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Audi Q3 Sportback (2019 onwards)

Carbox Form S boot liner, black, for Audi Q3 Sportback, 201482000

RRP: £99.95
Code: JV201482000

Why buy a Carbox boot liner?

Easy - you're buying into the best brand in the market, and you get good value for money:

  • The fit will be as good as you'll find anywhere
  • The 5cm rim is essential for containing spills
  • Carbox liners are completely odourless
  • The surface is the optimum non slip
  • They're strong enough to survive almost anything

A Carbox liner will be ideal for anyone who wants to keep their car boot in good condition and protect its resale value.

Please note that not all these images are specific to this particular vehicle or liner, but they do show general features of the Carbox range.

Dimensions: 920mm (length) x 1030mm (width)

If you’d like to know about car boot liners in general, please see the tab headed “Why boot liners make a difference”. If you’re wondering why Carbox boot liners are more expensive than many others that are advertised as being suitable for your car, then please read on:

The Carbox Difference

Many customers look at boot liners and assume that “a boot liner is a boot liner is a boot liner”, and that price should therefore be the major factor in deciding which one to buy. It really is not this simple, not at all! Cheap liners may be adequate for the task, but they are seldom good, and they are never excellent.

Carbox boot liners are excellent. There is no single reason, but the accumulation of small reasons adds up to a lot; it’s what we call ‘The Carbox Difference’:

  • Accuracy of fit: Many boot liner brands accurately profile the shape of the boot space, but we have not found any except for Carbox that do an excellent job of the loading area, with plastic covering enough of the loading cill, and a tight enough fit in this area to stop movement of the boot liner when heavy items are pulled back out of the boot. This matters, especially with electrically-operated tailgate mechanisms, because if a boot liner slips then the tailgate won’t close properly, and it lifts up again; this soon becomes annoying.
  • Allowance for manufacturing variations: The 5cm high edge around every Carbox boot liner is set at a specific angle, and has a flat lip at its top so that it can expand to cope with small differences in boot size; carpeted boot linings have a much bigger manufacturing tolerance compared to the metal parts on a car. The lip will catch under the carpet fibres all around the boot space; without this, dirt and dust would fall between the gaps and accumulate under the liner.
  • OEM quality material: The material used is of OEM quality – Carbox supplies most car manufacturers with their own branded boot liners. The Carbox material has no smell at all – many of the very cheap liners contain significant rubber, which can be noticeable in hot weather – and it’s also fully recyclable.
  • The material is anti-slip: The Carbox material, as well as being extremely tough – it won’t be pierced by anything sharp – is the optimum anti-slip. It is not so ‘sticky’ that you’d risk your back by having to lift heavy items instead of pushing them, but it has enough anti-slip that most items won’t move around in the boot space.
  • Carbox low-sided liners are available in 3 colours – black, grey and tan.
  • MultiMat bumper and loading cill protection: We provide a free MultiMat protector with every Carbox boot liner; it protects the outer edge of the loading cill which will inevitably get scratched at some stage without this sort of protection, and the MultiMat also protects the bumper from being scratched (typically by dog claws). This all helps to maintain a vehicle’s resale value – this feature alone has got to be worth much more than the extra cost of buying into Carbox! The MultiMat will also keep road muck off your clothes; dirt gathers around a car bumper - it's thrown up from the road and also washed down from the rear window.
  • Everything is designed and manufactured to the best possible standards: Carbox is a business which always aims to do the right thing. It’s all about people, design, systems, energy efficiency, community – you can read more about this, and the awards won, at carbox.info. All in all, they are a great supplier to work with, which we think is one of the most important things in business.

In summary, we are so confident about the quality and fit of this liner that we're prepared to take it back for a refund, even if used, up to one calendar month from invoice date.

4.74.7 based on 55 reviews

Carbox Form low liner general reviews

- Vehicle type: Estate
First Class Product and Service,
- Vehicle type: Hatchback
Not too much to be said about a boot liner,until of course you fit one and experience the benefits.My car is used amongst other things to transport a rotorvator and other kit to and from the allotment, summer and winter, mud, straw, fertiliser etc.all of which have a habbit of leaving their mark! No longer is there a need to spend valuable time cleaning up after each trip. The heavy duty liner is easily lifted from the boot space, washed, upended to drain and dry, ready to be reinstalled within minutes.
- Vehicle type: Estate
The product does "What it says on the Tin" (or rubber in this case!) It is a perfect fit in my estate`s boot. Excellent product, excellent quality and good value for money.
- Vehicle type: Hatchback
Looks great, easy to install.
- Vehicle type: Estate
Great product, excellent fit.
- Vehicle type: Estate
Very good, fitted in seconds. Does the job.
- Vehicle type: Estate
I wanted two boot liners, one to protect a new saloon we had bought and the other to go in my estate. Having looked at a number of alternatives, I decided to buy the Carbox. Although these were more expensive, I hoped that they would be more durable and look OK as well...after all, you do see them every time you open the boot! I've had them in use for a few months now and am very pleased. The fit is perfect....very important to buy for the correct model car...and they are indeed of good quality as hoped. They lift out easily for washing down if necessary and have easily protected the cars from dirty and heavy gardening and building goods. Although the surface of the liners is apparently designed to reduce slipping, that's a difficult balance because with heavy things in the car, you need to be able to push them around. If the liner is slippery enough to allow that to happen, then it won't be able to stop movement when driving. We keep plastic storage boxes in the cars to help keep shopping upright ...but they of course can slide too. However, the foolproof way to stop all this is to buy a roll of the thin black perforated rubber non slip matting. Cut into rectangles and put under boxes etc, this stops sliding completely...yet allows movement if you just slightly lift the box in question. I buy this stuff from a local discount store who have Rolson anti slip matting for about £3 per roll...one roll being more than enough for both our cars. So overall, the liners are excellent heavy grade quality and work perfectly at protecting the boots of our two cars. More expensive than many others, but worth the extra in my opinion. Happy to recommend.
- Vehicle type: MPV
Just what I wanted, now my boot can be easily cleaned, golf trolley and shoe mud just tipped away.
- Vehicle type: Hatchback
Very pleased with the boot liner for my Qashqai, it was well worth the money. The fit is very good, the high all round lip prevents liquid spills overflowing and the material used is very tough. Recommended.
- Vehicle type: MPV
Cmax Zetec Car boot liner... Bought this to keep my car boot clean from putting my pushchair and all the things which go hand in hand with children like wellies and buckets full of all important stones collected on route. It does the job fab, it's easy to take out and put back in when it's got bits in it and any mud marks wipe off with a baby wipe or you could wash it down if you need. Quick delivery and worth every penny because it will still look like new when the cars had its day.
- Vehicle type: Hatchback
Great product. Easy to inset, easy to clean. Takes the worry away from spilt drinks, trips to the dump, dirty football boots. My boot has never looked as clean!
- Vehicle type: Estate
Plain and simple but does what is required. It is also a very accurate fit. Despite my dog trying to burrow through it there is no sign of damage so its tough as well.
- Vehicle type: Estate
In my previous car I had a Carbox high-sided liner and got used to the thick plastic which was very robust. The Carbox LS VW Passat estate floor liner fits the floor area beautifully. The liner for the back of the rear seats does its job but I am finding the separate seat back dropping can be inhibited a little by the 1/3 liner catching the edges of the 2/3 liner. Perhaps I need to experiment with a bigger gap between their edges. Other than that I am a very satisfied customer. The service and phone in help from Carbox is exemplary.
- Vehicle type: Saloon
Great product does exactly what I hoped for. Have already recommended one to my daughter who has bought one for her Hyundai iX35. Will continue to recommend and use in my cars.
- Vehicle type: Hatchback
great for veg from the allotment!
- Vehicle type: Saloon
Purchased this item to protect the boot of my car from a myriad of items that get thrown in it. The liner fit my C class perfectly and does not shift around. It is easy to remove and replace. Love it.
- Vehicle type: Estate
First class service with high quality product, great value too. The best around by far. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product.
- Vehicle type: Hatchback
An excellent product in both quality and fit - it really fits like a glove! Thoroughly recommended. You will be delighted with this product.
- Vehicle type: MPV
I originally bought a cheaper boot liner from another company but the material and fit were so poor I returned it and got a refund. This liner is perfect. The material quality and fit are excellent. It may be reasonably expensive compared to others but you get what you pay for and this one is definitely worth it. Very impressed !
- Vehicle type: Hatchback
Extremely good quality and a doddle to fit. However it was just a tiny, tiny bit too large for the boot ( and I mean millimetres )compared with my previous car. I would recommend the company to anyone. Their delivery was lightening quick.
- Vehicle type: Hatchback
I spilled some bags of mud on the back of my Mazda 6 hatch. What an absolute mess! Boot liner held most of the spillage and after an expensive trip to a valet, everything was good as new. Can't say fairer than that.
- Vehicle type: Estate
I bought a carbox bootliner for my bmw 5 series touring with beige interior. We have 2 gundogs who travel in it regularly as well as all the normal usage an estate loading bay gets including travelling through Europe. The fit is tailor made for the car and is of excellent quality and durability. There is a lip all around to keep any moisture/spills contained which is great for wet weather and keeps the interior perfect. It is easy to remove if cleaning is needed and remains unmarked after lengthy everyday use. In summary you can buy this product with complete confidence and also I have to say the roofbox company are an excellent company to deal with.
- Vehicle type: 4x4
I have had the boot cover for well over a year now & it is in excellent condition. It stretches from under the rear seats right to the tailgate. Removing the rear seat from the Jeep took a few minutes & a bit of effort but the superior fit made it all worthwhile. I am extremely happy with the product, the protection it affords the boot area 7 would throughly recommend it - I shall purchase one for my next Jeep.
- Vehicle type: Hatchback
The delivery was quick and efficient and the boot liner works well to keep the boot clean. We live on the edge of Dartmoor and without the boot liner the boot would be very dirty from our two collie dogs after their walks.
- Vehicle type: Estate
Well made but was slightly distorted when delivered so did not sit flat.
TRBC reply - 11/08/2014
Thanks for this useful feedback. Carbox suggest that, after unpacking your liner from the carton, you lay it upside down, flat on the floor for a few hours. This allows it to regain its shape.
- Vehicle type: 4x4
Excellent product, fits perfectly into the boot area and is easily removed to clean. Quick wipe down with a damp cloth and it looks like new. Best car accessory I have ever purchased.
- Vehicle type: Estate
Excellent quality and fit. No more filthy carpets, pine needles embedded for ever, smelly water in the boot. After a trip to the dump a quick hose down and it's as good as new. Only drawback is that if you have a few things in the boot - foot pump, small toolbox and the like - they slide around and can be annoying on twisty roads. Best solution I've found is a couple of sheets of those non slip mesh mats you get in Poundland or the 99p Shop. Lay them on the bootliner and things stay in place - unless you drive like Jeremy Clarkson!
- Vehicle type: 4x4
The car boot liner fits well, with a little bit of pushing, and has kept the boot clean and tidy for us. We find that plant pots do not fall over as they did before as the liner makes the pot more steady. It is very good.
- Vehicle type: MPV
Great quality, and fits my car like a glove. I was worried it wouldn't fit properly as my car has lots of nooks and crannies. I was really impressed with this. It has a nice lip all around it to keep in the dirt
- Vehicle type: Estate
Quality of the product is excellent. Tough, durable and the depth of the lip around the edge is sufficient to contains any spills and dirt. Fits perfectly in the boot. The one negative is that it is described as a non-slip boot liner, I would not consider it to be non-slip as the surface is a hard plastic and not rubber. So, unfortunately things do slip around on it. Otherwise great boot protector.
- Vehicle type: Estate
This boot liner is made of really tough stuff. It pretty much copes with anything that I can throw at it. Very easy to clean and once cleaned looks as good as the day I bought it. One minus in my view , and that is that the material is quite hard so unless I strap everything down well it all slides about very easily. All in all it is an invaluable product that really does protect the carpet in your boot and ensures that anything wet is prevented from soaking the carpet and making the whole smell musty and damp. Would recommend it to anyone. It's worth spending the money
- Vehicle type: Estate
The liner is a perfect fit and far more substantial than the one I had for my previous vehicle. It came fitted with steel press studs which were not indicated in the write up or pictures of the liner. I assume that these are to secure a mat type liner in the tray which also was not indicated. I found this variation annoying as waterproofing is my major concern, I carry lots of Scuba Diving gear and the studs are likely to rust when in contact with salt water. I am however very happy with the tray so far, it has kept the boot dry.
- Vehicle type: Hatchback
We always buy Carbox liners when we change cars as they are the best fit and quality.
- Vehicle type: Estate
Good solid product and used constantly. Keeps any spilt liquid within the protector. Would like a non option as items slip around on the surface.
- Vehicle type: 4x4
Product robust and fit for the job intended. Very quick turn around from order to receipt of the product.
- Vehicle type: 4x4
Solid liner that does a great job of stopping dirt and loose bits getting into the boot area carpet in my Skoda Yeti. Only minor niggle is that the cut-outs for the luggage fastening clips and seat tip catches are a little tight. I would certainly be happy to buy again
- Vehicle type: 4x4
This is a top quality product and protects the floor of the boot perfectly. Most loads stay put without sliding around too much due to the raised pattern an our dogs seem to like it. Only negative is that it doesn't allow for use of the tie downs. Not a problem but the VW dog guard requires one of the eyes to be used for fixing so I had to cut a small slot to push the eye through.
- Vehicle type: MPV
Robust product that is very effective in protecting the boot floor and is easy to clean. The shaping of the liner is not perfect but the product is nevertheless a really good buy.
- Vehicle type: MPV
Driving a Zafira Vauxhall, box fits in snuggly and seems very sturdy, does the job of protecting the boot 100%. I've got to medium sized dogs, a labrador and a labrador cross. The only snug is that you have to make sure that your dog guard sits in the bottom of the tray, too, other wise it slips towards the end of the boot and you'll find you can't close the door! I is a little awkward to slip it back under the guard but it is OK once it is in the right position. So far I'm very happy with the product.
- Vehicle type: Saloon
Right product , right price, never a doubt it was right for the car
- Vehicle type: MPV
Exellent build quality and fit exactly as I expected. Great product.
- Vehicle type: Hatchback
Great product. Great quality. It initially feels an expensive purchase but once fitted and in use it is great value for money. I have a relatively new Fiesta so no worries about dirty walking boots, or wet cycling gear being thrown in the boot. I've had a few water/drink bottle leaks. Really grateful for it when taking rubbish and garden stuff to the tip and bags leaked, A quick wipe and its as good as new. Fitted my Fiesta boot perfectly. I highly recommend this protector. Great service & speedy delivery from the Roof Box Co.
- Vehicle type: Estate
Very happy with this product - it fits pretty well and ensures that all the things we throw into our estate do not damage the floor of the car. It cleans quite easily, too.
- Vehicle type: Estate
You asked for feedback on my purchase of a boot liner for my Audi A6 Estate. I was delighted with the service and prompt delivery. The product itself is a good fit and is wearing well. All very positive feedback. Your staff were very helpful
- Vehicle type: Estate
What ever you do - Do not use a cleaner on the floor mat as this makes the non slip - slip ! Other than that a very good product.
- Vehicle type: Estate
Fits perfectly, seems pretty tough. Good stuff.
- Vehicle type: 4x4
Offers superb protection for boot interior. Easy to remove and clean. I would highly recommend this product.
- Vehicle type: Hatchback
This is an excellent product, it fitted really well and is strong and durable.Easy to clean and keeps the boot from getting dirty.
- Vehicle type: Estate
Fits like a glove and keeps things gripped in the boot space.
- Vehicle type: Estate
Excellent quality. Fitted perfectly and looks the business. Turns the boot into a really practical space for bikes etc. anything that would might cause a mess.
- Vehicle type: 4x4
Excellent product no problems at all with
- Vehicle type: 4x4
Very good quality; perfect for the rear of vehicles - can be cleaned easily.
- Vehicle type: Estate
Very good quality product, a perfect fit in a 5 series tourer. Fast delivery. Would not hesitate to buy from this company again.
- Vehicle type: Hatchback
This boot liner is a strong, well fitting piece of kit. It does the job. What more can you ask?
- Vehicle type: 4x4
I have had and used my boot liner for over a year now, as well as the standard weekly shopping in the boot I am regularly going to out local tip with bags full or garden refuse, which can leave the boot liner dirty, however, the liner is very easily removeable, a quick shake or light brush down and it's like new again. The non slip centre is very good an it does as described non slip.

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Car boot liners - what they do and why it makes a difference:

It's easy to make an argument for having a liner in the boot of your car, especially if you are generally quite active and use your car for carrying, potentially, a bit of everything and anything: The weekly shop, compost and plants, golf bags, sandy shoes and towels, muddy bike wheels, folding bikes, soggy camping gear, wet coats, muddy wellies, dogs, you name it...

Protecting the boot carpet will surely make a useful difference to a vehicle's resale value, so at the very least it makes sense to line the boot with a piece of old carpet, cut to shape.

The next stage would be to buy a "universal boot liner" and use the cutting lines to cut and trim it to shape - now you probably have a non-porous surface, but by the same token any spilt liquid or water will quickly make its way to the edge of the liner, disappearing into the floor behind the back seats. Not good.

Also note that "universal liners" will only ever fit the first car you buy, unless your next car boot is smaller in every dimension.

So here are two crucial features to look out for in a car boot liner:

  • If they are well designed they'll cover the whole of the boot area and can't move around.
  • If they have a "rim around the edge" then whatever falls or spills on the liner should stay on the liner.

Many liners have a 5cm rim around the edge, and are a precise fit, but very few make a success of the loading area in estates and SUVs, which means that they have designed a way of maintaining a rim at the same time as stopping the boot liner from moving when stuff in the boot is pulled backwards. (Carbox Form boot liners have a solution for this.)

But there's more to a good boot liner than just these two features. Because boot liners are such an obviously useful addition to any car, there are a lot of them about, and some of them are better than others. Here are some features which are best avoided:

  • Rubber, of any description: It tends to smell, especially on hot days and, although the smell may wear off, it probably never completely disappears.
  • Semi-porous material: Some material is too 'open cell' to do a proper job. Superficially it's OK, but it's not easy to clean.
  • Surfaces that are too slippy or too sticky: You want to be able to push heavy items across the liner to the back seats, and be confident that they'll stay in place. Some liners are too slippy, some are covered in an anti-slip mesh material which is too sticky, and also makes these liners difficult to clean.
  • Thin material: The thinner the material, the cheaper it is to produce, and the cheaper the sale price. But thinner material is likely to be weaker material, more likely to be damaged by a sharp corner or sharp object.

In summary, we think that having or not having a made to measure boot liner is a bit like wearing the right clothes for the job. For example, you wouldn't tackle a dirty gardening job in your tidiest clothes with either enthusiasm or efficiency. You’ll find that if you fit a quality boot liner then you’ll have the confidence to use your car for a wider range of tasks and, without concerns that wet and dirt in the boot space is devaluing your car, the whole experience is more satisfactory.

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Carbox Form - Low side car boot liner

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Carbox Form low liner: £77.50 (rrp. £85.00)
Carbox anti-slip mat: £14.95 (rrp. )
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 Why boot liners make a difference 
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