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Welcome to our Protective Waterproof Cases Range

Protective waterproof cases from Peli and B&W
are highly durable, waterproof, airtight, dust and corrosion proof and able to withstand extreme conditions. They are available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours. Most cases are available with a choice of interior fittings. Empty case, foam inserts or padded dividers. Accessories are also available.

B&W outdoor.cases are available in Micro Cases, Small Cases, Medium Cases, Large Cases and Photo Cases.

B&W: B&W outdoor.cases do everything you'd expect of a waterproof protective case. Add in a few unique and innovative features such as burst-free 2 stage catches and an integral "balanced carrying strap" system, and accessories including a backpack, and you'll find that outdoor.cases are not only superb value but have all the features you're likely to think of. B&W outdoor.cases are... waterproof, airtight, crackproof, dustproof, chemical resistant, and designed to withstand extremes of cold and heat. In short, they're virtually indestructible. That's why they're given an Unlimited Lifetime Guarantee.

B&W is part of the BWH Group, Germany's premier manufacturer of specialist cases for industry and the professions.

B&W outdoor.cases are available in Micro Cases, Small Cases, Medium Cases, Large Cases and Photo Cases.

PELI: The Peli Protector range of protective watertight and crushproof cases offer total protection in virtually any situation: The body of the protective waterproof case is a structural copolymer resin. Incorporated into the shell of the waterproof protective case is a pressure purge valve to allow pressure equalisation. A neoprene "O" ring in the lid ensures that the tongue and groove seal remains watertight.

The hinges and handle interlocks form an integral part of the moulding, making it virtually impossible to break in the event of rough handling. A padlock facility (also an integral part of the moulding) keeps your property safe from roving hands. Used extensively by units of all major NATO armed forces, the Protector range of waterproof protective cases has seen action in all recent military events.

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Special Offer, B and W Type 90 photography case only £59.95

Special offer on B&W Camera Bags! A padded divider set inside a hard case inside a ballistic nylon bag with numerous pockets and a foldaway rucksack harness.
The B&W Type 90 is ideal for digital SLRs and provides impact protection as well as 100% waterproofing. A snip at £59.95, while stocks last

B&W outdoor.cases have passed the stringent TÜV testing regime

B&W outdoor.cases have passed the stringent TÜV testing regime;Waterproof: this included a period of immersion at 5 metres, Protective: a 3m fall to concrete, and various compression and operational tests in simulated extreme conditions. There's an overview on the video link, including a 10 metre drop test. When your gear is carefully located in its outdoor.case, either in foam or in a set of padded nylon dividers, that'll be one less thing to worry about. Click here to
view a B&W outdoor.case
'product testing' movie (12MB)

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