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Bike cases, boxes and bags

Bike Box Hire

Make sure your bike is secure and protected when travelling

Why pay over the odds to rent an inferior bike on holiday? Take your own bike and hire a B&W box or case to get it there safely. The B&W bike boxes and cases are designed specifically to make sure your bike gets the ultimate protection during transit, so you can rest assured your bike will arrive in perfect condition.

We will deliver direct to your door a few days before your holiday so you have plenty of time to pack and avoid any last minute panic. When you return from your trip, just give us a call and we will arrange a convenient time to collect, it's as simple as that!

Choose between either the B&W Bike box or the bigger B&W Bike case:

B&W International of Germany is a premier manufacturer of equipment cases for industry, and has been developing its range of bike cases for the last fifteen years. As supplier to several national teams, they've had plenty of feedback. There's no compromise on quality - their hard cases have robust inline skate wheels, reinforced axles, integrated tensioning belts and burst proof locks.

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B&W Bike Box

From 50 a week

Bike Box Hire


  • External 1150 x 870 x 295mm
  • Internal 1080 x 780 x 250mm
  • Weight 9.9kg


  • Will accommodate frames to 62cm
  • 4 flush fitting locks in the aluminium frame
  • Fork distance keepers and foam padding for key components
  • Moulded design for stacking multiple cases - useful for clubs and teams

Packing a bike box pdf (1.6mb) Download pdf

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more details and booking

B&W Bike Case

From 60 a week

Bike Case Hire


  • External 1280 x 800 x 345 mm
  • Internal 1255 x 850 x 320 mm
  • Weight 14kg


  • Probably the fastest box on the market to pack.
  • Will accommodate all frame sizes, including downhill frames.
  • Unique anti-shock aluminum frame holds the bike frame very securely; it has adapters to cover almost all axle types
  • As well as the four wheels, it also has a fifth centre wheel to support heavier loads
  • Lots of handles for pulling and lifting
  • 3 flush fitting locks in the top of the aluminium frame
  • 2 butterfly locks on the side of the case
  • Two padded wheel bags
  • Moulded design for stacking multiple cases - useful for clubs and teams

How to fit a bike in a bike case pdf (7mb) Download pdf

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