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Roof Box Recommendations

Looking for reassurance?... Can't decide?

If in doubt, please trust us with these Recommendations...

There's always a price / quality trade off when making recommendations. We only sell good quality roof boxes, so we're looking for the best overall value in each price range, with the boxes organised into their basic shapes - Narrow (to 67cm wide), Medium-width, Full-width (90cm or more).

There is such a difference in size and price between the shorter and longer full-width boxes that we've split these between Short Full-width, at the start of this list, and Long Full-width, at the end of this list.

A reminder that if you also want roof bars - you need these, and we have four superb brands to choose from - then be sure to choose the package deal version of the box you want; you'll save a lot of money and we'll supply everything you need.

We also have a 90 day exchange scheme. What this means is that if your box is not as suitable for your purposes as you thought it would be, we'll exchange it for a box of your choice - we'll pay the return carriage. The details of this unique scheme / guarantee are shown on our Terms & Conditions pages. The bottom line is that, subject to a bit of commercial common-sense, we'll go the extra mile to make sure that you're not left with a box you're not happy with. There should be no risks in buying a roof box from The Roof Box Company!

If you need to carry bikes as well, then using aluminium bars of average length (118cm or 120cm) will allow you to carry:

  • Narrow boxes - 3 bikes
  • Medium-width boxes - 2 bikes
  • Full-width boxes - 1 bike

Our recommendations are as follows:
All of the boxes listed below are top sellers, really good boxes. As you read through the list, you'll see that we've highlighted one or two boxes in each category. The idea here is to help you narrow the choice quickly, if you're feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the choice on offer. These boxes carry our particularly strong recommendation; you can order them with confidence that you're making a good decision.

Short Full-Width boxes

Hapro Roady 3300 (142 x 79 x 41cm):
A lot of box for only 164.95 or with roof bars from only 204.95 - good looking, rear-opening, Master-Fit gripper roof bar fittings.

Hapro Roady 4000 (149 x 98 x 42cm):
A really pleasing looking side opening box; only 229.95 or 269.95 with roof bars. We wanted a really smart, modern design, good quality box that's definitely much better value (value = better quality and more features for a similar price) than competitor boxes, and Hapro agreed to make this one for us in left opening format and anthracite black.

Narrow boxes

KAMEI Husky M (220 x 60 x 36cm):
Our first choice long and narrow box, left hand opening, in black, with space for two or three bike carriers. 214.95 or starting at 254.95 with roof bars.

Thule Motion XT Sport (190 x 63 x 39cm):
A gloss black mid-length box, 374.95. Dual side is definitely not important with narrow boxes - they really need to be mounted on one side of the car or the other; this one is right hand opening.

Medium boxes

Mid-length boxes

KAMEI Husky L (190 x 75 x 38cm):
219.95 in silver, 219.95 in black, available with roof bars from 254.95 in silver, 254.95 in black. A really good looking and easy to use left hand opening box.

Hapro Traxer 5.6 (177 x 77 x 42cm):
A dual side opening mid-length box that does everything really well, better quality than the Thule Motion XT series, with similar features, and quite a bit cheaper. Very differently styled as well. 284.95 in silver, 264.95 in black, available with roof bars from 324.95 for the silver box, 299.95 for the black one.

KAMEI Delphin 340 (190 x 75 x 40cm):
264.95 in a scratch-resistant silver, 294.95 in gloss black, available with roof bars from 294.95 in silver, 294.95 in black. These boxes have been around a while but stand the test of time for good looks, reliability, premium quality materials, value.

Hapro Traxer 6.6 (191 x 81 x 42cm):
As the Traxer 5.6 above. Great boxes, available in silver, anthracite black, or white, with roof bar packages also available

KAMEI Corvara S 390 (190 x 75 x 43cm):
Premium quality in every area. Very handsome boxes. Their particularly low-profile ClickFix fitting system means that they can only be fitted to T-track aluminium bars.

Longer boxes, still Medium-width, with bigger capacity:

KAMEI Delphin 470 (230 x 75 x 40cm):
Premium quality. A full-length gloss black left-side opening box which has stood the test of time for reliability, ease of use and enduring good looks. 374.95 or starting from 393.95 with roof bars.

KAMEI Corvara S 475
A longer version of the Corvara S 390 shown above; a very popular box over several years and, like the Delphin 470, a big family load hauler.

Long Full-width boxes

The Best Box

What in our view is the overall Best roof box on the market today?

The Packline NX series are the best quality, most innovative boxes we know about; they are beautifully made, distinctively different, really good looking. Other brands' premium boxes are really just differently-styled versions of their cheaper ranges.

The runner up prize goes to a no-frills box which continues to impress with its quality, reliability, and ease of use, but also its individuality and all round smartness - the KAMEI Delphin 470.

90 Day Exchange Scheme Manufacturing a Roof Box
Customer Feedback

Going camping?
We believe our Family roofboxes will suit your needs.

Roofbox + Roof Bars = Package Deals, from just £149.95


Boxes are bulky items so the ideal place to store them is above your car in the garage, or in a shed. Many people will leave the box attached to the bars, and also use the box for storage. If you don't want a box hoist we're offering an alternative useful item (of lower value).

Roof box brands

More on the brands we sell and what makes them special

Calix roof boxes

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INNO roof boxes

KAMEI roof boxes

PACKLINE roof boxes

Thule roof boxes

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