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Roof Bars

Roof Bars and Roof Rack Accessories

Welcome to our roof bars and racks accessories page. Here you will find a variety of items to enhance the purchase of your roof bars. Including load stops, ladder clamps, rollers, straps and locks.

Previously on this page you could also find our range of Roof Racks, Carrier Baskets and Load Nets. These items have moved to our Cargo Carrier Baskets page.

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:CRUZ eye-bolts (pair) no. 941-310
6.50RRP: 7.50Code: CR941310A View Details & Order
A pair of eye bolts to make it easier to restrain and secure your load.

Works with most T-track aluminium bars.

:CRUZ 10cm load stops for T-track aerobars (set of 4) no. 941-004
13.95RRP: 15.50Code: CR941004A View Details & Order

CRUZ load stops for the CRUZ commercial aluminium roof bars as well as most other T-track aluminium bars.

:Prorack Whispbar eye bolts (2) no. PR3077
14.95Code: PR3077 View Details & Order
Fits T-track aero bars.

Use with a strap to help restrain and secure just about anything

:Thule Professional adjustable eye bolts (2) no. 320
16.95RRP: 20.00Code: TU320A View Details & Order
Use these bolts with straps (sold separately) to help secure your load. Ideal for use with Thule Professional bars, or with SlideBars so you can still use the slide function when strapping gear to your bars.

Sold in sets of 2. Fits most T-track aluminium bars.

:Whispbar/Yakima 1145mm wear strips (pair)

These wear strips sit on top of the original rubber strips on Whispbar and Yakima bars. The extra thick padding gives your bars additional protection when you are loading and unloading your gear. Ideal if you need to carry ladders, wood etc. on your bars.

:Thule 15cm load stops (2) for Thule heavy-duty 'professional' or 'SlideBars' no. 314
21.50RRP: 25.00Code: TU314 View Details & Order

Robust and functional load stop that keeps the load firmly in place and prevents it from sliding.

Fits Whispar/Yakima bars as well as 'Thule heavy-duty professional' or 'SlideBars' bars only.

:Angle Brackets (x4) for Atera aluminium bars 089 037
28.50RRP: 28.50Code: AR089037 View Details & Order

9cm high steel load stops for Atera aluminium bars (won't fit other types or brands of bar).

Supplied as a set of four.

:Atera 18cm high load stops (set of 4) for Atera aluminium bars no. 089 036
34.95Code: AR089036 View Details & Order
  • 18cm high steel load stops, only for Atera aluminium bars
  • Supplied as a set of four
:Thule 9cm load stops (4) no. TU503
34.95RRP: 42.50Code: TU503 View Details & Order

Four sturdy and adjustable load stops to help hold awkward loads in place (for square bars only).

:Atera Roller for aluminium bars 082 310
49.95RRP: 50.00Code: AR082310 View Details & Order

This roller makes it easy to simply slide longer object onto the roof. It is a useful piece of kit to assist in the loading of longer objects such as ladders, boards, etc. It is also ideal to help load kayaks and surfboards.

:Rhino SafeClamp ladder clamps- 1 pair RAS21 - (RPA/RAS21)
55.95RRP: 70.80Code: RPA/RAS21a View Details & Order

The Rhino SafeClamp incorporates strength, speed, and style to provide a revolutionary ladder clamping system. Use of a composite beam structure and stainless steel anchor hook offers high strength whilst providing excellent corrosion resistance. Clamps around roof bars up to 40mm x 40mm square.

:Yakima Windshield wind deflector (102cm) no. 8005017
RRP: 61.50

A smart fairing that easily attaches to all the bars we sell to reduce wind noise and drag.

Available in four sizes.

:Thule strap winch with two load stops no. TU552 (Square bars only)
59.95RRP: 72.50Code: TU552 View Details & Order

A quick release strap winch and load stop in one (for square roof bars only).

:Thule 25cm high load stops (4) no. 502
79.95RRP: 97.50Code: TU502 View Details & Order

Four sturdy and adjustable load stops to help hold awkward loads in place (for square (32 X 22mm) roof bars only).

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