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Micro Protective Waterproof Cases

Micro protective waterproof cases will keep all of your small belongings safe and dry. Wherever you go: to the beach, mountain, offshore refinery or any activity outside, you can rely on these small cases. Tough and watertight, with this case you will be able to protect your mobile phone, PDA, camera, glasses, passport and papers and all the small stuff that is extremely important to you.

You can choose your favourite colour. Most protective waterproof cases are available in a range of solid or transparent colours. Optional Pick 'N' Pluck foam can be customised in the Peli Micro protective waterproof case for total protection of your belongings. This can be found as an option when you place your order. Foam inserts are also available for the B&W outdoor.cases

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:B&W outdoor.case, Type 200, black+ transparent, no. 200/BT
RRP: £19.95

  • Internal dimensions: 138 L x 77 W x 19mm H.
  • External dimensions: 151 L x 106 W x 35mm H.
  • Weight: approx. 0.17 kg.

:B&W outdoor.case, Type 500, empty,  black, no. 500/B
from £20.95
RRP: £20.95

  • Internal: 203 L x 143 W x 78.5mm H.
  • External: 228 L x 182 W x 92mm H.
  • Weight approx. 0.5 kg.

:B&W xs.case, black retro, no. 2.2000/OS
RRP: £28.95

  • Internal: 120 L x 75 W x 45mm H.
  • External: 150 L x 86 W x 50mm H.
  • Base depth: 25mm, Lid depth: 25mm.
  • Ideal for Digital Cameras, PDAs, Mobile Phones and MP3-Players.

:Peli 1010 Micro Case - blue with black liner, no. PL1010-005-120
RRP: £26.00

:Peli 1015 Micro Case - black with black liner, no. PL1015-005-110
RRP: £26.00

:Peli 1020 Micro Case - black with black liner, no. PL1020-005-110
RRP: £26.03

:Peli 1030 Micro Case - black with black liner, no. PL1030-005-110
RRP: £27.54

:Peli 1040 Micro Case - black with black liner, no. PL1040-005-110
RRP: £29.04

:Peli 1050 Micro Case - black with black liner, no. PL1050-005-110
RRP: £31.04

:Peli i1015 iPhone™ & iPOD touch® case Black with black liner, no. PL1015-015-110
RRP: £46.60

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