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This product fits: Vauxhall Astra coupe (2000 to 2005) with fixing points

Vauxhall Astra coupe (2000 to 2005)  with fixing points:

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Roof bars

This is a statement of the obvious, but it’s essential to choose roof bars that will fit your vehicle.
Our database will show all the roof bars that are available. Many cars can have different types of car roof, for example an option for a plain roof, and an option for a roof with raised roof rails.

If you see options then you need to choose the one that’s correct for your vehicle.

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Vauxhall Astra coupe (2000 to 2005)  with fixing points:
Vauxhall Astra coupe (2000 to 2005) with fixing points

Thule roof bars package - 751, 760, 3081

The components needed to attach two Thule bars to your vehicle are shown below and have been pre-selected. You need to order the Foot Pack, a set of Bars - either the 32mm x 22mm steel "Bars" or the oval shaped aluminium "Aerobars" - and the Adapter Kit.

Aerobars allow you to use the full length of your roof bars. Accessories fit into the slot in the top of each bar - their fittings will not clash with the Foot Pack as can happen with steel bars where the fittings wrap around the bar. All boxes may be fitted to them, but please note that some bike carriers and various watersports and ski accessories won't fit. If you want Aerobars, untick the steel Bars and tick Aerobars.

These bars use the Fixpoint threads in the car roof. These differ between vehicles, so Thule has developed a series of Fixpoint Adapter Kits which join the Foot Pack to the car, taking into account the curve of the roof and leaving the bars as horizontal as possible - see middle pictures. The Adapter Kit comprises 4 steel plates and appropriate sized Torx bolts - see middle right picture. The plates are coated in Pebax, a special hard rubber solution, to prevent any damage to the vehicle when used properly.

Note to customers who already have Thule bars: If you already have a 750 or a 754 Foot Pack, and this is shown as an alternative fitting for this car, we recommend that you just buy a new Adapter Kit.

We have a superb lock barrel matching service that even covers any Thule products you already have. We'll tell you how many lock barrels you need for your new system, ask you to tell us how many Thule lock barrels you already have, and send you as many identically numbered lock barrels as you need. When you send back all your differently numbered lock barrels and keys we'll buy these back from you, at the same price. When the process is complete then all it will have cost you is the return postage!

If you order more than one Thule product we'll include this lock barrel matching service in the shopping basket, but feel free to delete it if you don't need this, or you're not sure about it - you can of course take advantage of it later on if you're one of our customers.

As an arm twister, a thank you for buying from us, and to show off these incredibly useful products, we'll include one free Fasty HANDY with every set of bars you buy, i.e. the Foot Pack, Bars, Adapter Kit, as appropriate, while stocks last - see pop up link for details.

The aim of this note is to persuade you that kayaks should always be tied to the carrying vehicle at both bow and stern.

Untied kayaks have, in our experience, the greatest potential for a roof bar or kayak carrier failure. The massive forces that untied kayaks can generate have even been known to snap roof bar fixing bolts with the result that a complete assembly of roof bars and kayaks has ended up on the road. We know that this has happened with almost every brand of roof bar, and regardless of whether the kayaks are on a special carrier or just strapped to the bars.

You need to fix bow and stern lines, probably using the front and rear screw-in towing eyes to get strong and accessible fixing points on the vehicle. Kayak shops should be able to provide suitable 'paracord' for this purpose. It is cheap and readily available online. Alternatively, Thule makes the QuickDraw 838 which we have listed together with every kayak carrier we sell.

Please note that kayaks should be strapped to the roof bars, or to kayak carriers, using straps that are suitable for the purpose, e.g. 25mm polypropylene straps with strong buckles. Bungee cords must never be used.

Please also note that all roof bar instructions point out the dangers of carrying unsecured long items, as of course do all kayak carrier instructions.

If you tie down your kayaks you almost certainly won't experience a product failure. If you don't you may or may not get away with it. If there is a disaster and the kayaks end up on the road, separated from the vehicle, then you were not using tie downs and you have subjected the roof bars to forces for which they were not designed. The costs of sorting this out are yours, not ours, and you may also have difficulties with your insurers.

We're sorry to be so firm about this, but "things coming off the tops of cars" is the stuff of nightmares, and we want to do all we can to prevent accidents of this sort from happening.

Delivery charges and arrangements:

We charge a contribution towards delivery costs, depending on what you order, where you live, and how quickly you want the goods.

For most UK addresses, the charge for our two to three day service is £5.50 (£9.50 for orders including a roof box) and our charge for Next Working Day deliveries is £8.50 (£12.50 for orders involving a roof box). AutoSock, shoe chains, RUD i-Sock, and small spare parts, are charged £3.95 (Royal Mail Tracked), £4.95 (Royal Mail Express Tracked) or £5.95 (express courier, usually Next Working Day).

There are different charges for any delivery including a sea crossing, and deliveries to Skye - we will contact you with a quote on receipt of order.

Orders for Next Working Day delivery need to be received by 4.00pm.

There are no deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays, except for postable items where Royal Mail has a Saturday delivery. Next Working Day orders placed on a Friday will be delivered on the Monday, Next Working Day orders placed on a Saturday will be delivered on the Tuesday.

We are very flexible with our deliveries and will aim to deliver on a day and at an address which suits you. Goods can usually be left without signature - we prefer this with roof boxes. There's a "Special Delivery Instructions" box in the checkout area where we'll ask you to choose a typical instruction and then amend it to suit your particular requirements.

No retailer or courier company can ever "guarantee" a Next Working Day delivery. All courier companies occasionally have the same transport problems as can happen to everyone else, including snow blocked roads, closed roads, traffic jams, mechanical breakdown, an inability to find the delivery address, or to gain access to it if, for example, it's in a block of flats. We work with some of the best couriers in the business, and overall they provide an outstanding service.

Payment options:

We take the following cards, and also PayPal. Please note that the entry on your card statement will be from "The Roof Box Company".

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If you would prefer not to pay online, or to pay by cheque, please phone us to place your order.

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Please click on the pdf symbols below to see the fitting instructions.

For Adapter Kit 3081:  

For the Foot Pack 751:  

This video was made by Thule and shows how to fit a Thule 751 roof bar system on a car with fix points.  It probably won’t show your car, but the fitting method is very similar for all vehicles. 

The video shows the Thule aerobar, which is no longer sold, but the fitting principles are the same for all Thule's steel bars, WingBars, Professional bars and SlideBars.

play video

The Roof Box Company's Thule lock matching service

Take a look at this short video explaining our Thule lock matching service

Thule One Key System

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Have been used - in good condition but do have scuffs and scratches, mainly on underside of the bars

Core components:
Foot Pack: £79.15 £88.00
SquareBars: £38.00 £42.00
Adapter Kit: £34.95 £39.00
Aerobars option:
Thule WingBars: £80.00 £89.00
Specialist options:
Thule Professional: £114.95 £130.00
Thule SlideBar: £195.00 £220.00
Special offers:
Free HANDY strap: £0.00 £4.25
FASTY promotion: £7.50 £15.00

All our prices include VAT at 20% Total: £152.1