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what fits my car?

To see what snow chain options you have, choose one of the following:

Snow chains are technical products and some understanding is required before purchase. Click on the boxes below and we will give you an overview of the most important things to think about.

  • Snow chains are surprisingly quick and easy to fit!
  • Using snowchains in the UK is a sensible thing to do
  • Snowchains do a different job to AutoSock / snow socks
  • We have the biggest range of snow chains in the UK
  • What's your tyre size?
  • Is there enough space for snowchains?
  • Are snow chains permitted on your make, model, tyre size?
  • Types of chain: Traditional, Automatic, Ladder Track
  • Choose by budget
  • Choose by ease of fitting and removal
  • Choose by brand / quality
Snow Chains Hire
We hire Spider-Spike SPORT snow chains, ideal for cars which cannot use traditional chains and with limited clearances. Hire snow chains
How to fit snow chains

Watch the video guides below to see how to fit the various types of snow chains we offer.

Traditional chains

Traditional chains

Automatic chains

Automatic chains

Ladder track chains
Ladder track chains
>> Snow Chains Exchange Scheme
Snow Chains Exchange Scheme

We’ll exchange unused snow chains if they are still in our current range at the time the exchange is arranged, and you purchased them from us; please phone (015396 21884) or e-mail with the subject “Snow chains exchange” so we know to expect them, including your original order number. (There’s no problem if you want to exchange for more expensive snow chains – you will in effect just be paying the price difference - but we don’t give refunds if you trade down market.)

You need to send the snowchains back to us with a completed Snow Chains Exchange form and in unused condition.  “Unused” means just that.  We can tell the difference at a glance between a set of snowchains that have been fitted once for testing purposes and a set which has been used for real.  There's always a minimum £25 admin charge for exchange snow chains, which we will deduct from your refund. If you would like us to collect the chains we can organise this for an additional £15 per consignment (we'll need to charge more if you don't live on the UK mainland.)

Please note that we do not exchange AutoSock.

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