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Citroen C3 XTR five door (2004 to 2010)

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>> Thule roof bars:

Citroen C3 XTR five door (2004 to 2010) :Thule roof bars package - 757, 769
Thule roof bars package
  • A top quality modular system - all the parts you need for the steel bars have been chosen for you on the next page
  • This is the price for the steel bars, but you can upgrade to aluminium bars - choose from the list on the next page
  • The full range of Thule bar options is shown on the next page
  • Package deal customers: We have already separated the steel bars from the aluminium bars, and are showing all available package deal options
from £117.15
Code: TU_757_769

>> Whispbar aluminium through bars:

Citroen C3 XTR five door (2004 to 2010) :Whispbar roof bars package - S17 bars with K328 kit
Whispbar aluminium through bars
  • These are the quietest roof bars on the planet…
  • …because they have the lowest drag
  • Fuel efficiency + silence = leave the bars in place
  • Handsome styling = leave the bars in place
  • Outstanding long term value, thanks to SmartFoot. Use the same bars on all vehicle roof types, from plain roofs to raised roof rails
  • SmartFill keeps the T-tracks closed and saves a lot of effort
  • Through bars allow you to maximise your load carrying space

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from £179.95
Code: PR_K328_S17_02

>> Thule roof bars:

Citroen C3 XTR five door (2004 to 2010) :Thule roof bars package - 9585
Thule WingBar Edge
with roof rails
  • Designed to integrate really well with the car roof
  • Wind-tunnel tested to give superb aerodynamics and to reduce wind noise
  • You do lose some load carrying space because the bars don’t stick out beyond the feet
from £236.95
Code: TU_9585

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