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Pet Tube

The Pet Tube pet carrier follows the ideal set by the Dog Bag of a lightweight but super-strong fabric kennel, but instead comes in a useful tube shape.

This is a cheaper solution, ideal for saloon cars and when space is at a premium - it folds flat and is zipped shut when not in use. Available in Small and Large sizes, the Large size includes velcro straps to hold it at either 2/3 length or 1/2 length (shown below) - ideal if you want to free up passenger seat space, and don't need to use your Pet Tube at full length.

Pet Tube is a portable 'home from home', and should soon become a relatively stress free and snug refuge, a shady place to sleep when in the car or in the garden - the mesh acts as a good sun blocker against harmful UV radiation.

Pet Tube uses integrated sprung steel loops to provide structure and stability. Its Heavy Duty Fabric is completely waterproof and scratchproof, and even keeps its easily-folding properties to -25 degrees C!

Pet Tube Small and Large
Pet Tube Small
40 x 40cm, 1.6kg
e.g. Terrier/cats
Pet Tube Large
60 x 120cm, 3.6kg
e.g. Labrador
Pet Tube Features

Features of the Pet Tube dog carrier

Pet Tube features include:
  • Integrated sprung steel loops to provide structure and stability
  • Made from waterproof Heavy Duty Fabric
  • Folds flat (concertinas)
  • Pet Tube Large can be fitted to the rear seats in full length form, or as a one third or two third size. This allows a passenger to sit in the rear as well as your pet.
  • Pet Tube Small comfortably fits onto the front passenger seat or rear seat.

Pet Tube Large

Pet Tube Large full length

Pet Tube Large - 2/3 size

Pet Tube Large 2/3rd length

Pet Tube Small

Pet Tube Small

Pet Tube folds flat! The Pet Tube folds flat, in concertina fashion. An extra storage zip keeps it closed, leaving you with a flat round bag that will fit easily into large car pockets or flat in the boot.

Pet Tube Accessories

Two accessories are available for the Pet Tube. A Carry Handle and a Comfort Pillow, see below.

Pet Tube Small Carry Handle


This strong, easy-to-use accessory attaches to the fixing points on the top of the Small Pet Tube. It is great for making trips to the vets a whole load easier for both you and your pet.

Small Carry Handle

Pet Tube pet carrier Comfort Pillow accessory

Pet Tube Comfort Pillow

Small: 15.95  /  Large: 34.95

This provides a comfortable, level base to keep your dog safe and secure whilst it is in the Pet Tube. It is particularly useful for longer journeys on the back seat. It now features a removable outer cover so you can easily keep it fresh and clean. It utilises the Velcro fixing inside the Pet Tube to keep it fixed firmly in place.

Pet Tube Comfort Pillow 'Small'   Pet Tube Comfort Pillow 'Large'

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