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Travel accessories

Get the most from your travel adventure with these useful accessories

In this section you'll find a selection of top quality products available from the Roof Box Company. The range has been specifically selected with the needs of those driving on the continent in mind. Please, in addition to browsing below, be sure to find out the legal requirements for driving accessories throughout Europe.


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:Walser reflective safety vest, childs' size S, yellow, 43035
1.50Code: WL43035 View Details & Order

Wearing a reflective safety vest whilst outside during the winter months is a very good idea, and the best way to be seen at night. Available in yellow with orange trim, conforms to EU Standard EN 1150.

:Walser reflective safety vest, adults' yellow, 43998
2.50Code: WL43998 View Details & Order

Having a reflective safety vest in your car over the winter months is a very good idea, and the best way to be seen at night. Available in yellow, conforms to EU Standard BS EN 471.

:Walser Blacky back of seat protector, 12298
2.95Code: WL12298 View Details & Order

Protects the back of your seat from dirt, scuffs and wear. Just the thing for muddy feet.

:Windscreen protector for ice, snow and sun (standard)
from 2.95

Save time and cold hands by fitting this windscreen protector if there's a forecast for frost or snow.

:BILLAT Chamonix gloved ice scraper no. GD017
3.95Code: GD017 View Details & Order

This ice scraper, with a fleece lined mitt, makes clearing your windscreen a little bit more comfortable.

It's waterproof and an elasticated cuff stops snow and ice getting inside the glove.

:KAMEI flower vase inc rose, non-breaking, 64155
5.95RRP: 5.95Code: KM64155 View Details & Order

The original car accessory as invented by Kamei in 1958 for their Volkswagen Beetle show car. The current version is made of non-breaking acrylic fibre in pale silver, with a rose.

:Metro "Super Beam Benders" (clear) - LG016
6.50Code: LG016 View Details & Order

Unique patented headlamp converters for continental driving. BEAM BENDERS redirect the beam and do not block out the light. Self-adhesive. One size fits most vehicles.

:BILLAT 45cm snow brush no. 23110
7.50Code: GD069 View Details & Order

You ought to clear the snow off the roof of your vehicle, as well as off the glass. If you don't then the whole lot may slide forward, once the metal roof has warmed up, and cover the windscreen. Not good! This is ideal for the job, with non-scratch bristles and 45cm wooden handle.

:BILLAT long handled ice scraper no. GD016
7.50Code: GD016 View Details & Order
  • A top quality wide blade heavy-duty ice scraper, designed to give the reach required to clear van and SUV windscreens
  • Lightweight aluminium shaft, insulated soft grip handle
:Walser Blacky XL back of seat protector, 12545
7.95Code: WL12545 View Details & Order

Protects the back of your seat from dirt, scuffs and wear. Just the thing for muddy feet.

XL size suitable for all vehicles - including larger seats and single seats in vans.

:Walser seat mounting Cooler Bag, blue, 30088
9.95Code: WL30088 View Details & Order

This multi-purpose cool bag is an ideal travel companion.

It can be used as an organiser on the back of the seats. It has four handy mesh pockets as well as a larger insulated compartment that is ideal for keeping cold drinks and snacks cool in the car.

:Walser travel coat hanger, headrest mounting, 30085
9.95Code: WL30085 View Details & Order

The Walser Car Coat Hanger mounts to the headrest in seconds and allows you to keep your clothes crease free whilst you are travelling. Ideal for business and other uses.

:BILLAT telescopic snow shovel with icebreaker blade - GD067
9.95Code: GD067 View Details & Order

It makes sense to keep a small shovel in your car so it's there when you need it. This one is strong enough to do the job, small enough to be hidden away when not in use. Superb value for money.

:Walser travel blanket 120 x 136cm, Wilderness, 30768
12.95Code: WL30768 View Details & Order

A comfortable travel blanket with a water-repellent backing to protect you from damp ground. Folds together and has a handy carrying handle.

Keep one in the car, ideal for travelling, picnics, camping trips........

:RUD Quick Step shoe chains (1 pair) no. 54000
13.95RRP: 16.00Code: RD54000 View Details & Order

RUD's Quick Step shoe chain is the simplest and cheapest, but it still makes a massive difference between slipping and walking! All you need to do is to pull the superlastic loops over your shoe (small loop over the toe, large loop over the heel) and off you go!... One chain fits all shoe sizes.

:Maypole 3 tonne tow rope no. SF033
14.95Code: SF033 View Details & Order

This Maypole 3 tonne tow rope starts at 1.8m and stretches to 3.8m, eliminating snatching. Its drop forged hooks make it quick, clean and easy to use - there's no need to grovel around under the car looking for places to tie on or loop through. Just clip it into your towing eye, front or back. It's basically a big bungee cord, covered in a strong, multi-coloured sleeve.

:Walser seat organiser with removable tablet holder, 26147
14.95Code: WL26147 View Details & Order

Keep backseat passengers entertained as well as your car tidy. This seat organiser with a removable tablet holder is an ideal travel companion.

Fits all common tablets up to 10", including iPads. .

:VERIGA City Track shoe chains, black, XL (45 to 48, UK 10.5 to 13)(order 2)
from 15.00

These are well designed shoe chains, sold in pairs. The ice studs make an important difference when walking on iced-over pavements and compacted snow. The stretchy bit is silicone, not rubber, a very important feature as it's the rubber in shoe chains that tends to perish long before the metalwork wears out.

:Petzl Tikkina head torch, electric blue, no. LG009
17.95Code: LG009 View Details & Order

A very practical and easy-to-use head torch with three lighting levels, perfect for almost all your lighting needs. If you've never used a headtorch before you'll be amazed at what a difference they make.

:Thule SkiClick bag no. 7294
18.95RRP: 21.00Code: TU7294 View Details & Order

An easy to carry bag for cross country skis that also protects the bindings.

:KAMEI Car Coat Hanger 'Kleiderbugel' chrome, 64142
19.95Code: KM64142 View Details & Order

A KAMEI Coat Hanger guarantees more comfort on holiday or on your business trip. Your jackets, suits etc. are kept in shape and crease-free. Universal fitting for many cars with 4 or 5 doors thanks to the simple clamp fastening on the head-rest rods. Available in chrome, or steel (powder black coated).

:Joubert EzyShoes Walk, size L (UK 6.5 to 10) no. SF003

  • EzyShoes Walk are ideal anti-skid overshoes for anyone who needs to walk safely on ice, snow or mud
  • Lightweight and comes in a handy storage pouch
  • Available in sizes 13 (infant) to 15.5 (adult)

:RUD 'i-Sock' shoe socks - large - size 8 to 12 - no. 4717330(order 2)
from 20.00
RRP: 28.00

  • The RUD 'i-Sock' is a completely new safety product that offers exceptional grip on snowy and icy surfaces. They're extremely quick and easy to use - just strap them onto your boots or shoes.
  • A great feature of the 'i-Sock' is that, short term, they can be used in e.g. shopping centres and other snow free areas; you don't even need to take them off when you're driving!

:RUD 'Bergsteiger' shoe chains - larger than Size 12 (48 to 50) - no. 544-19
RRP: 28.00

The RUD 'Bergsteiger' is a serious shoe chain, available in four sizes. It is standard issue to most European post offices, including our own Royal Mail!

Made of alloy steel, easy to put on, take off, and store and (amazingly!) self-cleaning, i.e. no snow and ice residue is left between the chain and the sole of the shoe.

:Joubert EzyShoes X-Treme, size L (UK 6.5 to 10) no. SF007

  • Allow you to carry on with your sporting activities regardless of snowy and icy conditions
  • They have been designed to meet the specific needs of runners during either training or competitions in extreme conditions
  • Lightweight and comes in a handy storage pouch
  • Available in sizes 3.5 to 15.5 (adult)

:VERIGA Ice Track shoe chains (37 to 40, UK 4.5 to 7) M(order 2)
from 25.00

These are very well designed and robust shoe chains, sold in pairs. The black hardened steel ice-spikes make all the difference when walking on iced-over pavements. The stretchy bit is silicone, not rubber, a very important feature as it's the rubber in shoe chains that tends to perish long before the chain wears out.

:Thule full size SkiClick bag no. 7295
27.95RRP: 32.00Code: TU7295 View Details & Order

An easy to carry, slim bag suitable for cross-country skis.

:Ortovox Beast telescopic snow shovel
44.95RRP: 50.00Code: SF036 View Details & Order

Designed for mountain conditions but will make light work of clearing snow and ice from roads and driveways. It has a sharpened cutting edge, ideal for chipping away ice. Packs down to fit inside a rucksack, or to take minimal space inside the car.

:AutoSock for cars and vans
49.95Code: AS4C View Details & Order
AutoSock are simple to fit and give extraordinary grip on ice and snow. Keep a set in the car for UK use!
:AutoSock for Trucks
124.95Code: AS4T View Details & Order
AutoSock for Trucks are simple to fit and give extraordinary grip on ice and snow. You'll know when you need them!

All our prices include VAT at 20%

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