Information you'll need. Questions for you:

Here is our 3 point plan to find you the snowchains that are right for your needs:

Tyre size example 1) What's your tyre size?
The starting point. Check the tyre, not the handbook. Note that rear wheel drive cars (notably BMWs) sometimes have larger tyres on the rear than the front.

In the example on the right the size is 205/55-16

2) Is there space for snowchains?
Can you get your forearms into the space between the wheel and the wheel arch?

a) If "Yes" then all the snowchains and AutoSock we sell are potentially suitable

b) If "No" then only the "front fitting" and "automatic" chains are potentially suitable. AutoSock and all other snow socks are not suitable.

3) Are snowchains permitted?
Does your car manufacturer allow traditional snowchains to be fitted to your make and model? Find out by checking your handbook. You can get started by checking our snow chains database; this shows all your options but is no substitute for checking the handbook!