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Mercedes Benz CLA Shooting Brake (2015 to 2019)

80cm long Carbox YourSize 92, cut away front, 100092080

Code: JV100092080_1

This is the widest and longest Carbox YourSize that will fit behind the rear seats in this car. It is 92cm wide by 80cm long, and is 35cm high all round, except where it drops down to 10cm at the loading end. It weighs 4kg.

This is the widest and longest Carbox YourSize that will fit behind the rear seats in this car.

Any YourSize that is narrower or shorter than this will also fit, of course. Some customers, for example, will want to use the same YourSize in more than one vehicle. If you want a narrower or shorter YourSize, you can find it via the "Carbox YourSize - how to choose" link on the boot liner listing page for your car.

About Carbox YourSize

The Carbox YourSize is made from fully recyclable material that is so good it's even approved as a container for transporting food (to RAL C3). It's heat resistant from -40 degrees C to +80 degrees C, is oil and acid resistant and - very importantly - is completely odourless.

The surface of the YourSize, ignoring the ridges, is quite smooth, so some thought should be given to load restraint. An 80cm wide x 60cm deep MultiMat is supplied, fitted with two poppers which fix onto the inside edge of the YourSize. This has excellent anti-slip properties, but due to its size can only cover a small part of this long boot liner, so it is primarily intended as a bumper protector. A much larger 120cm x 100cm MultiMat is available as an accessory, listed below, and so is an 80cm x 60cm MultiMat without poppers.

An aluminium divider accessory is also available; this drops into any of the side grooves in the YourSize and acts as a load restraint. Some customers have particular requirements for load restraint; for example, we have a business customer who has drilled holes in their YourSize so that their vehicle's cargo-tie-down points may be used, together with straps.

Every YourSize has straight sides so is particularly easy to slide in and out - not only for fitting and removing, but also for easier loading and unloading (see pictures).

Carbox YourSize - the overall concept

Generally, the Carbox YourSize is a range of rigid high-sided bootliners that you choose (1) by the minimum width of your car boot (there are 4 width options) and then (2) by length, either fitting behind the rear seats or else sliding over the folded rear seats - there are 13 length options for each width.

They are 35cm all round, falling to 10cm at the loading end; they have rigid sides and their fatter 'top lip' will hold your load away from the rear seat and side carpets.

A YourSize will enable you, with confidence, to use your car for jobs that might otherwise require the use of a van or a trailer. For example, you might need to move garden rubbish - wet, dirty and with unknown creepy crawlies - or building waste, or you might have a load of DIY materials to collect, or you may be a tradesman who uses the same vehicle for work and family use.

You can fit seat covers to protect the seats from humans and animals, but it's the load carrying area that's probably most vulnerable to damage. Carbox may have a bespoke high-sided Classic boot liner for your car, but you may decide that a YourSize will be more useful, because it's straight-sided and therefore slides in and out, and can be used in many different cars.

In summary, the unique Carbox YourSize will not only protect your car but will enable you to make much fuller use of it.

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