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Spikes-Spider hire package (13 days hire at basic price)

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Register your interest in hiring a pair of Spikes Spiders. See 'Description' below.

This page allows you to register your interest in hiring a pair of Spikes Spiders.

This is how our chain hire system works:

  • Leave a note in the 'Order comments' section of the order form at the checkout to confirm: 1. Your tyre size; 2. Your wheel nut size (in mm, this measurement will be 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 22mm, or 24mm; check with a socket set if you are unsure); 3. The start date of the hire period.
  • We'll deliver the chains to you in good time.
  • If we receive the chains back here within 13 days of the start of the Hire period there will be no extra charges.
  • Note 1: The Hire starts on the day you leave home at the start of your holiday. Note 2: All days, including Bank Holidays, count as "days".
  • Shipping the chains back to us needs to be arranged yourself ASAP after you return, at your expense; use a "To be signed for" service from e.g. your firm's normal courier or the post office.
  • We provide return packaging and, of course, full details of what's required.
  • When the Spiders are back here we'll refund the deposit, less any extra days which are charged at 5.00 a day.
  • Normal carriage terms and conditions apply to e.g. Highland and "over the water" destinations - details on order pages.
  • We always charge the deposit shown, even if you do untick the "Order deposit" box!
  • If the chains aren't back here within 73 days we will charge you an extra 100 and you should keep them! Contact us if you want a hire deal longer than 60 days.
  • Example: You are away for 2 weeks, leaving home on Friday (Day 1) to be in the resort on the Saturday. You get home on a Sunday (Day 17), and the chains are back here on Wednesday (Day 20). The total Hire charge will be 79.95 + 7 extra days = 114.95.

Please therefore order as normal, if we require any additional information we will contact you.

Spikes-Spiders use a combination of studs and chains to provide essential extra traction on snow, grass or sand. These "SPORT" chains are suitable for vehicles up to 3 tonnes, including motorhomes - if your vehicle is heavier than this, please let us know.

Fitting is very quick and easy:

  • Fit a Spikes-Spider mounting plate to each driving wheel before you leave home.
  • When needed, take the Spiders out of their carrying case, push the chain over the top and sides of the tyre, leaving the green section sitting against the wall of the tyre at ground level - see left hand picture.
  • Lock the Spider to its mounting plate with the locking plate.
  • Do the same on the other side, get back in the car, and slowly drive off. The green sections will wind onto the tyres automatically.

Removing the Spiders is equally simple:

  • Take off the locking plates, pull the Spiders off the top and sides of the tyres, drive forward and they'll fall onto the road.
  • Give them a shake to remove any snow or slush and put them back in their carrying case.

Fitting time shouldn't be more than 30 seconds a side, and with practice you'll get it down to 15 seconds a side!

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Core components:
Chain hire: £79.95 (rrp. )
Hire deposit: £150.00 (rrp. )
Safety accessories: £17.95 (rrp. )
Safety stuff: £14.95 (rrp. )
Winter driving stuff: £4.95 (rrp. )
Winter driving stuff: £2.95 (rrp. )
Safety accessories: £2.50 (rrp. )
Safety accessories: £1.50 (rrp. )
Winter driving stuff: £3.95 (rrp. )
Winter driving stuff: £7.50 (rrp. )
Winter driving stuff: £9.95 (rrp. )
Winter driving stuff: £44.95 (rrp. £50.00)
Safety accessories: £6.25 (rrp. )
Winter driving stuff: £2.95 (rrp. )
Winter driving stuff: £3.95 (rrp. )
Winter driving stuff: £7.50 (rrp. )
Safety stuff: £24.95 (rrp. £28.00)
Safety stuff: £24.95 (rrp. £28.00)

All our prices include VAT at 20% Total: £229.95