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WalkyDog® - Finally: a bicycle dog leash that attaches to a bike's frame! WalkyDog® - Finally: a bicycle dog leash that attaches to a bike's frame! WalkyDog® - Finally: a bicycle dog leash that attaches to a bike's frame!

WalkyDog® - Finally: a bicycle dog leash that attaches to a bike's frame!

WalkyDog® in Stainless Steel


WalkyDog® Spare Jaw Clamp

WalkyDog® Spare Jaw Clamp

Spare clamp for the WalkyDog - use your WalkyDog on multiple bikes without having to remove your clamp each time!

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WalkyDog® FAQs
WalkyDog® Pros and Cons
WalkyDog® General Mounting Instructions

Videos to watch or download.

Walky Dog video


Walky Dog Girl video


Walky Dog Plinsky video


WalkyDog Toby video


WalkyDog Mieke & Maya video

Mieke & Maya

WalkyDog Wolf video


WalkyDog®: Introduction and Features

Finally: a bicycle dog leash that attaches to a bike's frame!

Don't leave your dog home anymore while you ride your bike, let them come along and enjoy the pleasure of a run - in complete safety for the both of you!

  • Ensures the full safety of the biker-bike-dog trio at every moment while riding.
  • Allows the biker to safely indicate a change of direction, since no hand is tied up holding the dog
  • A bicycle dog jogger that allows both the biker and the dog to train together, keeping both fit
  • Can be easily disconnected from the bike in less than one second, for when you are using your bike without your dog
  • Can be transformed into a damped leash in practically no time, allowing the biker to control his dog even when not riding the bike
  • Can be installed on a bike in less than 5 minutes by anybody
  • Can be easily moved from one bike to another
  • Universal, meaning that you can install it on practically any kind of bike: mountain bikes, city bikes, men's bikes, women's bikes, new bikes, old bikes, small ones, big ones, etc.
  • Does not require any training for either the biker or the dog.
  • WalkyDog is very light: just 16 oz. and absolutely not cumbersome
  • WalkyDog can be used on all types of terrain, both on and off-road, always keeping the your driving safety unchanged
  • In case of an accident, Walkydog ensures that the dog will not detach from the bike and wander out into traffic.

Click here for mounting instructions, or download the high resolution PDF file.

Click here to view a video demonstration of the WalkyDog®

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The WalkyDog® should not be used by children younger than 15 years of age and with a body weight lighter than 35 kgs. Use of the WalkyDog® by children is strongly recommended under strict parental supervision. The WalkyDog® should not be used by riders carrying children on the bike.
The WalkyDog® is a product specifically designed for the professional endurance training of competition dogs. Before using the product on the public road, carefully check the Highway Code.
BICE SRL declines each and every responsibility that may derive from a use of the product that does not comply with the laws and regulations in force.

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