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KAMEI 510 Auto Express 2016 and 2014 Best Buy
Atera Hapro Inno Kamei Karrite Thule Yakima

Roof Boxes

We have the biggest range of roof boxes in the UK something to fit all budgets. So how do you decide which roof box to buy?

Start by choosing a shape:
Short Wide Short Wide from £124.95
Long Wide Long Wide from £314.95
Medium Wide Medium Wide / Family from £219.95
Narrow Narrow from £214.95
Our unique 90 days exchange scheme
Allows you the opportunity of using a roof box and then switching for another if, on reflection, the first one is not right for you; we’ll pick up the return freight costs. A roof box is a substantial purchase, both in its size and in its cost, so we aim to remove the risk of buying the wrong one. Our bottom line is that we don't want to leave you with a box you're not happy with. See our Terms & Conditions for details.
How to decide

Budget is also important but bear in mind that a roof box should be expected to last for many family holidays and weekends away; it should give many years of solid and reliable service. We don’t stock any of the really cheap boxes because there are real doubts about their safety and build quality.

Deciding which roof box to buy depends more than anything else on what shape of box you want. The shape you go for should depend on whether you need to leave space on the roof bars for other items (typically bike carriers) and of course whether you have particularly long items to carry, e.g. skis. Use our 360° roof box size tool to help you choose the most suitable range

Roof Box basics
  • Roof boxes are fitted to roof bars going across the car
  • Any box can be fitted to any car, within reason
  • Do you want to leave roof bar space for bike racks?
Thinking and deciding
Why buy from us?

If you're feeling spoilt for choice, and can't decide, or are short of time and just want an outstanding deal, then choose one of our package deals - a top quality KAMEI roof box, a set of locking Atera, CRUZ, Thule or Whispbar roof bars, and a roof box hoist or other free gift. We'll provide everything you need for a fixed price, whatever your vehicle! For those on a tighter budget, there are also Karrite Odyssey 325, Hapro Roady 350, Hapro Roady 422 and Thule Ranger 90 package deals.

Our package deals include all our favourite boxes, and our overall “Best box”. Roof boxes in package deals are also part of the exchange scheme so, for many customers, package deals are definitely the way to go.

Our Roof Box List shows our whole roof box range in a complete list, organised by shape, with links to all the boxes.

A summary of how to find the right box:

  • Choose by shape, then use the filter boxes to reduce the choice, for example by choosing a colour – most boxes are available in black or in silver. Package deal boxes are clearly identified.
  • If you already know which brand of box you want, filter by brand or choose the brand from the right hand column.
  • Our Buying Guide will tell you which features really make a difference.
  • Some boxes are better than others; check out our Recommendations.

KAMEI 510 - Auto Express Best Buy Roof Box 2014 and 2016

Auto Express roof box test 2016

Auto Express have given their Best Buy award to a KAMEI box for the seventh time in a row: 1st Prize to the KAMEI 510, 2nd Prize to the Kamei Corvara S 390 and 3rd Prize to the Hapro Traxer 6.6.

By common consent KAMEI (Germany) makes the best quality and best engineered boxes on the market; they never go wrong, and they keep on looking good well beyond their 6 year guarantee period. KAMEI's "pull to shut" central locking system genuinely makes a massive difference to real world usefulness and customer satisfaction – we reckon this was the most fundamental change in roof box design in the last ten years. Their Delphin range of boxes is still the most robust, most secure, most waterproof range of roofboxes on the market, very easy to live with. If you want a Delphin box, and you also need a set of roof bars, check out our roof box and roof bar package deals

INNO Shadow roof box

INNO boxes now in the UK!

We are delighted to have a range of INNO boxes in stock. INNO is Japan’s market leader in our sector, by a long way, working closely with the Japanese car manufacturers as well as having their own branded products.

Their ‘Shadow’ roofbox range is technically right out at the front, with their “Just pull shut to lock” dual side locking system, and their “Memory Mount” box to bars fitting system. Their “SPM” manufacturing system combines injection moulding technology with press forming to produce bases which, weight for weight, are claimed to be 50% stronger than standard vacuum formed bases.

If you want a very rare, good looking box of exceptional quality, check out the INNO range!

The Roof Box Company: KARRITE/Kar Rite Odyssey 320 roof box

Best budget box?

The rear opening Hapro Roady boxes are better quality than the Karrite Odysseys, but are slightly more expensive. The Roady 350 silver or Roady 350 black are (£139.95). But the Odyssey 325 (£104.95) shown above, is also well made and good value. All these boxes are available as package deals with roof bars.

The Roof Box Company: THULE Ranger 90 (6011) fabric box / bag ZOOM: Thule Ranger 90 roof bag/roofbox (TU6011) The Roof Box Company: THULE Ranger 90 (6011) fabric box / bag

Thule's fabric Ranger 90

Thule's fabric 340 litre Ranger 90 roof bag no. 6011 (£224.95) is ideal for people who have limited storage space. It weighs 7kg and rolls up to only 120cm long by 27cm diameter. It’s easy to fit and to load because the whole top unzips, but the downside is the lack of security. It's also available as a package deal with CRUZ bars.

The Roof Box Company: 2 KAMEI Delphin 470 roof boxes

Double the space!

If you want huge capacity but also maximum flexibility you should give serious thought to using 2 boxes. Handling and storage is much easier and e.g. you’d only fit one of them if you also need to carry bikes, or a kayak. One for wet and dirty gear, one for dry and clean gear?

Going camping?
We believe our family roof boxes will suit your needs
Customer Feedback

360 roof box tool

Free roof box lift

“[Free] Fasty Box Lift arrived safely - reversed car into the garage, screwed brackets into joist and hey presto - the box and rack are safely stored. Great product!” - Adrian

Manufacturing a Roof Box

Roof box brands

More on the brands we sell and what makes them special

Calix roof boxes

Hapro roof boxes

INNO roof boxes

KAMEI roof boxes

Thule roof boxes

Whispbar roof boxes

Roof Box/Roofbox List at The Roof Box Company

Quick roof box links

Click on these links to jump to parts of the roof boxes product range...
Short Wide roofboxes
Medium/Family roof boxes
Narrow roof boxes
Long Wide roofboxes
For maximum capacity - 2 boxes!

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