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Car Boot Liners

Fitting Carbox and Autoform liners and mats

Car Boot Liners and Boot Mats

Carbox and Autoform boot liners and mats (high or low - car or commercial) are basically fitted in the same way. Bend and slide into position as shown in pictures A, B & C. - right.Carbox high-sided car boot liners are pliable enough to be squeezed into saloon boots or past wheel arches.

Many competitors use ABS plastic which, being brittle, will crack if twisted. ABS products will usually therefore have lower sides to make them more manouverable. There is a suprising amount of science in what is essentially a very simple product!

Fitting Carbox Bootliners and Boot Mats

Carbox MPV Mats

MPV Mats

Carbox and Autoform MPV mats fit in much the same way as standard boot mats. The main difference is that MPV mats have areas to cut out to allow for the seats and seat variations in modern MPVs. It also has flexible edges around the door areas so you wont trip into or out of the vehicle.

Usually supplied in two parts - one for the second row of seats, another for the third - for added flexibility of fitting and cleaning.

Carbox XXL mat for Ford Galaxy, Volkswagen Sharan and  Seat Alhambra

Full length XXL MPV mat

JV Carbox now produce a full length, one piece XXL MPV mat especially for the Ford Galaxy, Volkswagen Sharan and Seat Alhambra (left). An outstanding product, and true best seller!

"one piece XXL MPV mat especially for the Ford Galaxy, Volkswagen Sharan and Seat Alhambra"

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