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Ladder track chains offer - Master Package Product


Having a reflective safety vest in your car over the winter months is a very good idea, and the best way to be seen at night. Available in yellow, conforms to EU Standard BS EN 471.

Why are they special? Maggi's TRAK is the original single wheel-bolt fixing ‘ladder track chain’ system, much copied but never bettered!

Many people buy TRAK chains because they appreciate the innovation and the overall quality of the engineering which makes them particularly quick and easy to fit, even to tyres which are not suitable for traditional snow chains. Once they’ve been adjusted for your wheels and wheel bolts – which takes about 10 minutes on first use only – you can’t really forget how to fit them (this is a problem with traditional chains!) and no tools are required. And unlike traditional chains, they don’t need to be untangled before use.

How do they work? Ladder track chains are fitted to the wheel rim, with no need to do any fitting or uncoupling work above or behind the wheel. This means that you shouldn’t ever need to kneel on the ground, and generally the fitting is a relatively clean and easy process. Apart from Spikes-Spider chains, all ladder track chains are fitted to one wheel nut or bolt per wheel; the Maggi TRAK system, uniquely, uses a hand wheel to make this wheel bolt fixing, a hand wheel that’s large enough to generate the squeezing force required.

The TRAK Sport are then braced against the tyres with specially shaped and sprung tensioning arms. When you drive off the chains will very quickly work their way onto the tyres, and their self-adjusting and self-tensioning technologies will keep them in the correct position, regardless of the road surface. They're surprisingly quiet in use.

You'll see that all the chain is on the face of the tyre, with no chain inside the tyre, which is the reason that TRAK are approved for vehicles which have a "No fit" for traditional chains. ("No fit" usually suggests, for example, that there's a shock absorber which would clash with the chain on the inside of the tyre - or perhaps there's electronic equipment that can't cope with finding spinning metal where there's normally only rubber.)

Use on grass: As well as working very well on snow we've found that Maggi TRAK Sport also make easy work of moving cars which are skidding on wet grass – so if you keep a set in your car you shouldn't get stuck anywhere!

TRAK Sport - other features and information:

  • They're made from boron and manganese steels, optimally case hardened for strength and longevity, and then galvanized.
  • The chain links and riveted traction plates (that connect the chain links to the supporting arms) are only 10mm high.
  • TRAK Sport score very highly for strength and durability as well as performance, due in part to the overlapping cross links.
  • The tension arms fold together around the universal joint (a fundamental part of the self-adjusting technology) so they pack down a lot smaller than you might expect.
  • They're supplied in a strong ballistic nylon carrying bag which sits easily in the angle of the rear seat (for example) and therefore takes up surprisingly little space.
  • They're TÜV approved.
  • They’re supplied with fittings for 17, 19 and 21mm wheel bolts - adapters are available if you have larger wheel nuts.
  • We stock a full spares programme.

About Maggi: Maggi is a very long established family business, based in Italy, a world leader in chain technology, employing some 250 people and with representation in 65 countries. Their entire manufacturing process is certified to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, with all components monitored and tested during the production process.

We're also showing you a range of other winter motoring products which we're selling here at market leading prices, including a snow and ice windscreen protector, a telescopic snow shovel, and a snow brush - all of these items are almost essential kit for winter weather, especially we suggest the snow brush. Please click on the links to see pictures and more information.

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