrier onto the vehicle (the upright may hit the spare wheel), (2) to get the bikes to fit on the carrier (the handlebars etc could hit the spare wheel) or (3) take the carrier off the tow bar after use (the handle to remove it could clash with the spare wheel).

You'll need a lighting adapter if your vehicle has a standard UK style 7 pin socket - buy a STRADA from us this season and we'll give you this for free, saving up to £20 at typical prices!

Made in Germany.

ATERA STRADA SPORT bike carrier - Overview

4.74.7 based on 19 reviews

2 to 3 bikes - Atera STRADA Sport 2 Reviews

- Vehicle type: Hatchback
Excellent product. I have used bike racks in the past but I have a bad shoulder and found lifting bikes onto the back was hard work. This bike rack is fantastic it is easy to fit two minutes exactly. Putting the bikes on a doddle. Best buy I have ever bought.
- Vehicle type: Estate
Well made bike rack and easy to use.Very happy with my purchase.
- Vehicle type: MPV
Great product, very easy to use. Excellent security. I do not use the secondary strap provided. The security both static and dynamic is exemplary. Easy access to boot when mounted. I installed a couple of plastic covered hooks on my garage wall to hold the carrier so it is out of the way whilst not in use.
- Vehicle type: Estate
Good engineering ie robust, good form fit and function with quality electrics . This is well thought out as a carrier with speed of mounting and dismounting . At the price you won’t find a better carrier
- Vehicle type: 4x4
Really simple to fit. Brilliant.
- Vehicle type: 4x4
Simple to put on and take off, essential when you are a pensioner. Folds flat for easy storage. Beautifully made and the bikes are very secure.
- Vehicle type: 4x4
Excellent bike carrier with secure bike clamping. Takes my 29er and my wife's 26 easily. Required longer wheel straps for the 29er which I ordered seperately. Great service from Roof Box as well.
- Vehicle type: Van
First class product, fits towbar easily and when locked on very solid. Carried two ebikes round Europe for four weeks without any problems, bonus rack locks to motorhome towbar and bikes lock to carrier.Very satisfied. First class service from Roofbox as well Thanks.
- Vehicle type: MPV
This is a very well made piece of kit. My only problem with it is the struggle I have to lock it onto the tow bar. I have to stand on the lever to exert enough downward force to enable me to take the key out. At least this shows what a good fit it is
- Vehicle type: Saloon
Whilst the build quality is good, thete is a design flaw. The shorter of the two horizontal struts that are meant to attach to the cross bar of the bike is too short, this results in the frame of the bike being in constant contact with the upright bars of the bike rack. On a recent journey this has resulted in damage to the paintwork on my expensive MTB. I'm in the process of making a modification before i use the rack again. It would be useful if the strut could be made longer to overcome the foul condition
TRBC reply - 23/10/2017
Dear Peter,I'm sorry to hear that you've had this issue with your STRADA Sport. Are you aware that (1) the arms can be moved around the upright? This usually allows you to get the arms closer to the point of attachment to the bike. (2) You don't have to attach the arm to the crossbar of the bike. You can often find a better position by using another part of the frame e.g. the seat post or the handle bar stem. You can always send us a photo of the issue, which will allow to see exactly what's going wrong? Best wishes. Elliot
- Vehicle type: Van
Absolutely fantastic bit of Kit. I use it on the back of my motorhome to carry two electric bikes. Its lightweight, easy to assemble and even easier to install and use. Been travelling around Spain and France for the last three months and it hasn't moved.
- Vehicle type: 4x4
Superb piece of kit as you would expect from a German manufacturer. The bike rack installs to the tow bar very easily and securing the bike(s) to the rack takes less than a minute. The wheel tracks are adjustable so the carrier will accept any wheelbase of bike. Bikes are secured at three points (an arm securing the down tube of the frame and two wheel tracks securing the wheels), once secured the bike does not move at all. I have the two bike carrier and it comfortably carrier two bikes without allowing the bikes to rub together causing marks to the frame etc. (I am a road cyclist not a mountain biker so I am referring to two road bikes with my above comment) Very happy with the purchase and would recommend this product
- Vehicle type: 4x4
The bike carrier does everything it is supposed to do.The engineering is superb. The instructions are helpful especially the step by step provided by roofbox. The bikes - two; bikes are easy to install and are very secure and safe. I would recommend the product to anyone
- Vehicle type: 4x4
This is a well built cycle carrier apart from the fragile registration plate holder. Once set up it is easy to fit onto the tow bar of the car. Releasing the carrier can be a bit difficult as the lever can become stiff. Overall well built and secure.
- Vehicle type: Saloon
We took some time to research which bike carrier to purchase and this came out on top for our needs. We have not been disappointed with our decision. This carrier is easy to fit and once set up for your bikes it is a quick process to load the bikes on and get on the road. We were looking for something that would take one electric bike and one non-electric. The gap between the bikes is good so they do not touch each other in transit. The securing mechanisms for the bikes are good quality and it is great that you can lock the bikes on if you need to. The mechanism to angle the rack away from the boot so you can access the boot when the bikes are loaded is also easy to use.
- Vehicle type: 4x4
Atera Strada Sport M - Used this carrier many times in UK, Spain and France. Great product, easy to fit onto tow ball and easy to load and lock bikes onto it.Really useful feature to be able to tilt the carrier easily with the bikes loaded to access the boot. Strong enough to take at least 1 electric and 1 standard bike. Quick delivery from The Roof Box Company
- Vehicle type: 4x4
Outstanding build quality with German engineering. Ease of use, with great access when tilted to rear of vehicle. Bikes secure when transiting, and rack secure when off cycling. Would definitely recommend to other bike riders.
- Vehicle type: 4x4
This is a well made strong rack. I would happily recommend it and I would buy another. I didn't think the earlier instruction video was very clear but the newer one is excellent. We now find it very easy to fit and take off.
- Vehicle type: Hatchback
The rack is very well made wth all of the features I wanted. Although the instructions and video are clear l did experience some difficulties at first in fitting to the car, and tightening the grip to the tow ball to prevent rotational movement. Method for securing bikes to the rack works well

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Technical specifications at a glance:

Max number of bikes: 2 (3 with adapter 2611; shown below)

Suitable for electric bikes:Yes, up to two

Fits bolt on tow ball: yes

Fits swan neck / detachable tow ball: yes

Dimensions: 100cm (width) x 59cm (depth) x 20cm (height)

Weight: 14.9kg

Max load capacity: 60kg (68kg with 3rd bike adapter)*

Max weight per bike: 30kg

Max wheelbase: 120cm

Distance between bikes: 18cm

Tilting: yes

Integral lighting board: yes

Lighting board plug type: 13 pin (7 pin adapter available if required; shown below)

Bike carrier to tow ball lock: yes

Bike carrier to bike lock: yes

Possible to tow when in use: no

Fits with a spare wheel: no

Guarantee: 3 years

Useful information:

* The maximum permitted load you can carry is also determined by your nose weight; you will need to check you don’t exceed this before using any tow ball mounted bike carrier.

We offer our existing customers a full "Next Day if possible" spares service, and will cannibalise new stock as required to find you the parts you need.

To find the spare parts you need, please see the diagram below, identify the product codes, then choose them from the list below. If you need more than 1 of any item, change the quantities in the Shopping Basket.

Atera STRADA Sport spare parts

Item: Description: Our price (each): RRP:
Atera spares: 022 612 - Atera Strada light unit surround L/H/S £8.95
Atera spares: 022 613 - Atera Strada light unit surround R/H/S £8.95
Atera spares: 022 614 - Atera Strada complete LHS light unit (Jokon) £32.95
Atera spares: 022 615 - Atera Strada complete RHS light unit (Jokon) £32.95
Atera spares: 022 616 - Atera Strada LHS light cover (Jokon) £25.95
Atera spares: 022 626 - Atera Strada complete LHS light unit (Delta) £32.95
Atera spares: 022 627 - Atera Strada complete RHS light unit (Delta) £32.95
Atera spares: 022 628 - Atera Strada LHS light cover (Delta) £25.95
Atera spares: 022 629 - Atera Strada RHS light cover (Delta) £25.95
Atera spares: 022 630 / 0969922630 - Atera Strada new style 1st bike arm, NO LOCK, (shortest, 30mm alu tube) £23.00
Atera spares: 022 631 - Atera Strada new style 2nd bike arm, NO LOCK, (172mm alu tube) £24.95
Atera spares: 022 633 - Atera Strada/Linea/Genio Pro bike adapter arm (bike to bike), no lock, NEW STYLE £24.95
Atera spares (small): 087 750 - ATERA screw M6x12 £0.85
Atera spares (small): 087 852 - Atera 6mm Nut £0.45
Atera spares (small): 087573 / 9923700008 - M6 cylindrical nut £0.85
Atera spares (small): 087872 - Atera number plate washer £0.25
Atera spares (small): 092 296 / 9919700038 - Atera Linea/Strada, rubber cushion for ratchet strap £1.30
Atera spares (small): 092 440 - Giro/Strada Plastic Screw Housing £0.95
Atera spares (small): 092 441 - Atera wheel tray end cap £2.00
Atera spares: 092 510 - Atera plastic handle (no lock) £2.80
Atera spares: 092 544 - Atera Strada full light set inc. wiring & socket (Jokon) £79.95
Atera spares (small): 092 728 - Atera plastic spacer for upright fixing bolt on Strada £2.20
Atera spares (small): 092 799 - Atera tyre cradle wing nut (M8 17mm thread bolt) £0.70
Atera spares: 092 903 - Atera Strada number plate holder (991870064200) £5.95
Atera spares: 092 943 - Atera Strada full light set inc. wiring and socket (Delta) £79.95
Atera spares (small): 093 236 - ATERA STRADA bike adapter washer (x1) £0.25
Atera spares (small): 093 454 - Atera tyre cradle restraining nut £1.50
Atera spares (small): 094 300 / 9918700868 - Atera STRADA/GIRO 350mm (XL size) wheel strap / arm ratchet strap (x 1) for fat tyres up to 4" £7.95
Atera spares (small): 094 314 - Atera Strada 300mm (plus size) single wheel ratchet strap for semi-fat tyres £5.50
Atera spares: 094 317 - Atera bike carrier wheel restraint with 250mm strap, ratchet style, right hand side £12.00
Atera spares: 094 318 - Atera bike carrier wheel restraint with 250mm strap, ratchet style, left hand side £12.00
Atera spares: 094 323 - Atera bike carrier wheel restraint with 300mm strap, ratchet style, right hand side (0969994323) £13.95
Atera spares: 094 324 - Atera bike carrier wheel restraint with 300mm strap, ratchet style, left hand side (0969994324) £13.95
Atera spares (small): 095 071 - Atera STRADA alu. bar from below number plate holder £7.95
Atera spares: 095 120 - Atera Strada 4th bike adapter Black nut £0.75
Atera spares: 095 136 - Large washer for light surround £0.25
Atera spares: 095 266 - Atera Number Plate Fixing Bolts £0.75
Atera spares (small): 095108 - Atera LHS Light Unit Bracket £4.20
Atera spares (small): 095109 - Atera RHS Light Unit Bracket £4.20
Atera spares: 097 585 - Atera Bolt For Kickbar £0.75
Atera spares: 099 763 - Atera bike carrier wheel restraint £12.00

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Bike carriers with 7 pin plugs

Wheel support bike carriers which are supplied with 7 pin plugs usually only include rear lights, brake lights and indicator lights, which is why they are often called ‘3 function lights’.

Unusually, Thule bike carriers with 7 pin plugs also include a fog light; this works when plugged into 7 pin electrics, but it does not work when plugged into 13 pin electrics via an adapter.

Bike carriers with 13 pin plugs

Bike carriers which are supplied with 13 pin plugs include a fog light and reversing light, as well as rear lights, brake lights and indicator lights – which is why they are often called ‘5 function lights’.

If these are plugged into 13 pin electrics then all 5 functions will work.

If they are plugged into 7 pin electrics via an adapter then the fog light should work, but the reversing light on the bike carrier will not work.

Please note

These notes assume that your tow bar electrics have been wired correctly!

Tow bar wiring in the digital age is much more complicated than it used to be when everything was analogue. Our experience is that if you are having lighting problems, e.g. a fog light does not work in 7 pin tow bar electrics, the problem is much more likely to be caused by the wiring, not by a dud bulb in the bike carrier.

Fitting PDFs
Atera STRADA SPORT - How to fit to the tow ball

Add to Your Order Untick if not required:
Item: Description: Our price (each): RRP:
Tow bar bike carrier: £329.95 (rrp. £390.00)
Special offers:
Free lighting adapter: £0.00 (rrp. £20.00)
Free FASTY strap: £0.00 (rrp. £2.50)
Bike carrier adapter: £70.00 (rrp. £95.00)
Bike carrier accessory: £44.95 (rrp. £60.00)
Bike carrier accessory: £29.95 (rrp. £40.00)
Bike carrier accessory: £22.95 (rrp. )
Bike carrier accessory: £15.90 (rrp. )
Bike carrier accessory: £11.00 (rrp. )
Bike carrier accessory: £22.95 (rrp. £25.00)
Bike carrier accessory: £7.95 (rrp. £9.00)
Bike storage and maintenance:
Wall storage rack: £24.95 (rrp. £40.00)
Bike servicing stand: £49.95 (rrp. £65.00)
Wall storage rack: £53.95 (rrp. £59.00)

All our prices include VAT at 20% Total: £329.95
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