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Why do we sell it cheap?
Perhaps a customer has decided e.g. to have a different shape of box, or we've had goods damaged in transit, or there is ex show or ex review equipment to move on, or it's simply a matter of having too much stock for the time of year. We sell Bargains at very cheap prices, often less than cost if they're ex Hire or damaged. Each of these items is offered with the full guarantee as if it had been purchased new, unless we state otherwise.

Returned roof boxes are usually given a returns number and are described individually. All other items are given a general description of history / condition.

Roof box bargains

Brand new roof boxes

As well as some individual boxes being sold cheaper than normal, including many of our best sellers, there are several outstanding 'package deal' bargains, where we offer you whichever roof bars you need for your vehicle, (subject to availability) and a roof box, all for a fixed price. It's "First come first served" for these offers which all have limited availability. There's also a link to "Package Deals" from the menu bars on all the Roof boxes pages.

Returned boxes

Important note concerning our Returns policy on Returned boxes: It should be obvious that boxes being sold as "Returns" are very unlikely to be in "as new" condition, unless this is stated. We will of course do our best not to mis-represent the condition of any Returned boxes we sell.

All boxes of a particular model have the same price, i.e. check the Condition number to get the best deal.  We always send the best items first. The Condition number tells you the state of the box:
Condition 1 = Fit only for recycling,
Condition 10 = As good as when it left the factory.
Most boxes are in the region 5 to 8, with a number of minor scuffs and / or scratches - which is the condition of most boxes after being driven at speed up the motorway, or at the end of a family holiday. All boxes have been checked and are in good working order. Where there is more significant damage we will comment on these problems and photograph them if appropriate.

Our normal Terms and Conditions apply, including our normal Exchange Scheme rules. Note that if you do buy a Returned Box, and want to exchange it for another, it will be "pot luck" if the replacement box you want is available at the price you want. The bottom line is (as always) that we'll exchange once only, and we won't give refunds if you choose a cheaper box.

Roof bar bargains

Roof bars

Roof bars are specific to vehicles, so it doesn't make sense to show a full list without first selecting a vehicle. Please therefore use our vehicle finder to see what bars fit your car - any bargain items will be displayed on the relevant product pages.

Find roof bars for your car

Snow chains and AutoSock bargains

We have some overstocks which we're selling very cheaply while stocks last; there are links to these Bargains from the individual snow chain order pages.

Find snow chains for your car

Miscellaneous items