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The Roof Box Company sitemap and showroom

Welcome to The Roof Box Company sitemap and showroom. Here you will find an overview of what's available and where it is.

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Load Carrying Gear

ROOF BARS: Thule, Atera and Fapa at The Roof Box Company

Roof Bars/Load Carriers from Thule, Atera and Fapa (Atera Signo roofbars shown) at The Roof Box Company


Roof bars are the foundation of any load carrying system - everything else is fixed to them. Even cars with front to back roof rails will need a set of cross bars. It makes sense to buy a good quality system, mainly for safety reasons, but also to avoid any damage to your vehicle. We supply roof bars from 3 different manufacturers - Thule, Atera and Fapa.

Roof bars introduction
Roof Bars: What fits my car?

ROOF BOXES: Thule, Kamei, Autoform, Farad, Fapa and Atera at The Roof Box Company

Roof Boxes from Thule, Kamei, Autoform, Farad, Fapa and Atera (Kamei Corvara 475 roofbox shown) at The Roof Box Company


We have the biggest range of roof boxes in the UK, for sure, representing almost all the major world wide brands. There are dozens of boxes, at prices ranging from £120 to almost £500.

Roof boxes home page
Roof box and roof bar package deals

BIKE CARRIERS: Thule, Fapa, Atera, MaxxRaxx, Tradekar, Pendle and AllRound at The Roof Box Company

Bike Carriers and Racks from Thule, Fapa, Atera, MaxxRaxx, Tradekar and Pendle (Thule EuroClassic G5 shown) at The Roof Box Company


We have a huge range of roof mounting, rear mounting, tow ball mounting and other bike carriers from all the major world wide manufacturers. So how do you decide which ones to buy? To a large extent this is determined by (1) the number of bikes to be carried, and (2) which carriers fit your car. Once you've decided which type(s) to go for, you need to consider style, features and price.

Bike carriers home page
Product range
Vehicle specific bike carriers

ROOF RACKS AND CARRIER BASKETS: Thule, Beman, Fasty, Land Rover - oe specification and Van-Racks at The Roof Box Company

Roof Racks and Carrier Baskets from Thule, Land Rover - oe specification and Van-Racks (Thule Xplorer shown) at The Roof Box Company


Here you will find a range of roof racks for Land Rovers, carrier baskets and load nets, load stops, luggage straps and more.

Roof Racks and Carrier Baskets home page

SKI CARRIERS AND WINTER ACCESSORIES: Thule, Atera, Fapa and RUD at The Roof Box Company

Ski Carriers from Thule, Atera, Fapa and more (Thule Xtender 739 shown) at The Roof Box Company


On our Ski Racks and Winter Accessories page you will find a wide range of ski and snowboard carriers and accessories.

Ski Carriers and Winter Accessories range
Magnetic Ski Carriers: What fits my car?
RUD Shoe Chains

WATER SPORTS CARRIERS AND ACCESSORIES: Thule and Atera at The Roof Box Company

Water Sports accessories (Thule Hull-A-Port 835 shown) at The Roof Box Company


We stock a comprehensive range of boat carriers, canoe/ kayak carriers, surfboard and sailboard carriers, from both Atera ("Best of the Germans") and Thule ("Best of the Swedes").

Water Sports Carriers and Accessories range

FASTY Lashing and Luggage STRAPS at The Roof Box Company

Fasty lashing and luggage straps (Fasty Handy straps shown) at The Roof Box Company


FASTY specialise in domestic and light commercial straps to 1000kg. The stock items are the 20mm and 25mm polypropylene straps - Allpack, Transport and Pin Pack. There is also the Handy - a strap with a handle, A CPU holder, roof box hoist, dog lead/moose puller and 'own brand' options.

Fasty straps home page
Product Range
About Fasty
Fasty 'own brand' straps

LOAD CARRYING ACCESSORIES: Thule, Thule EASYBASE, B&W International, Fasty and Atera at The Roof Box Company

Load Carrying Accessories (Thule EasyBase with Thule BackUp 900 shown) at The Roof Box Company


On our 'Load Carrying Accessories' page you will find a range of roof bar, roof box and bike carrier accessories including load stops, locks, luggage straps and more. The roof box and bike carrier accessories are usually also available as optional extras in the tick box section of the roof box or bike carrier order pages. Previously on this page you could also find our range of Roof Racks, Carrier Baskets and Load Nets. These items have moved to our Roof Racks and Carrier Baskets page.

Load Carrying Accessories Introduction
Roof Box Accessories
Thule Easybase and accessories
Bike Carrier Accessories
Roof Bar Accessories
Locks and luggage straps

In Car Protection

SEAT COVERS AND ACCESSORIES: Walser and UK Covers at The Roof Box Company

Seat Covers from Walser and UK Covers (Walser Turin seat covers for Vauxhall Zafira shown) at The Roof Box Company


Car seat covers offer an affordable way to protect your car's interior, and invest in your vehicle by slowing the otherwise inevitable depreciation caused by internal wear and tear. Walser car seat covers are renowned for superior scuff and stain resistance. They're perfect protection against spilt drinks, mud, dust and dog hairs, to name a few of the everyday hazards that can mark and damage your car's upholstery. The wide variety of seat cover options in the Walser range means that there should be something to suit everyone's taste. Whether you're looking for contemporary or classic, a splash of colour or a subtle complement to your car's styling, you're sure to find the right covers on these pages!NEW IN - UK Covers Waterproof seat covers!!!

Seat Covers home page
Seat Covers Range
Accessories Range
Fitting Guide
About Walser
Seat Covers: What fits my car?

BOOT LINERS, BOOT MATS AND ACCESSORIES: Carbox and Autoform at The Roof Box Company

Boot Liners and mats from Carbox and Autoform (Carbox liner shown) at The Roof Box Company


Do you ever carry muddy boots in the back of your car? Or garden refuse? Or wet, sandy towels after a visit to the beach? Or carry large items back from the DIY or garden centre? Or do you have a dog? Or do you have an MPV and want to protect all the carpets? If the answer to any of these and numerous similar questions is "Yes" then you are a particularly good prospect for a Carbox or Autoform boot liner!

Boot liner and mats home page
Product Range
Fitting Guide
About Carbox
Boot Liners: What fits my car?

SAFE BAG at The Roof Box Company

Safe Bag - in car protection at The Roof Box Company


Created by the same clever Italians that invented Dog Bag, Safe Bag is designed to keep bulky objects in place, whilst keeping the vehicle clean and the passengers safe. It's ideal for work, rest and play, e.g. for professionals who use their vehicles both for home and for work, for hobbies like gardening and D.I.Y. or for leisure activities like skiing, mountain biking, karting, football, surfing etc. All without fear of damaging the interior of your car. Safe Bag anchors the load securely to the car's chassis and roof to keep it in place whilst protecting your cargo from prying eyes.

Safe Bag home page
Safe Bag fitting guide
Safe Bag: What fits my car?

Tyre Traction

AUTOSOCK textile wheel covers/snow chains at The Roof Box Company

AutoSock (AutoSock High-Performance shown) at The Roof Box Company

AUTOSOCK FOR TRUCKS textile wheel covers/snow chains at The Roof Box Company


AutoSock is the high tech solution to an age old problem - how to give road tyres the grip they need on ice and snow to …get you home! Textile wheel covers with an elasticated edge; you just slip them over the driving wheels when you find yourself getting stuck. ("Yes - it really is this easy" and "Yes, of course they work!") Be prepared for the winter by carrying a set of AutoSock in your car.

AutoSock home page
AutoSock for Trucks - NEW!
The Company
The Product
Fitting Guide & Ordering
Press Office

AutoSock for Trucks are now available for all popular tyre sizes!  Keep your business moving by keeping a set in each cab, or at the very least keep a few pairs at your distribution depot.  Click here for information.

SNOW CHAINS: RUD, KWB Pewag, Maggi TRAK, Spikes-Spider, Farad SNOW and AutoSock at The Roof Box Company

Snow Chains by RUD, KWB, Maggi TRAK, Spikes-Spider, Farad SNOW and AutoSock (RUD chains shown) at The Roof Box Company


Snow Chains are compulsory on most Alpine roads, even for 4x4 vehicles.  Increasing numbers of people also carry a set for UK use, for snow or for grass, e.g. to give essential grip in green field car parks during the British summer. We are snow chain specialists, and distribute many of Europe’s best known brands (RUD, KWB, Maggi TRAK, AutoSock, Farad SNOW and Spikes-Spider), covering the whole range of snow chain sectors and aiming to have a chain for every available wheel size. An exchange scheme is also available. We also stock RUD shoe chains.

Snow Chains home page
Snow Chains FAQs
Snow Chains: What fits my car?
Snow Chains: a little more information
RUD Shoe Chains

Pet Travel

THE DOG BAG RANGE: Dog Bag, Pet Tube, USB, Jet Set, Marsupack, Sport Wagon, Home Comfort accessories at The Roof Box Company

The Dog Bag range (Dog Bag large shown) at The Roof Box Company


Dog Bag as a brand, started with the award winning 'pop-up' portable fabric kennel of the same name. Designed to offer different benefits to the traditional steel cage - better comfort, more privacy, better sun protection when in the car, greater flexibility of use - Dog Bag is an exciting and intelligent concept in dog transport, protection and care. This has been followed by a range of flexible pet transport systems and accessories, ideal for a variety of small animals. The Pet Tube, USB - small animal carrier, Home Comfort range (including beds, deep mattresses, mats, jackets etc), and the Jet Set and Marsupack. Each have their own benefits, talents and accessories.

Dog Bag range home page
Dog Bag
Pet Tube
Jet Set
USB - small animal carrier
Sport Wagon
Home Comfort Accessories
Pet Gallery
Products and Prices

DOG GUARDS: Saunders and Kleinmetall at The Roof Box Company

Saunders Dog Guards (Saunders T4 tubular guard shown) at The Roof Box Company


Saunders dog guards are vehicle specific and designed especially for hatchbacks, estate cars, 4x4s, MPVs and small vans. They come in four basic models in both the wire mesh and tubular styles. These are supplemented by vehicle specific variations.

Dog Guards home page
Dog Guards: What fits my car?

Pet Carriers/Dog Carriers/Cat Carriers, Pet Accessories, Pet Beds at The Roof Box Company

MidWest Pet Cages and Crates (MidWest folding cage shown) at The Roof Box Company


We have a range of Pet Carriers, Dog Tent Crates, Dog Carriers, Pet Accessories, Cat Carriers and more from top manufacturers including BICE, EGR and Dog Bag.

Pet Carriers/Dog Carriers/Cat Carriers
Pet Accessories
Tent Crates
Pet Beds
Pet Specific Products

BICE WALKY RANGE: BICE WalkyDog, WalkyLock and WalkyBag at The Roof Box Company

BICE Walky products (BICE WalkyDog shown) at The Roof Box Company


The BICE Walky range is your headquarters for pet fitness and outdoor pet convenience items, featuring the worlds greatest dog walking device ever, the"WalkyDog®" which lets you ride your bike while giving your dog the complete outdoor experience he craves. We also sell the WalkyBag and WalkyLock.

BICE Walky Introduction


BIKE BOXES, BAGS AND CASES: B&W bike.cases at The Roof Box Company

B&W bike.cases (B&W bike.case shown) at The Roof Box Company


B & W International (formally BWH Koffer) has built up an enviable reputation as one of Europe's most innovative manufacturers of specialist cases to industry, the service sector, and the professions. Bike boxes are made of ABS plastic. The soft bike bags are made from waterproofed 420 D high density nylon, with double sewn and fully taped seams, and top quality zips. In other words they're extremely hard wearing as well as looking and feeling good.

Bike boxes, bags and cases home page

PROTECTIVE WATERPROOF CASES: B&W outdoor.cases and PELI Protector cases at The Roof Box Company

Protective Cases from B&W and Peli (B&W outdoor.cases shown) at The Roof Box Company


Protective waterproof cases from Peli and B&W are highly durable, watertight, airtight, dust and corrosion proof and able to withstand extreme conditions. They are available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours. Most cases are available with a choice of interior fittings. Empty case, foam inserts or padded dividers. Accessories are also available.

Protective Waterproof Cases Welcome page
Protective Waterproof Cases Range
Protective Waterproof Micro Cases
Protective Waterproof Small Cases
Protective Waterproof Medium Cases
Protective Waterproof Large Cases
Protective Waterproof Specialist Cases
Protective Waterproof Cases - Accessories
Protective Waterproof Photo Cases


Spire Laptop Backpacks, Bags and Cases at The Roof Box Company


Looking for the best laptop bag or backpack on the planet? All Spire's gear has been designed, tested and refined by mobile computing enthusiasts and is still made with great pride in Boulder, Colorado. Depending on the pack you go for, there’s plenty of space for your laptop, books, clothes, gizmos and more, with pockets in just the right places. The harnesses put most mountaineering backpacks to shame. And the materials and build quality are as good as you’ll find anywhere, with self repairing YKK zips and real attention to all likely wear points. At the core of the system is a removable padded “laptop sleeve”, sized for your computer - a laptop case in its own right - which fits into the bigger backpack.

Spire home page
Spire product range
Spire product reviews
Spire: About Us
What fits my laptop?
Spire Press Office

Other Items of Interest

KAMEI CAR STYLING at The Roof Box Company

Kamei Car Styling (Audi A3 with X1 bodykit shown)


KAMEI's aim of providing 'fun and individuality for the car' has led to the development of a wealth of autoxtras car styling and accessories suitable for a large range of vehicles. From headlamp trims and sport grills, to rear spoilers and exhaust deflectors, Kamei's range meets the latest demands of visual aesthetics, functionality and style.

Kamei car styling home page
Car styling range
The Kamei story
Show cars
Headlight Trims
Sports Grilles
Front Grilles
Rear Spoilers
Rallye Style Vents
Air Inlets & Outlets
Door Handles
Body Protection
Wing Mirror Caps
Sun Protection (Sunnyboy)
Interior Accessories
What fits my car?

BULB KITS: Ring and Philips at The Roof Box Company

Bulb Kits (Ring, Philips)


Bulb kits from Philips and Ring. We have complete replacement bulb sets as well as safety, performance and styling headlight upgrades.Make sure that you can replace a worn out car light bulb immediately during the course of a journey to ensure that you arrive safely at your destination without having to stop at a garage.

Bulb Kits and Upgrades introduction
Bulb Kits: What fits my car?
Legal requirements for driving in Europe

TRAVEL ACCESSORIES at The Roof Box Company

Travel Accessories (Carbox Piccolo Dashmat shown)


On the travel accessories page you will find a comprehensive range of items intended to help you get the most from your travel adventure. Plus a great guide to driving abroad and what you'll need for the trip.

Travel Accessories introduction and range
Legal requirements for driving in Europe
Bulb Kits and Upgrades
RUD Shoe Chains

VAN-RACKS: commercial and heavy duty roof bar systems, roof racks and other accessories from Rhino, Saunders and Thule Professional

VAN-RACKS (Rhino, Saunders, Fapa, Thule Professional)


VAN-RACKS is the part of our business which specialises in commercial and heavy duty roof bar systems, roof racks and other accessories. Light commercial vehicles have specialist roof bar and roof rack requirements. VAN-RACKS supplies a range of the most solid and reliable load carrying systems and accessories available. Suppliers include RHINO, SAUNDERS and THULE. Visit www.van-racks.co.uk for further information.

Click on this logo, wherever you see it, to find out which products have been specifically approved for use on your vehicle.

Click on this logo, wherever you see it, to find out which products have been specifically approved for use on your vehicle. The list includes roof bars, rear fitting cycle carriers, boot liners, dog guards, Safe Bag, tailored seat covers, bulbs and car styling accessories.