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Atera Roof Bars

Assembled and ready to go.

Atera is the best of the German roof rack manufacturers.  Most of their roof bars and accessories business is with the car manufacturers, where major customers include Audi, BMW, Daewoo, Chrysler, Fiat, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Subaru, Suzuki, Vauxhall and Volkswagen. Their own branded SIGNO AS and SIGNO ASR roof bars are beautifully made, stylish, pre-assembled and ready to fit, with a recessed and splined tensioning bolt which provides a much more secure locking system than a conventional keyed lock barrel.  The tensioning key can be twirled with your index finger, making these bars particularly quick to fit.

Atera’s SIGNO ASR roofbars are our recommended option for longitudinal roof rails, also winners of the last Auto Express roof bars test.

"A good compromise between quality, price, and fitting earns these rail-fit bars our Best Buy award." Auto Express

They are very quick to fit, present a particularly low profile - only 40mm from the centre of the rail to the top of the roof bar - and can even be adjusted to fit wide roof rails, up to 55mm diameter, saving you the costs of buying a new 'wide rail Foot Pack'.  Longer or shorter bars are available should you change to a wider or narrower vehicle.

ATERA integrated locks on Signo roof bars

ATERA integrated locks on Signo roof bars

Atera’s SIGNO AS and SIGNO ASR roof bars have integrated locks for extra security (pictured above).

All Atera bars are available in plastic coated galvanized steel (32mm x 22mm) or with aluminium 'T-track' aerobars (58mm x 28mm with standard slots for 20 x 20mm adapters).

Go straight to our Roof bars finder to find out "Which Atera roof bars fit my car?"

ATERA SIGNO AS roof bars/roof racks


The Roof Box Company: Atera SIGNO ASR roof bar

The image above shows details of the Atera SIGNO AS bars used on flush mounted roof rails.  Note that the slots in the base of the roof bar are supplied with rubber infills to minimise air intake / roof bar noise, and that these rubber strips are already fitted.  Atera bars are supplied ready to fit - you'd just place them on the flush rails and turn the key tool shown in this picture to fasten them on.

ATERA SIGNO ASR roof bars/roof racks


The Roof Box Company: Atera SIGNO ASR roof bar

These bars are really quick to fit.  The first time you use them you'll set the feet for the distance between the roof rails and then tighten them onto the bars with an Allen key.  From then on just place the bars on the rails and take up the slack on the clamping foot by twirling the key lock with one finger before giving each one a couple of proper final tightening turns.  With other systems you need to keep moving from one side of the car to the other, gradually tightening the feet, because otherwise you'll soon have more bar sticking out on one side of the car than the other.

ATERA SIGNO ASR wide-setting roof bars/roof racks

Atera SIGNO ASR on the wide setting

Atera logo

Atera SIGNO AS roof bars/roof racks for gutterless cars

Atera SIGNO ASF 'Fixpoint' roof bars/roofracks

Atera SIGNO ASR roof bars/roofracks for longitudinal rails

From left to right: Atera SIGNO AS for gutterless cars; Atera SIGNO ASF 'Fixpoint';
Atera SIGNO ASR for longitudinal rails.

Click on the magnifying glass logo, wherever you see it, to find out which products have been specifically approved for use on your vehicle.

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Atera Roof Bars

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Whispbar Roof Bars

Experience the Whispbar in action

Prorack engineers built a mini wind tunnel for the Frankfurt Automechanika trade fair in September 2008, capable of generating wind speeds up to 160 km/h. A range of standard European roof bar profiles were compared to the Prorack Whispbar, and the results were graphed. They’re compelling.

VAN-RACKS is our sister company dedicated to supplying commercial and heavy duty users with roof bar systems, roof racks and other accessories for their vans.

VAN-RACKS is our sister company dedicated to supplying commercial and heavy duty users with roof bar systems, roof racks and other accessories for their vans.

VAN-RACKS is the part of our business which supplies heavy duty ladder bars, roof racks, pipe carriers, bulk heads and other accessories for light commercial vans.  We supply the full range of CRUZ commercial, Rhino, Saunders and Thule Professional.

"Which bits of my Thule roof bars can I reuse?"

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