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Calix H20 roof box, gloss black, no. ATH20-GB

RRP: 625.00

A new Long Wide box of the highest quality, with a size, shape and internal fittings that optimise its load carrying space. It’s 200cm long x 94cm wide x 38cm high.

It’s a very handsome box that we think is the best premium box of this size and shape that we’ve seen.

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We’ve sold hundreds of different roof boxes over the last 21 years, so can tell you with confidence that the Calix H20 (H 20, not H2O) is a real head-turner. We’re really pleased to have the opportunity to sell it, on account of its quality, its ease of use, and its styling.

The quality is right up there with the best boxes on the market. It’s KAMEI Corvara quality, Thule Dynamic quality, as is apparent from its weight, the ease of unlocking and locking, and the stiffness of the base when attached to the roof bars.

It’s 200cm long, designed to complement the shorter roof lengths of the latest estates, 4x4s and SUVs – it doesn’t hang out over the windscreen, and has a rear that is shaped to accommodate rear spoilers, complete with a recess for shark fin antennae.

You’ll see that the lid of the box picks up both side styling and front styling features. Styling the side and front profiles of a roof box so they look right is a really tricky task – many manufacturers still stick with the rounded look, others go for an aggressive cut off look, but the Calix H20 does something unique, and we think it really works well. Seen from the front, its styling lines mirror the side and bonnet styling lines that are typical of 2018 vehicles.

Calix boxes are made in Sweden, and the development work was mostly done with Volvos, not the BMW 5 series Touring used in these pictures. Even so, it looks really good on this car.

Other features and specifications:

  • External dimensions: 200cm long x 94cm wide x 38cm high
  • Weight: 27kg
  • Maximum load: 75kg
  • Dual side opening, with 3 optimally positioned locks on each side
  • Capacity: 430 litres. At 38cm high, the Calix H20 is lower than some Long Wide boxes, but it’s high enough to accommodate all the bulky test luggage we use. The space in the top of higher roof boxes increases the nominal capacity, but is not usually used at all.
  • The handle on the lid makes the box easier to open and close; it's an additional styling feature in itself.
  • The roof bar fittings are Calix’s Quick Grip. These fit around all the roof bars we sell, but if you also want to carry a bike on the roof then it makes sense to use T-track adapters, shown below. The Quick Grip combines claw-style fittings with an exceptionally low profile. You fit these by sliding the claws together so they touch both sides of the roof bar, then use the ratchet to tighten them – as shown in the picture. Extra tension is provided as you flip the cover from the open to the closed position - it won't shut properly unless you've fastened it tight enough. They’re very neat, very satisfactory to use, the lowest profile claw-style fittings on the market.
  • City Crash tested. The Calix H20 includes an internal safety nose, designed to contain skis in the event of a collision. This is removable, but as it’s specifically shaped to the box, it makes sense to leave it in place.
  • An internal LED light is included; it is light sensitive so turns on and off automatically.
  • Made from ABS plastic; the plastic and all other components are fully recyclable.
  • 5 year guarantee

Calix is Sweden's specialist box manufacturer, making boxes for car manufacturers as well as their own-branded range. Their roof boxes are made by the CalixKlippan subsidiary Autoform; the factory is in Malung, a small town about 350km north-west of Stockholm, in the Dalarna region of Sweden.

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Specifications at a glance:

  • External dimensions: 200cm (l) x 94cm (w) x 38cm (h)
  • Internal dimensions: TBAcm (l) x TBAcm (w)
  • Volume: 430 litres
  • Weight: 27kg
  • Max load capacity: 75kg
  • Opens from: both sides
  • Type of struts: dual side spring struts
  • Opens how wide:
  • Fits bars up to: 85mm wide x 32mm deep
  • Distance between roof bar fittings:
  • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Colour: glossy black lid, black base

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