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This is The Roof Box Company's website, the UK's leading mail order supplier of car roof boxes, roof bars, Thule roof racks, bike racks, car bootliners, bike boxes, seat covers, snow chains, AutoSock, pet carriers, dog
bags, dog crates, ski and water sports carriers, KAMEI car styling and other car accessories for sale or rental.

Welcome to The Roof Box Company

We're UK distributors for many of the world's most innovative car accessory manufacturers, sourcing specialist products that come under the broad headings of "load carrying stuff", "interior car protection", and "tyre traction"; we also trade at the subtler end of the car styling market.

TRBC Brands

Each product group has its own Home Page, with details of Special Offers. Check out the Bargains pages if you're looking for cheap overstocks, end of range items, damaged or returned items - they're always sold very cheap.

Car Seat Covers: Walser's new Aerotex range at The Roof Box Company

Car Seat Covers : Protect your car seats from the worst that your family and pets will throw at them. Most of Walser's car seatcovers are TÜV approved for cars with side airbags, using a special seam, not just by leaving a gap in the seat cover. The seat covers are available in real Nappa leather, jacquard, velour, cotton, sheepskin (warm in winter, cool in summer), and waterproof seatcovers.

The Roof Box Company: KAMEI 510 roof box

KAMEI (Germany) makes the best roof boxes on the planet, so it's no surprise to see them winning all the serious product test awards. This year Auto Express gave their Best Buy to the KAMEI 510, a new generation which offers KAMEI's legendary styling, engineering and build quality at a mid market price.

BOOT LINERS, BOOT MATS AND ACCESSORIES: Carbox and Autoform at The Roof Box Company

Car Bootliners and Mats: We have thousands of low sided and high sided car-specific bootliners and mats, all with a "rim around the edge" so that whatever's spilt on the bootliner stays on the bootliner. There are even full length MPV boot liners with cut outs for the seats. Keep the car clean and maximise its resale value!

AUTOSOCK car snow socks at The Roof Box Company

AutoSock car snow socks are the high-tech solution to driving on snow and ice. AutoSock will get you down to the main roads, get you to important meetings, get you home. They're small, lightweight, a doddle to fit – Prices start at only £49.95

BICE WalkyGuard 'universal dog guard'  at The Roof Box Company

WalkyGuard dog guards are an innovative fast-fitting universal car dog guard that fits to the rear headrest posts and is easily moved from vehicle to vehicle. Head rest mounting allows a boot cover to be left in place. It's a one piece welded steel construction dogguard which, importantly, doesn't rattle.

THULE ProRide 598 bike rack/cycle carrier at The Roof Box Company

The Thule ProRide 598 silver and 598 black cycle carriers are one of Thule's best products. Thule is the world's largest manufacturer of car racks - you'll find one of their modular roof bar systems is available for almost all cars. The Roof Box Company supplies most Thule products.

Don't leave this page before looking at...

Please check out the following items. They're some of our best selling product ranges, useful things you might not have thought about before:

Spikes-Spider snow chains/snowchains at the Roof Box Company

Snow Chains

We're UK distributors for Europe's most innovative snowchain manufacturers - Maggi, RUD, Spikes-Spider. The Swiss Spikes-Spider is the fastest fitting chain available with fittings for almost every vehicle, including cars where traditonal snowchains can't be used. Uniquely, the SPORT can be resized to fit just about every tyre size, providing long term value. Their new ALPINE PRO (pictured) is ideal for big 4x4s and light commercial vehicles and also works extremely well on grass and in mud.

RUD is Europe's biggest car snow chain makers and supplies snowchains to most of Europe's most prestigious car makers. We supply all their own brand snowchains. The easy2go is their mid market snowchain, easy to fit and with a "continuous tensioning device" so once fitted you don't have to stop again to retension.

AutoSock car snow socks

If you're at all concerned about driving on ice and snow then check out this link. AutoSock snow socks will get you down to the main roads, get you to important meetings, get you home. They're small, lightweight, a doddle to fit. Leave a set in the car all year so you have them when you need them.

Atera Strada 3 bike carrier

Atera STRADA 3 bike carrier/rack at The Roof Box Company

Atera STRADA 3

The most innovative tow bar bike rack we've ever seen, for 3 to 4 bikes. It slides away from the tailgate, supporting the weight of the bikes, and is also small enough to placed in the boot when not in use - just what you need when parking on the street or in town car parks. A 2 to 3 bike rack version is also available. Comes with UK legal foglights!

Dog Cages, Dog Crates and Pet carriers

For dogs or cats: We sell a range of folding steel dog cages and fabric dog crates, but don't visit this section without checking out the Dog Bag range which we think is the best travel system for both dogs and their owners. Dogs appreciate the warmth and comfort provided by the textile sides, with more privacy and better sun protection. Owners like the way that their pets settle down quickly, as well as the relatively small 'footprint' of the Dog Bag, leaving boot space for the luggage. Other pet carriers include Pet Tube, and Jet Set (ideal as a cat carrier).

MasterLine dog guards/safety guards

A major contribution to family safety: Your car may have crumple zones, side impact protection, and airbags all round. But what's to protect you from being seriously injured (or worse) from a frozen chicken in the boot, flying forward at 40mph? If you haven't got a TÜV approved safety guard behind the rear seats, the answer is "Nothing". Check out "What fits my car?" to see if there's a MasterLine dogguard for your car. It will be cheap at the price. Although the BICE WalkyGuard has not been formally tested as a safety guard, the fact that a strong all-welded steel guard is securely fastened behind the rear headrest posts should be a considerable comfort. The dangers posed by objects thrown forward from the boot of a vehicle tend to be underestimated.

Bike cases, boxes and bags

B&W International (part of the BWH Koffer group) is probably Germany's premier manufacturer of specialist bikecases, cycle boxes and bicycle bags. Their market-leading bike protection products, and, have won many awards in recent years. They provide serious protection for airline travel - much more than is possible with even a well padded bike bag.

Car Seat Covers

Almost all the Walser car seat covers we sell have the patented Walser "Clix III" side-airbag system. Their Aerotex range is not only side-airbag approved but will also draw the heat and moisture away from your back, using technical fabrics, and disperse it. Aerotex is available in full car seatcover sets and also in individual car seat cushions.

BICE WALKY RANGE: BICE WalkyDog, WalkyLock and WalkyBag at The Roof Box Company

BICE Walky products (BICE WalkyDog shown) at The Roof Box Company

Dog Walking

Dog walking has never been so much fun. The WalkyDog is a bike mounted dog lead which after some practice should see you pedalling to the park rather than driving there! Check out the WalkyBag waist bag complete with all-you-can-need to walk your dog. There is also the useful WalkyLock which allows your dog to breathe easily when left in the car, and the new WalkyGuard headrest mounted universal dog guard. Take it from car to car, and use the boot protecto cover with the dog guard still in place.

PROTECTIVE WATERPROOF CASES: B&W outdoor.cases and PELI Protector cases at The Roof Box Company

Protective Waterproof Cases from B&W and Peli (B&W outdoor.cases shown) at The Roof Box Company

Protective Waterproof Cases

We stock protective waterproof cases from Peli and B&W - these are watertight, airtight, dust and corrosion proof and able to withstand extreme conditions. They're available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours, and most of them have a choice of interior fittings. Photographers should check out the B&W photo-cases camera bags which provide both waterproofing and impact protection.


Spire Laptop Backpacks, Bags and Cases at The Roof Box Company

Laptop Backpacks and Bags

Spire claim to make the best laptop bags and backpacks on the planet - a claim we had to check out for ourselves. They're certainly superb sacks in their own right - most of our team use theirs as daysacks for mountain-biking, walking, skiing, airline travel, etc. - so when you add the really clever notebook features and general 'savvy' then we have to agree that the claim is probably true!

KAMEI CAR STYLING at The Roof Box Company

Kamei Car Styling (Audi A3 with X1 bodykit shown)

KAMEI car styling

Make your car stand out from all its cousins in the car park. KAMEI's range of car styling accessories are designed with comfort, function and elegance in mind, bringing fun and individuality to your car. From a KAMEI grille or headlight trim, to stylish door handle trims and loading sill protection. Interior car styling includes a range of car armrests, some including coolers!

SAFE BAG at The Roof Box Company

Safe Bag - in car protection at The Roof Box Company

Safe Bag: in-car protection

Safe Bag is designed to keep bulky objects in place, keeping the vehicle clean and the passengers safe. A larger alternative to a car bootliner, you can load the garden rubbish into the back of your estate car, take it wherever you take it, then whip out the Safe Bag and find the car as clean as a whistle. The Rear Bag version fills the boot space behind the rear seats, the full Safe Bag is designed for use with the rear seats laid flat.

FASTY Lashing and Luggage STRAPS at The Roof Box Company

Fasty lashing and luggage straps (Fasty Handy straps shown) at The Roof Box Company

FASTY Lashing Straps

FASTY specialise in domestic and light commercial straps to 2000kg. Our stock items include the 20mm and 25mm polypropelene straps - Allpack and Transport. Speciality lashing straps include the Handy, (a strap with a handle!), a CPU holder to keep computers off the floor, electric cable straps, and the possibility of 'own branding' with corporate colours and e.g. website name.

SKI CARRIERS AND WINTER ACCESSORIES: Thule, Atera and RUD at The Roof Box Company

Accessories Range

Check out our extensive range of ski carriers and snow accessories, water sports carriers (small boat and kayak carriers) and roof racks and carrier baskets (including load stops, luggage and load nets).

We also have a range of general Travel Accessories - e.g. beam benders, warning triangles, spare bulb kits and upgrades - all good quality and good value.


VAN-RACKS is the part of our business which specialises in commercial and heavy duty roof bar systems, roof racks and other accessories - light commercial vehicles have specialist roof bar and roof rack requirements. We supply the full range of gear from Saunders, Rhino Products, CRUZ Commercial and Thule Professional. Visit for further information.

AUTOSOCK FOR TRUCKS at The Roof Box Company

AutoSock for Trucks

AutoSock for Trucks are now available for all popular tyre sizes, at Summer Sale prices.  Keep your business moving by keeping a set in each cab, or at the very least keep a few pairs at your distribution depot.  Click here for information.

Customer Feedback

Atera GIRO AF roof mounting bike/cycle carrier

The previous GIRO was a worthy winner of the Auto Express Best Buy Award on several occasions. The Atera GIRO AF bike rack is its 21st Century replacement. It features automatic shoulder high single handed tensioning and locking, leaving one hand to hold the bike in place. Superb!

Check out the GIRO AF in our bike carrier package deals.

KAMEI's roof boxes win the Auto Express Best Buy award for the seventh time

KAMEI has just won the Auto Express 'Best Roof Box' award for an incredible seventh time in a row. "Our reigning roof box champion, the Kamei 510, holds on to its crown. While its stablemate, the Corvara S 390, runs it close." of the "stylish Kamei 510" they said "The slide action on the fixtures means there’s flexibility so you can still open the tailgate. Add the dual-hinged, triple central locking top and three luggage straps included, and the box can’t be beaten for convenience."
Auto Express - 4 May 2016
See the Kamei roof box range
The Roof Box Company: Thule car roof racks, roof bars and load carriers, Thule Atlantis roof boxes, Thule Ranger roofboxes, Thule Spirit roof box, Thule bike carriers and bike racks, Thule ski and water sport carriers and Thule carrier baskets and car accessories

Thule Roof Racks and accessories at The Roof Box Company

Thule roofracks and accessories

Thule makes excellent roof bars and has fittings for almost all car makes and models. Our database shows all the Thule load carriers available for your vehicle, together with any available options, e.g. aerobars instead of steel bars.

The Roof Box Company supply most Thule products, including Thule car roof racks, Thule Atlantis roof boxes, Thule Ranger roofboxes, Thule Spirit roof box, Thule bike carriers and bike racks, Thule ski and water sport carriers and Thule carrier baskets and car accessories.

Saunders range of Dog Guards gets universal approval!

Saunders Dog Guards

Saunders invented the modern dog guard and produce a range of excellent quality mid-market dog guards. They're quick and easy to fit and remove, with no tools required and no holes to be drilled.

Saunders Dog Guards (Saunders T4 tubular guard shown) at The Roof Box Company

MAXXRAXX Premier Bike Rack/Cycle Carrier at The Roof Box Company
MaxxRaxx Premier
bike rack

The MaxxRaxx Premier is tiltable, versatile, ingenious and suitable for cars, vans and 4x4 vehicles with no rear mounted spare wheel. Spares are available to adapt the carrier for use with rear mounted spare wheels and also to any type of tow bar - there's even a ski carrier. 5 bikes can be carried on certain 4 x 4s and larger vehicles with nose weights of 100kg or more. The way the bikes fit provides some of the benefits of using a wheel support rack, but at more of a hang on rack price. Click here to see MaxxRaxx videos.


Always be sure to follow the manufacturers' instructions for the fitting and use of any equipment we supply, and the vehicle manufacturers' instructions, particularly in regard to maximum permitted roof and/or tow ball loadings. Where these instructions differ, observe the lower of the specified maximums.

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