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The Roof Box Company: CRUZ Alu-S roof bars on a Renault Clio
The Roof Box Company: CRUZ Alu-S roof bars on a Renault Clio
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Welcome to our Load Carrying Accessories page

Welcome to our 'Load Carrying Accessories' page. Here you will find a range of roof bar, roof box and bike carrier accessories including load stops, locks, luggage straps and more.

The roof box and bike carrier accessories are usually available as optional extras in the tick box section of the roof box or bike carrier order pages. However if you already own a roofbox or bike rack and just want to see what is available, click here.

Previously on this page you could also find our range of Roof Racks, Carrier Baskets and Load Nets. These items have moved to our Roof Racks and Carrier Baskets page.

Roof Box Accessories

Thule Load & Go series

Organise your gear quickly and easily with the Load & Go series. The Go Pack range is specially designed to fit Thule roof boxes (although most will fit all roof boxes) and carrier baskets. The Go Box bags are perfect to use in the boot of your car. All the bags provide an organised and efficient storage solution for everything from clothes to camping gear and other sports and travel items. With a water resistant base you can be secure that your gear stays dry.

THULE Load & Go series: Go Pack Nose 8001, Go Pack 8002, Go Pack Mesh 8003, Go Box Express 8004, Go Box 8005

THULE Load & Go series: Go Pack Nose 8001, Go Pack 8002, Go Pack Mesh 8003, Go Box Express 8004, Go Box 8005

(left to right)
>> Thule Go Pack Nose 8001: Bag specially made to fit in the front of Thule roof boxes.
>> Thule Go Pack 8002: Durable bag that fits perfectly in the Thule roof boxes.
>> Thule Go Pack Mesh 8003: Durable and light-weight bag for carrying wet and damp items.
>> Thule Go Box Express 8004: Large capacity gear bag on wheels, keeps all your equipment in one place.
>> Thule Go Box 8005: Great for organising and keeping your gear in place.

THULE Go Pack Set 8006

New logo
Thule Go Pack Set 8006

Four smart bags that fit perfectly into your Thule roofbox. 3 Thule Go Pack 8002's and 1 Thule Go Pack Nose 8001, that is especially made to fit the front of the Thule roof box.

THULE Roof Box Cleaner

Thule Box Cleaner

Thule Box Cleaner is "a cleaning agent that also cares for the roof box and leaves it shining..."

FASTY Boxlift

Fasty Boxlift hoist

The Boxlift allows for the easy movement and storage of large objects such as roof boxes and surf boards. The two 400cm straps have patented buckles which provide a very firm hold yet allow for an easy, low friction, lifting and lowering process. By using the Boxlift one person can easily move a heavy object, e.g. from the top of the car to the garage ceiling. A 25mm wide black strap with patented buckles. 2 pieces - 400cm, black, 400kg

THULE roof box hoist 571

Thule Roof Box Hoist 571

Boxes are bulky items and take up a lot of wall storage space. Probably the ideal place to store them is above your car in the garage.

EasyBase: The Roof Box, Basket and Bike Carrier Accessory

THULE EasyBase 949

THULE EasyBasket 948-3 THULE EasyBag 948-4 THULE EasyBike 948-1/948-2 THULE BackUp 900

Thule EasyBase 949 and options,
anti-clockwise from top left. Thule Easybasket 948-3, Thule EasyBike 948-1 and 948-2, Thule BackUp 900 and Thule EasyBag 948-4

Thule EasyBase 949

The Thule Easy Base is the start of a flexible system that can make it possible to carry a host of different things on a tow bar. Perfect for those who want a carrying solution that expands to meet their needs.

The Easy Base system is ideal if the space on your roof is already taken up with bikes/kayaks etc, providing a basic platform that can be carry up to 60 kg and can be converted for many other uses with various accessories.

Increase the capacity of your load space by adding the Thule EasyBasket or Thule EasyBag.

If your roof is too full with bikes for a roof box, then add the Thule BackUp 900, or vice versa, if you have a roof box and need a bike carrier, you can convert your EasyBase to carry 1-3 bikes with a Thule EasyBike.

All options are available if you click on the EasyBase link above.

Bike Carrier Accessories

B&W wheel.bag

B&W wheel.bag

A well padded single wheel bag with a wide opening lockable zip and internal pockets. Holds 28" rims. Made from 420 D PVC backed high density nylon for strength and waterproofing, with double sewn and fully taped seams. Exterior: 70.0 diameter x 5.0 (W) cm

THULE artificial cross bar 982

Thule Artificial Cross-bars
from 22.50

>> Thule telescopic artificial cross-bar 981
>> Thule artificial cross-bar 982

Bikes need to be properly balanced on 'hang on' bike carriers. Strap On carriers in particular must not be twisted by unevenly balanced bikes. Use this artificial cross bar to solve the problem. It's essential for many ladies bikes, and increasingly required for modern mountain bikes with "non standard" frames which are too narrow to hook over the two arms of most 'hang on' and 'strap on' bike carriers. Attaches between the seat and handlebar posts. The 981 telescopes between 570 and 670 mm.

13 pin (rack) to 7 pin (car) adapter

13 pin (rack) to 7 pin (car) adapter

Converts your continental style plug for use with a standard 7 pin UK type socket.

New logo
B&W bike.tub - red

B&W bike.tub

>> bike.tub red
>> bike.tub black

Keeping your bike out of harm's way in the house, in a hotel room, in the car? Drop it, muddy wheels and all, into a bike.tub and pull the drawstring. Job done. Available in red or black.

B&W Top Box

B&W top.box

A locking pannier top box made from a modified styrene plastic - ideal for occasional shopping trips, short family bike rides. Fittings included, spare keys available.

THULE front wheel mount for forks 545-2

Thule Front Wheel Carrier 545-2 for fork mounts

This front wheel carrier fits both standard bars and T-track aerobars. It can be folded flat when not in use to minimise wind resistance and "for beauty's sake".

THULE 3rd brake light 9902

Thule 3rd Brake light 9902

The accessory for cars when the load and bike carrier cover the brake lights.

New logo
B&W bike.buddy

B&W bike.buddy

A complete bike tool kit in a top quality wheeled case with a telescopic handle, ideal for professionals, teams, bike mechanics on the move, ambitious amateurs. Top quality tools from Gedore and Parktool. A place for everything, and everything in its place.

Roof Bar Accessories


Thule Professional load stops 314

A functional load stop that keeps the load firmly in place and prevents it from sliding. With a grip-friendly lever for the easiest possible adjustment. With the handle opened the load stop can be slid to the desired position on the load bar; when closed it locks the load stop in position. 15 cm high and made of advanced, durable polymer.

THULE Standard Load Stops (9cm) 503 for square roofbars

Thule Standard Load Stops (9cm) 503 for square bars

Four sturdy and adjustable load stops to help hold awkward loads in place.

THULE high load stops

Thule High Load Stops
from 27.95

>> Thule High Load Stops (2 x 25cm) 502-1
>> Thule High Load Stops (4 x 25cm) 502

For square roof bars only.

THULE lockable ladder clamp

Thule Lockable Ladder Clamp 548
£39.95 Special Order Only

We don't stock this product as, frankly, traditional ladder clamps are quicker and easier to use.

FASTY strap winch

Fasty Strap Winch with load stop

The Strap Winch with its polyester buckle and load stop is designed for use on 32mm x 22mm roof bars, and is particularly useful for people who load and unload frequently. Often used for carrying surfboards!

The design is an ingenious one. You load directly against the accompanying load stop, providing quick and easy loading, and no need to tie off the loose ends. The Strap Winch is very robustly made. All metal parts are galvanised and intended for constant use. It also features auto locking and a built in quick release function. Strap winch with polyester buckle and load stop. 25mm wide strap. Auto locking and quick release function. 1 complete piece - 200cm poly webbing, blue, 500kg

THULE strap winch 552

Thule Strap Winch 552 with load stops

A quick release strap winch and load stop in one. For square roof bars only. As with the straps shown below, this item is made for Thule by FASTY - see above and below.

THULE Roller 815

Thule Roller 815

The 815 has a roller mechanism which fits directly onto the roof bars, making it easier to load long objects onto the car roof. The roller is rubber coated for protection during loading.

THULE Nomad 834

Thule Nomad 834

Spacious bag in soft, waterproof material, with integrated straps for securing in a carrier basket or directly onto roof bars. When not in use, the bag simply folds up and packs away in it's special sack.

Luggage Straps and Locks

FASTY lashing and luggage straps

Fasty luggage and lashing straps

FASTY specialise in domestic and light commercial straps to 1000kg. The stock items are the 20mm and 25mm polypropelene straps - Allpack and Transport. There is also the Handy - a strap with a handle, A CPU holder, roof box hoist, strap winch (above), dog lead/moose puller and 'own brand' options.

THULE luggage straps

Thule luggage straps
from 9.50

>> Thule luggage straps 521 - 1 x 275cm
>> Thule luggage straps 522 - 1 x 400cm
>> Thule luggage straps 524 - 2 x 275cm
>> Thule luggage straps 523 - 2 x 400cm
>> Thule luggage straps 551 - 2 x 600cm

Sturdy, adjustable straps to help secure your load, with a tension strength of 300kg. (Don't use 'bungee' type straps to hold items on the car roof - it's potentially very dangerous!) FASTY makes these for Thule too.

ATERA locks

Atera Identical Locks

>> Atera identical locks x 4
>> Atera identical locks x 6
>> Atera identical locks x 8

4, 6 or 8 keyed alike locks and keys for 2, 3 or 4 carriers respectively. For use with Atera GIRO bike carriers or Atera NOVA ski carriers.

THULE same key locks

Thule 'same key' Locks
from 21.95

>> Thule same key locks 544 x 4
>> Thule same key locks 596 x 6
>> Thule same key locks 588 x 8

4, 6 or 8 keyed alike lock barrels with keys. If you are buying or have bought your Thule gear from us we'll provide as many 'One Key System' locks as you need for £10.00 - depending on what you are buying / have bought.

THULE cable lock 538

Thule Cable Lock 538

Strong steel plastic coated cable lock suitable for locking almost anything. Note that this is not part of the Thule 'One Key System'.

THULE 4 locking knobs

Thule 4 locking knobs 527 (for guttered roof bars)
from 39.95

A set of four matching locks and keys.

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