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We are sorry that we cannot accept visitors. We are a mail order business only, and do not have a showroom or a shop. Due to the need to protect our workforce we must not accept visitors at this time. Thank you!

We can be contacted in all the usual ways, but please note that the demand for car racks this year is unprecedented, huge, due to more people ordering online, and more people driving to UK holiday destinations. We are lucky to be so busy, but at the moment we cannot answer every phone call, or answer every e-mail or ticket on the day it's received. All our staff are keen to do their best, and are working very long hours, but there are not enough hours! Please be patient.

In particular, and especially because some of our staff are working from home, answering only written requests, please only contact us in one way or the other. In other words, if you e-mail but also phone, and then we research an answer to an e-mail and write a reply, only to find that you dealt with the matter by phone, it's not an efficient use of our time.

We ask that, where appropriate, you check the link on your confirmation e-mail for the latest status of your order.

We know that we have a significant number of back orders to deal with, and are working to get these products out to our customers ASAP. It is unfortunate that our supply chains are also struggling, with deliveries not happening as planned, often both late and short of the expected stock. We will do the best we can to help as many of you as possible, as soon as possible. Thank you!