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Roof boxes/Roof box/Cargo carriers at The Roof Box Company (www.roofbox.co.uk), the UK's leading mail order supplier of car roof boxes from Thule, KAMEI, Atera, Autoform and Karrite. Also Prorack Whispbar roof bars, Thule roof racks and other accessories for sale or rental.

Roof Boxes: Long Thin Roof Boxes

Long Thin boxes tend to be too narrow for general family use - Long Medium-Wide boxes have a lot more capacity - but if you want to carry e.g. a box and three bikes on the roof (or a box and two bikes without having to cram everything on) then they're just what you need.

Our favourites in this sector:The KAMEI Husky M is always popular and would be an excellent budget choice. The Thule Motion XT Sport is almost Medium-Long Thin, it's a great choice if you preferred a slightly shorter box.

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:KAMEI Husky M black roof box LEFT side opening no. KM321 (0 81321 01)
214.95RRP: 245.00Code: KM321 View Details & Order
  • 220 x 60 x 36cm, 300 litres. Weight 14kg, max load 50kg
  • A good sized box for people who also need to carry two or even three bikes or a kayak on the roof (depending on the length and style of your bars)
  • Top quality German engineering and safety at a budget price
our rating: 5 star Our rating
:Thule Ranger 500 fabric box / bag no. 6035
254.95RRP: 300.00Code: TU6035 View Details & Order

  • 190 x 50 x 30cm, 300 litres. Weight 10kg, max load 50kg
  • Designed for people without home storage space - you roll it up when it's not in use.
our rating: 3 star Our rating
:Thule Motion XT Sport gloss black roof box no. 629601
384.95RRP: 410.00Code: TU6296B View Details & Order

  • 189cm x 67.6cm x 43cm, 300 litres. Weight 16kg, max load 75kg
  • Dual-side opening makes loading the box easier

our rating: 4 star Our rating
:2 box deal: KAMEI Husky M x 2 (KM321 + KM322)
399.95RRP: 490.00Code: KM321322L View Details & Order

  • 600 litres total. Each box: 220 x 60 x 36cm
  • One box opens on the left hand (passenger) side and the other opens on the right (drivers) side.
  • Buy these 2 boxes and get a massive 600 litres of premium roof box capacity, with maximum flexibility for carrying other items as circumstances change.

All our prices include VAT at 20%

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