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Short roof box and family

Roof Boxes: Short roofboxes

Short roof boxes continue to be very popular. A short roofbox will transform the smallest hatchback into a real luggage carrier, ideal when you need a bit of extra space for that weekend camping trip.

But remember, most of these roof boxes are full width, so if you need to carry other gear on the car roof at the same time we recommend you look at our medium width family roof boxes.

Our favourite short roof box
Hapro Roady 4000
Top quality features for the money, spacious, easy to use
Budget Box
Budget best buy
Hapro Roady 350
Practical and strong. A lot of storage for the money.
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>> Short Wide roof box:

:Hapro Roady 350 roof box, anthracite black, no. 23191
Hapro Roady 350 anthracite black roof box HP23191
  • 135 x 78 x 40cm, 300 litres. Weight 11kg, max load 50kg
  • A step up in quality from the Karrite Odyssey series
  • Rear opening allows access from both sides - easier fitting and loading
RRP £169.95
Code: HP350B

>> Fabric soft box:

:Hapro SoftBox (375 litres) no. HP375
Hapro SoftBox fabric soft box

  • 110 x 85 x 42cm, 375 litres. Max load 50kg
  • Folds up to 108 x 85 x 8cm
  • A great alternative if you don't have room to store a traditional roof box
Our rating
Code: HP375

>> Short Wide roof box:

:Hapro Roady 4000 (400 litre) roof box, black, no. 28576
Hapro Roady 4000 roof box, black
  • 140 x 90 x 42cm, 400 litres. Weight 13kg, max load 75kg
  • A step up from the Karrite Odyssey series in terms of both quality and ease of use
  • Rear opening allows access from both sides - easier fitting and loading
  • You will usually have space to fit a bike next to this box if you are using aluminium bars
Our rating
Code: HP28576

>> Short Wide roof box:

:Thule Ocean 100 black glossy roof box no. 689202
Thule Ocean 100 roof box
  • 139 x 90 x 39cm, 360 litres. Weight 12kg, max load 50kg
  • Smart glossy black colour
  • Single side opening
Our rating
Code: TU689

>> Fabric soft box:

:Thule Ranger 90 fabric box / bag no. 6011
Thule Ranger 90 fabric soft box

  • 110 x 80 x 40cm, 280 litres. Weight 7kg, max load 50kg
  • Rolls up to 120cm long by 27cm in diameter
  • Relatively poor security is a weakness, but the Ranger 90 is a good load carrier
Our rating
Code: TU6011

>> Short Wide roof box:

:Hapro Traxer 4.6 roof box, anthracite black, no. 28885
Hapro Traxer 4.6 anthracite black roof box HP28885

  • 148 x 97 x 42cm, 370 litres. Weight 15.5kg, max load 75kg
  • Dual side opening with central locking
  • Low profile Master-Fit box to bar fittings
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Full of useful features not usually found on boxes in this size range.

RRP £300.00
Code: HP28885

>> Short Wide roof box:

:Calix URBAN LOADER roof box, matt black, no. 1-UL-MB
Calix URBAN LOADER roof box, matt black

  • 140 x 89 x 26 or 51cm, 500 litres. Weight 15kg, max load 50kg
  • A new, innovative ‘roof box’ that gives you a massive amount of extra space for your gear
  • A great solution if you need to carry bulky items that won't fit in a standard roof box
  • Folds flat - you can leave it on the car all the time
Our rating

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