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The WalkyBag is a fantastic tool to take your dog out
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BICE srl: Innovative Pet Technologies

At BICE we try to keep it simple: everything we do is about two ideas:

  • The more time humans spend with animals, the more they can &ldqou;learn to learn&rdqou;
    from each other; and the more they can feel in harmony with nature;
  • Safety first, always and with no exception.

This means passion and love for the other living beings we share this planet with. That's why any single product of ours is the solution to a problem that would keep animals and human apart. No matter where, no matter how, no matter when, we try to develop products to help people spend time with their animals. And, most importantly, always in complete safety for both of them. We strongly believe that biodiversity is the key to evolution. So, all of our products are (and will be) thought to let humans and animals “stay together, but stay themselves”.

That's all what INNOVATIVE PET TECHNOLOGIES (IPT) stands for: a completely new approach to the development of products for animals. Nothing more, nothing less: simple, isn't it?

WalkyDog® in Stainless Steel

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