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Atera STRADA DL 3 to 4 bike carrier (UK lights) no. AR2603

RRP: £472.50
Code: AR2603

This is one of our five "Hall of Fame" all time outstanding products, representing as it does a quantum leap in bike carrier design. The bike platform slides away from the tow ball to allow good access to the tailgate, taking the weight of the bikes. It has an innovative self-adjusting tow ball fixing system which also holds the carrier horizontal as soon as it's placed on the tow ball, a triangular frame shape that allows you to come right in close to the tow ball (so you don't have to lean across the bike carrier to access the boot space, with consequent risk to your back), and even UK legal foglights.

And it's small enough to put into the boot when not in use. And also very light. Click here for a fitting video.

We reckon that Atera's STRADA DL tilting carriers are the best designed and best engineered tow ball carriers on the market, bar none. This page shows the 3 bike version; an adapter (listed below) can be added for carrying a 4th bike. Apart from its all round style, what's so special about the STRADA DL?

(1) Fundamentally, it slides away from the vehicle, rather than tilting, i.e. the bike carrier takes the weight of the bikes, rather than you, and there's tailgate clearance even for vehicles with vertical tailgates. It's by far and away the easiest tilting carrier to use.

(2) It fits to 'bolt on' or 'swan neck' tow balls (including detachable tow bars) without any adjustment; you just place it on the tow ball and push down the handle - no spanners or Allen keys are required.

(3) It's very easy to carry - it won't bump your shins if carried properly - and as soon as you place it on the tow ball the weight is taken, so you can straighten up and rest your back. Other carriers require you to support the platform with one hand while fiddling with the fixing system with the other.

(4) It's much the lightest of the 4 bike tilting wheel support racks on the market.

(5) Furthermore, it's the most compact 3 to 4 bike carrier available. At only 1 metre wide it should fit into most if not all car boots, allowing you to park safely without risk of the bike carrier being damaged. You only need to flick up a couple of cam levers to fold the upright bike holder support.

(6) The bike frame holders are also without a doubt the best available, incorporating a ratchet tightening mechanism. They fit oval and other outsize frames as well as round ones, wrapping a strap right around the frame for safety and security. (This looks like a simple plastic strap, but it is in fact 'sandwiched' around a spring steel core.) All bike holders have swivel joints, and the long holder has a slight curve in the aluminium support rod to increase the opportunities available. We haven't yet come across any combination of bike sizes and styles that can't easily be locked into place (using the same key which locks the whole unit to the tow ball).

(7) The frame is triangular which allows you, when the bikes have been slid out of the way, to stand almost right up against the tow ball. This means you can lift items into and out of the boot both safely and easily. This is not a trivial benefit - most other bike carriers have rectangular frames and although you may be able to open the tailgate easily enough, you usually have to lean across the bike carrier frame to reach the boot space, which is definitely not ergonomic.

(8) The fog lights on this special 'GB' version are UK legal, i.e. the fog light is on the right / offside of the car. Other bike carriers with fog lights have these on the left / nearside of the car, which is illegal, (even when the car is used on continental roads!) Atera gets around this problem by using the lighting rig which they supply for BMW bike carriers. This includes a fog light on both sides, and there is nothing illegal about this!

It makes sense when using this carrier to place a safety strap around all the bikes and the bike holder support frame. We're therefore providing a free strap with each carrier - one strap per carrier. As well as providing peace of mind the strap will also help to minimise vibration.

The 4th bike adapter: † Most of our customers also buy the 4th bike adapter. This includes two straps which were suggested by T‹V before they tested this carrier, the aim being to prevent any side to side movement. Be assured that these straps are not required, and that the carrier does not move from side to side! The same self adjusting tow ball fitting is used on other STRADA models (e.g. EVO), without any requirement for straps. In due course we hope that Atera will retest the STRADA DL, without straps, so that they are no longer included. To show the overall strength of the STRADA DL we have had two heavy people standing on the 4th bike adapter in the slid out position (maximum leverage) with no adverse effects noted. Don't try this at home because an extra 185kg may damage your tow ball mounting!

Technical and miscellaneous:

  • Weight of carrier: 14.5kg
  • Maximum payload: 45kg (or 63kg if you are using the 4th bike adapter)
  • Approximate dimensions when folded: 1000 x 250 x 720 mm
  • The wheels are held in place with quick fit polypropylene straps which accommodate tyres up to 2.4" - 2.6" (dependent on rim height). Longer straps are available for tyres up to 4" (Fat bikes) - these are listed below.
  • The STRADA DL has five function rear lights so it is fitted with a 13 pin plug for 13 pin continental type electric sockets. If you have a 7 pin socket you will need the Lighting adapter '13 pin' (rack) to 7 pin (car) listed below. (Note that the fog lights will work with a 7 pin system, but the reversing light won't work.)

Note for vehicles with a rear mounted spare wheel: You may not be able to fit the STRADA DL to vehicles with a rear mounted spare wheel - you usually need to remove the spare wheel. This will allow you (1) to fit the carrier onto the vehicle (the upright usually hits the spare wheel), (2) to fit all the bikes onto the carrier, (3) to remove the carrier after use (the removal handle usually clashes with a spare wheel).

You'll need a lighting adapter if your vehicle has a standard UK style 7 pin socket - buy a STRADA DL 3 from us this season and we'll give you this for free, saving up to £20 at typical prices!

Made in Germany.

4.74.7 based on 233 reviews

3 to 4 bikes - Atera STRADA DL 3 Reviews

Mark - Vehicle type: MPV
Highly recommend this bike rack. So handy it slides back so you can access car trunk. Best construction I have seen so far.
Michael B - Vehicle type: Van
I needed a bike carrier which allowed me to open the high barn doors on my hightop vw t5.This allows it with room to spare. It is a great piece of engineering with second to none build quality. Easy to use and being able to lock the carrier and the bikes is a great bonus. Would recommend this great product to anyone.
Pete D - Vehicle type: 4x4
Excellent product very easy to fit and remove from the car. Sliding mechanism is simple to use when you need to open the tailgate door. Sturdy but lightweight product and inspires confidence that everything is secure whilst driving
Paul G - Vehicle type: Van
Fantastic, one of the few capable of taking 4 bikes, very easy to lift on & off & with the tilt so much more versatile. We have a VW T5 with barndoors its great to be able to leave the bikes hitched on the back & still be able to use the back of the van.
Paul - Vehicle type: 4x4
Without doubt this is the best by far of any cycle carrier I have owned. I regularly carry 3 bikes with it, plus I have the option to fit a fourth.It is light and easy to manhandle, I fit it into the back of my car once the bikes are off (Volvo XC90) my wife can handle it on her own without any issues, which was the reason I bought it in the first place. An absolutely great bit of kit, I wouldn't be without it!
Hannah C - Vehicle type: Van
Having researched potential alternatives, I purchased the Atera STRADA DL as it is the best value for money, easiest to use and most functional. I have a VW T5 with barn doors and the Atera STRADA DL allows you to open the back when the bikes are pulled back on the rail- allowing you access to the boot without taking the bikes off the rack. Very easy to fit and the bikes are very secure when travelling. Also the bikes are kept safe thanks to the a locking arm, so they can be left on the rack unattended. I have the fourth bike adapter which was also easy to fit!
Wayne - Vehicle type: Van
Good quality and bikes feel safe and secure when in transit. Took a while to make sure the arms were in the right place before putting bikes on. But Ok once you got used to it.
Bob G - Vehicle type: Van
I bought this for my VW T5 transporter. And I am utterly delighted with it !!! I was originally a bit dissapointed that I couldn't fit a VW tailgate mounted bike carrier as I thought they looked cool ... But now I've seen the light ! This is so easy to fit, it allows the tailgate to be opened easily , even with bike on rack (sometimes have to pull handlebars a little further away to allow to open , but it's no problem) It's lights and number plate mount are top notch . Really cannot fault this ... Get one !!! Bob
David - Vehicle type: 4x4
This is a very neat bit of kit for transporting 4 bikes (I bought the additional 4th bike carrier as well). Far easier than trying to wrestle 4 bikes on to the roof. It's a bit tricky to get the knack of fitting it to the tow ball in the first instance but I guess as you do it more often it would become second nature. But, once it is on, it's very, very secure. I did not use the additional straps suggested when using the 4th bike carrier and went all the way to the Alps and back at motorway speeds and never felt the carrier was anything other than 100% secure. The slide away action is very useful and (I think) this is the model you need if you have a 4x4 (I have an X5). Check with the guys at Roof Box Company first. Do not under estimate how often you need to get into the boot with 2 kids on a long journey and the slide mechanism meant that I cursed less than I would have done without it! Overall, I would definitely recommend this carrier. (I have not been sponsored to say this, by the way! Totally unbiased)
Julie G - Vehicle type: 4x4
No regrets, just buy it! Only niggle is the weight when fully loaded (4 bikes) can be difficult for one person to slide back up.
Ian - Vehicle type: Van
I need easy access to my van garage with the carrier in place. I researched many carriers so I got the right one. The website site was by far the most helpfull. Emailed supplier for detailed help. Goods delivered quickly. Tested it on a month long trip did all I wanted it to do. Several people approached me to ask questions.Impressed by the supplier and the carrier.
Lynsey K - Vehicle type: MPV
Fabulous bike carrier. Good quality and easy to operate. Love the fact it locks each bike individually and also locks onto towbar. Have used this carrier lots due to it being so easy! The slide mechanism is thee best feature! Makes a huge difference!
Pete - Vehicle type: Van
I really like my Atera Strada. I fit it to my campervan tow bar. I didn't fancy having the weight of 3 bikes plus rack on the van door hinges, as is the case with some other designs. Once it's slid down away from the van, there is enough room to open and access the rear split doors. The electrical connection can remain in place when doing this. Getting the bikes on and off is quick and easy. It takes a bit of thought and adjustment (with the sliding wheel locators) the first time, especially if fitting 3 bikes. But once you have a configuration, its fine. Wth our latest bikes tho' I do cable tie some rags at a couple of points where the bikes would otherwise rub. The rack is well made and solid. A downside to this is that its heavy! On the Atera website they have a video showing how & not heavy it is showing how one person can handle it with ease. Which is fine. But they wouldnt put this video on their site if they werent aware that it is heavy, right?! I can get it onto the van ok. I have mounted 2 cheapy hooks from Amazon on the garage wall (with heavy duty screws and plugs!). I can lift the rack up onto these myself but if there is a spare pair of hands around when I do this it's much easier.All in all it's great and I would recommend.
Tim W - Vehicle type: Van
An excellent piece of kit, easy to mount/remove from the tow ball - it is light and folds up partially for storage. In use on our T5 it tilts so that the rear door can be opened and gives access to the load space. Very secure and sturdy when mounted- first trip was from Aberdeen to Sicily, perfect operation over a 3 month period. Not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for and I would highly recommend it!
Roger D - Vehicle type: 4x4
The bike carrier is an excellent product. It is easy to operate and feels secure in really adverse weather conditions. It is very well constructed and it easily takes the load of our two e-bikes. With the bike rack extended there is lots of room to open the rear door of our new discovery. It also provides lots of room to gain access to the rear of the vehicle. All-in-all an excellent piece of kit!
Joe B - Vehicle type: Van
Bought this rack to carry road bikes on a VW Transporter camper van (tailgate). On a 4 week holiday, living in the van, it proved to be an excellent product, quick and easy to use, securely carrying the bikes and allowing good, easy access to the rear of the van. I've since used it to carry mountain bikes on a Mondeo estate and it was similarly excellent. I cannot think how the design could be improved. I used an additional cable lock to deter thieves, a few bits of pipe insulation to prevent the bikes rubbing against each other or the cable lock, and a strap per bike to prevent the cranks from rotating.
Tim S - Vehicle type: Van
Just about the best thing I've ever bought! It's an engineering marvel. The fact that I can load up bikes and slide the rack down and access the back of my camper van as well, without taking the bikes off is simply genius. It's very well built, easy to use and is worth every single last penny you spend on it. It's not the cheapest - but it is the best.
Charles H - Vehicle type: MPV
This is a great piece of kit. It took a couple of attempts to get the hang of fitting it on to the towbar but the instructions were very helpful. Attaching and detaching bikes is quick and easy. Really pleased.
Andrew W - Vehicle type: 4x4
First time I've had a towbar carrier, having changed from roof-mounted carriers which were getting rather old and insecure. Very pleased with it as it's easy to fit and reassuringly secure, but watch the Roof Box videos first as the instructions that come with the carrier are a bit minimal. The mechanism to slide the carrier away to give access to the boot while the bikes are mounted is an excellent feature, because no matter how organised you are you always need to get to the boot after you've loaded the bikes. My only quibble is that with three bikes mounted it's very difficult to avoid them being in contract with each other. Most of the time I'm only carrying two so I simply mount them on the first and third positions. The overall dimensions are another plus point as the whole carrier fits in the boot if you don't want to leave it on the tow bar when you're away cycling.
Michael C - Vehicle type: Van
This is brilliant for our VW T5 Campervan, when we need to access the back of the van, the rack slides forward and gives you ample room to get to everything you need to get out of the van. The ability to lock the bikes to the rack are a bonus on those long trips away.
Kim N - Vehicle type: 4x4
Great bike rack, really secure and great service
Paulina B - Vehicle type: Estate
We bought atera strada dl with attachment for forth bike in and used it on number of occasions. The carrier is great, easy to use, quick to disassemble and does the job perfectly. We can still access the boot of our estate with the carrier attached. The company is a pleasure to deal with. Very satisfied customer. Thanks.
James M - Vehicle type: 4x4
I wish I had bought this first and saved all the hassle with tailgate fastening bike carriers and bike racks. This bike rack is great, fits 4 bikes - with the extension - and you donít need the tail gate straps when the extension is fitted; itís that secure! The build quality is great, really sturdy. Fitting the extension is straightforward and all The tools and parts are provided. Fitting the number plate is a bit fiddly, but a little patience and gentle persuasion will see it really firmly attached. It takes about 5 mins to learn how to fix it to the car and remove it. The sliding mechanism is easily operated gives full access to your boot, no more rummaging through dropped back seats or having to take bikes off the old rack! Sliding back up is easy, just lean your body weigh against the bikes and push. You do have to make sure the wee pin I pops back up so itís properly secure, but thatís easy to reach. If carrying only three bikes, though, this wee button pops back up unaided. In all this is a great bike carrier and as good as any of the top end and vastly more expensive bike carriers.
Jane H - Vehicle type: MPV
Having tried a few types of roof rack, this one has worked out best. Whilst the roof mounted ones allow access to the boot, they're a pain to fit and difficult to get the heavier off road bikes on and off making this a 2 person task. Both of us can fit and load bikes as a 1 person job onto this rack making solo bike trips with the kids possible. The straps are a bit fiddly and the first couple of times we loaded the bikes took a while (mainly due to a couple of obvious errors) but now we can load up and be off in just a few minutes. We haven't used the 4 bike extension yet but the 3x bike rack takes any combination of kids and adults bikes we've tried. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get the best layout as the racks are close together but as all parts are moving, a few adjustments has made each combination possible. Definitely works very well for our needs.
Keith S - Vehicle type: Van
This was the only rear carrier I could find that would allow the rear doors of my Citroen Relay van conversion motorhome to fully open whilst bikes were still loaded on the carrier. The towbar fitting plate on the motorhome had 2 sets of holes and the lower set had to be used for bolting on the tow bar ball. It all worked out fine and I can now slide the bikes foward on the carrier and fully open the motorhome rear doors for access to emply the toilet cassette and use the open door as an enterance and exit.
Peter R - Vehicle type: Estate
Solid and non rusting. Quite heavy but not as bad as competitors. A little tricky to use the first time but simple afterwards. Easy to lock bikes in position. No need to remove pedals to stack bikes in position.Fourth bike kit works very well.
Chris T - Vehicle type: 4x4
This new carrier is so easy to use once you're used to how it works and on a trip through France in summer 2017 I felt so much safer with 3 bikes on this rack compared to my previous bike rack.
Donald S - Vehicle type: Estate
We did a lot of research before purchase, there were technical details to understand not all of them straightforward (e.g. maximum nose-weight and fitting clearances to a stowaway ball hitch and bodywork). We needed a four bike carrier and the Atera Strada DL is a three bike carrier with attachment. It is very well engineered, easy to use and worth the slightly extra money over some cheaper ones, for a four bike carrier it is lightweight and easy to manage and use. In the four bike mode it is suggested that straps are used from the carrier to the boot/tailgate of saloons/estate cars which do not work if you have a spoiler fitted (estate). An alternative is to use the roof rails which of course wont work if they are the flush variety. Ours are fitted but not flush so we are okay. If the fourth bike is to be a child's and you ensure the bikes are loaded heaviest furthest inboard AND you do the maths it might be straps are not needed.This is an excellent device definitely worth the money and easy to recommend. The vendors were very helpful and patient too.
Ceri E - Vehicle type: Van
I am really pleased with this carrier. It feels nice and secure when travelling, and the bikes feel stable. I like that everything is locked on if I stop on a trip somewhere for a bite to eat, or on a campsite. I have the three bike version which is a bit heavy for me to lift, so if my adult sons are home I'll get them to do it for me! However, if necessary I can manage it. I wish they did a single bike version, which would be great for me on my solo trips!! I've used it on a European trip through France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, San Marino and Monaco with three bikes on, without a problem! Overall, really pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend.
Robert R - Vehicle type: Van
This is a quality well designed product. I bought the three bike rack to fit on the tow bar of a Peugeot Boxer camper van . This allows the rear doors to be opened to access items whilst the bikes are installed on the rack. Would recommend this product
Richard J - Vehicle type: Van
Have had this product for over a year it gets used between two vehicles on a regular basis . Bought the 3 bike version with the separate attachment for a fourth takes 4 adult mountain bikes . Really pleased with the quality once the initial teething process of getting used to which bike fits were it know takes minutes to get them on and off. Reason not giving it 10 stars would like the upright part of the frame to be easier to lock and fold down .That being said would defiantly recommend.
James C - Vehicle type: Van
Great product. Easy to set up. Easy to get bikes on and off. Good access to boot with bikes on. Not used the 4th bike adapter yet. Really well made piece of equipment
Hugo G - Vehicle type: Estate
The back of the bike carrier grounded when reversing up a modest incline. This has destroyed the electric cable and damaged the light housing and attachment. The bike carrier is not time consuming to mount and but fitting the bikes to it has to be done in a certain sequence and direction with pedals and handlebars exactly interlocked the way or you have to take them off and start again. Overall i'm not that pleased but it's probably my fault for breaking it.
TRBC reply - 23/10/2017
Dear Hugo, We're really sorry to hear that you had this incident with your STRADA. Thankfully, we have a full range of spare parts available for the STRADA and, if you let us know the parts that you require, I'm sure we can sort something out for you: Best wishes. Elliot
Caroline M - Vehicle type: MPV
Absolutely excellent; easy and quick to load.
Roy F - Vehicle type: Hatchback
Really good product
Darren W - Vehicle type: Estate
Iím so glad I followed my friendís recommendation - absolutely brilliant: easy to fit, easy to put bikes on, easy to secure (rack and bikes) , easy to access boot even when bikes are mounted. rack fits in boot. Perfect.
Michael T - Vehicle type: Van
Well built. Slides well. Holds bikes very securely. With a 1inch tow bar spacer fitted I can open the rear doors of a Peugeot boxer / Fiat ducato fully with no bikes fitted. With 3 bikes loaded, I can open the rear doors sufficiently for access to storage and to turn Gas on or off.
Marcin R - Vehicle type: MPV
Highly recommend this bike rack. So handy it slides back so you can access car trunk. Best construction I have seen so far.
Tim T - Vehicle type: Van
Very good product which fitted great on the tow bar of my camper. Travels very well with four bikes on back. Recommended
Colin C - Vehicle type: MPV
Bought this last Easter and it has already been from London to Belfast and London to Girona. It is very high quality and easy to use. The only minor issues are that the green button catch doesn't always spring back into place when the rack has been slid back into place and also the light board doesn't always seem to be properly connected so a few times I've had to pull over and wiggle the plug a bit to get it working again. It is good though and I would definitely recommend it.
TRBC reply - 19/10/2017
Dear Colin, Many thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback. I'm sorry to hear that your STRADA's slide mechanism isn't quite catching. You have to use a fair bit of force when sliding the rack back to ensure that the catch is engaged fully, as shown in our YouTube video: The acid test is to try and operate the slide mechanism with the kick bar, and you should find the rack won't slide. Give these tips a try, and please let us know if the problem persists. Best wishes. Elliot
Shehzad H - Vehicle type: Saloon
I had read many reviews as this my second ever bike carrier and going up in the world of bike carriers. First one was hundred quid one from Halfords and was so fiddly hence I had even order the car with the tow bar as I had spotted this carrier on my to the continent where everyone seemed to have one. Everything about the carrier is oozing of quality, sturdiness one less overall star as arms to hold bikes steady and in place could have been simplified. Putting on tow bar getting a little used to but for a first timer it was easy albeit I must admit I had forgotten once how to take it off as it does require a certain position.I can add a fourth bike rack as an extension. The carrier overall is heavier than I had expected but it handles the bumps in road very well. I would perhaps recommend this time time and again.. Does it represent value for money? hmmmmm not sure... 300 plus quids buys a lot and I'd rather have 1000 quid plus bike rather than my sons sports direct jobs...
Ian - Vehicle type: 4x4
Works well with Skoda Kodiaq. Like the slide/tilt function although I've found you need to push back with a little bit of force ensure its locked. But that could be its still new and been used about half a dozen times at the moment. I can load it onto the tow bar on my own easy enough, I'm only 5'6 and not exactly Arnie. Personally I'm wary of the wire run being underneath the frame on mine. I would feel more comfortable if it was along the frame, rather than underneath to reduce the risk of damage to the wires, if you lay the rack on something sharp or drag when loading. But that's just probably me being cautious. All in all a good rack, and provided you've got the couple of green indicators showing everything seems to lock in place fine.
Paul E - Vehicle type: MPV
The rack fits quickly and easily to the tow bar. The weight is easily managed holding the rack at the back and the handle for the tow bar securing mechanism. Securing the bikes is also very easy. The rubber hoops being much less likely to damage a carbon frame the clamp type and are easily adjusted for differing frame sizes. Although, we only have adult bikes, sixes xs to large. Wheel clamps are also easily adjusted for different sizes of bikes.
Martyn B - Vehicle type: Estate
Excellent piece of kit. For tow bar users it is quicker more convenient than roof bars and associated bike carriers. Good value, usual great service from Roof Box
Martin G - Vehicle type: MPV
We previously had a similarly-designed carrier but never felt completely confident in using it. So, buying the Atera STRADA DL was a bit of a leap of faith.However, were were not disappointed. Simple to use and, when mounted, everything feels very secure and safe. With four bikes, we needed the extra bar, which was easy to fit. The first couple of times, we had to fiddle aropund to work out the best way to mount the bikes (this has been true with other carriers) but once sorted, we can fit the carrier and mount all the bikes in under 10 minutes. Removing the bikes is even quicker. Because the carrier is easy to collapse, we always remove it at out destination, fold and put in the back of the car. A big bonus. You won't be disappointed in the product. I also contacted Roofbox once before the sale and once afterwards and found them helpful and knowledgeable.
Chris N - Vehicle type: Van
Excellent quality. Very sturdy but not too heavy. Lots of adjustments to fit various bikes. Mine is fitted to a peugeot boxer van and when tilted back, the doors can be opened. Locks are good and the whole thing is very secure in use. Should last for many years
David K - Vehicle type: Van
Ace bike rack. The only one I could find that works with a WV T5 withy barn doors
John P - Vehicle type: Estate
I never normally leave reviews, but this carrier is outstanding, so I felt I should. I hesitated before buying it as its quite expensive, but now I just wish I'd had one for years. Easy and quick to mount on the car (look at the video clip before your first go). Bikes are easy and secure to mount - better than Thule racks I've used. The wheel mounts are excellent, and the ratchet straps for the bikes are fast, secure and don't damage the frame. I bought the extra bike fitting, which is also very good, although a bit more fiddly as you have to attach the fourth bike to third one. Nice extra features like the place to store the electric cable when not in use. Finally, the feature that slides the rack away from the car is awesome. I assumed it was a bit of a gimmick, but as soon as I used it I loved it. Now I can load the bikes on the car whilst the rest of the family is faffing with their packing. Then when they finally arrive with their cases, I slide the bikes out of the way and load up the car. I love it!
Ben G - Vehicle type: 4x4
This is my first tow bar mounted rack and I love it. Whilst it is omer expensive that others, it is worth every penny. The build quality is excellent and we have driven with 3 bikes on it from the south up to the Cairngorms in Scotland without issue. It is so quick to attached and get ready, life is far simpler with this rack. No need for sticky pads or screw for the numberplate as it just clips into the recessed holder. Probably the best thing about the Atera Strada is the arc sliding feature allowing you to easier open the boot without taking bikes off. It gives you a great deal of space between the boot and the bikes and latches back it ha very positive mechanism. We have used it for both road and mountain bikes, again without issue. Adjusting the wheel holders is simple and we have yet to load bike that would not fit. Locking the wheels is similarly simple. All in all a fantastic, and after 2 years of regular use, very reliable and sturdy product.
David R - Vehicle type: Van
An excellent product! Easy to fit following the instructions sent with it. Tilting facility is perfect for our van conversion motorhome - access to the back and to the fad bottles is brilliant. This is the best bike carrier I have ever used - perfectly sitting on the tow bar and its integral locking system gives peace of mind. I cannot rate this product too highly!
Paul O - Vehicle type: Van
We bought this bike rack as we have a tail gate VW transporter camper and want/need access to the book to turn the gas on when we reach our location. For that purpose this rack is fantastic and works really well. We have to turn the nearest bike handlebars but other than that it is perfect. The ratchet system works well and once you know the best position, orientation of the bikes and pedal position you are set. I would highly recommend this rack.
Richard S - Vehicle type: 4x4
Good quality and durable, easy to use too. Don't buy the optional fourth bicycle extender if you drive a car with a rear roof spoiler ( in our case a Renault Kadjar and LR Discovery), the straps which are required to manage the additional weight are designed to hook on to the top of the boot door but cannot do so due to the spoilers.
Mark D - Vehicle type: Van
I'm very pleased with this carrier. It is well made and once fitted, very easy to operate. The way in which the system allows the bikes to be slid away from the rear of the vehicle is fantastic. We have a VW camper van and I can oboe the tail gate without taking the bikes off. Fantastic. The build quality is good. Initially I struggled to fit it onto the tow hook but once I got the hang of it it went on very easily. A very good product. The only -ve comment is that the 'green release button' is a bit flimsy. In summary - very pleased.
Chris A - Vehicle type: Van
I have only used it 3 or 4 times so far but I can vouch that it locks on superbly well to the towball. The overall quality seems great, the electrics work well and the bikes seem very secure on it. I cannot compare with other racks but with 2 adult hybrid bikes and two child bikes, using the 4th bike adapter, works but it does taking a bit of playing to get all the bikes to fit on yet not damage one another. This will also be different with different bikes so if you are taking friends bikes they may need different orientation to yours! However this keeps the rack compact. I do love the sliding mechanism to allow me access to the boot of my T5 Caravelle with it's large rear door whilst keeping the bikes on the rack.
Eleanor J - Vehicle type: Estate
This Bike carrier is amazing. I've used it several times and have put it on my car myself (5 ft 4 woman) plus the bikes. Feel totally safe driving with it, in fact today I forgot I had three bikes on it driving around! You can slide the whole thing back to open the boot which is great - unless you have three heavy bikes in which case you need a friend to help push them all back on again. I am really pleased I bought this one. Safe, nifty and doesn't weigh a ton unlike some.
John S - Vehicle type: Van
This product is excellent. Does what it says. Bought because it allows us to open the back door on our VW California Campervan with the bikes on the back.
Paul D - Vehicle type: MPV
Fitted to a Ford S-Max, this bike carrier drops out of the way perfectly meaning we can open the boot without having to remove the rack - even with 4 adult bikes fitted onto it. We have used this in combinations with two road bikes, three mountain bikes, two mountain bikes and two childs bikes (with 4th bike add-on bracket) and also with 4 adult road bikes. I have not found it necessary to use the additional securing straps which would connect to the boot, and find the secure tow-ball mount is adequate and causes no issues at all.When using with three mountain bikes I found it necessary to remove one of the saddles in order to get the bikes mounted correctly with wide handlebars an issue, and when used with 4 road bikes it was necessary to place foam in a few places to protect the frames - this could be the way I mounted the bikes, but apart from this the bike rack was first class.The bike rack locks to the towball, and when the bikes are clamped in place on the rack, the securing arms can also be locked to ensure your bikes don't go walkies. Lights and indicators work fine, and there is an audible alert in the cab when you indicate.I would definitely recommend this bike rack. My friends (one has an old Thule rack from the towball, and the other has an "off-the-boot" hanging rack) are also super impressed with the ease of use
Russel G - Vehicle type: 4x4
If you believe all the motoring press reviews this is the best things since sliced bread... Don't get wrong it's very well built and light to carry. Connection ratchets work well but are very loud which you really notice when loading up at 6am. Sure I wake most of the road. But this rack can be really frustrating to use when loading 3 or 4 bikes. I much preferred the Buzz Racks connection hoop between bikes 1 and 2 which meant only having to get an arm over 1 bike not 2/3. For my weekly use which is generally just 1 or 2 bikes it's ok but for anymore the Strada DL really is like the Krypton factor, and handlebars need turning to get 2 adult MTB and 2 x 20" kids MTB bikes. I'm still not sure I'd buy this again, certainly not twice as good ( in costs terms ) as the Buzz rack I also had from Roofbox.
Sarah P - Vehicle type: 4x4
Chose this product based on reviews on the site, and also very helpful telephone advice. Would not hesitate to recommend this bike carrier. We bought it with the extension so 4 bikes can be carried.There are very helpful videos on the website and we watched these through first. Fitting the rack to the car was then very simple as everything had been explained so well. It is sturdy and robust, yet light enough for me to carry and manoeuvre easily (5ft tall female). There are safety features so you know you have fitted it correctly to the towbar, which adds reassurance. The bikes load on easily (again, all explained very well in the videos) and it feels very stable, even when fully loaded.Detaching the rack is also very simple and it folds flat and will fit in the boot of the car easily.This is a marvellously-designed product that carries 4 bikes with ease. I can fit and load it on my own in about 20 minutes.
Spencer B - Vehicle type: Van
This really is the best towbar rack - worth the extra to allow the drop down mechanism and very simple to use after first couple of fittings. Drop mine on and off on a weekly basis with ease
Mike C - Vehicle type: Estate
Fantastic bit of kit. Once adjusted it works great. Love the fact it slides out so you can open the rear door. Checking the carrier has slid firmly home and locked into position has caught me out twice now despit me double checking. I pulled away the the carrier and bikes slid back. Now I literally shake the living daylights out of it to ensure it's locked into place. I'd like to see more light lens protection. When folding down the handle to grip the hall hitch I'm always worried I'm going to break it. I haven't yet mind. Apart from these minor niggles I'm delighted with this and in fairness now I'm used to its foibles it really is a cinch to set up. Also, when we take the bikes off we can store this bike rack inside the back of the car which is fantastic.
Philip D - Vehicle type: Van
Awesome piece of ki Easy to load easy to move slider back to open rear overhead door on VW transporter T5. Now using on my motorhome pulls back so I can get my roof ladders down . Only downside if using bike position nearest van or motor home door / ladders on VW it catches the handlebars so unless you loosen and turn the handlebars sideways it does not clear the bike closest to the van Also on motorhome it just catches the wheel and forks of bike but only just . Overall a brilliant piece of kit well built and Does the job well . If the design would be lengthened away from tow bar even just by a small amount the up and over door or my ladders would clear the bike on the nearest position this probably applies to side opening rear doors on VW transporter very close cars and hatch backs I think would be ok to open . Not tried this myself . Still happy with my bike rack
John L - Vehicle type: Van
Bought this carrier as it enabled me to open the tailgate of my VW California without removing the bikes. Tried a competitors version, Thule, but the tailgate would not open.
Peter N - Vehicle type: MPV
Bought as a gift for my son, easy to fit and even easier to use. I cannot rate it highly enough
Trevor H - Vehicle type: Estate
As usual I did a lot of research before getting the bike carrier as they aren't cheap but as the saying goes you get what you pay for. Fitting is easy, there's some really good you tube videos to follow. Once on, it's takes 3 bikes with ease and the best feature I think is the sliding action so you can open the rear hatch with the carrier fully loaded. As it is fitted to the tow bar it is very stable on the motorway and the added benefit of reversing lights on the light board is good too. Storing in the garage is easy if you purchase the wall adapter. Also if when you have removed the bikes, you can take it off the tow bar and put it in the boot but as you lock it to the hitch, it's not really necessary but handy to do if you're a bit paranoid!
Don W - Vehicle type: Van
I carry two mountain bikes with a VW T4 and struggled to find a bike carrier that would let me open the barn doors while the bikes are on the carrier. It is tight but possible once the carrier has been slid back. The nice thing is you can step in next to the van without banging your shins or having to strain your back leaning over the carrier. It is a very well made and well thought out carrier. As with all new products spend some time learning to lock it onto the tow ball. Once you get that part sorted (which is easy) the whole thing is very quick to get on and off. The strapping down of the bikes is quick and easy once you have positioned the wheel straps for the first time, but also easy to adjust if you need to take different bikes on it.
Thomas A - Vehicle type: Hatchback
Used on both a car and a 4X4, has carried bikes on 300 mile trips. Simple to use and would recommend.
Glyn G - Vehicle type: MPV
Excellent could not wish for better
James W - Vehicle type: MPV
Great bike rack. Really easy to use. Takes 4 bikes and can still get in the boot.
Chris M - Vehicle type: MPV
We've had the atera strada for about a year. The ease of mounting it on the tow ball is amazing - its lighter than most 4 bike carriers (still quite hefty though) but the ability of to drop it into the ball and the weight being immediately taken is a huge advantage. We have 4 kids and need frequent access to the boot, so the slide function makes it practical and easy to keep the bikes mounted without losing the boot space. When on holiday last year we were able to take the bikes with us every day on trips, just in case we decided to use them without compromising anything. Not something we've been able to do before. The bikes feel secure once loaded and once we figured out the best order to load them, getting 4 bikes on and off only takes a couple of minutes. I'd recommend this carrier to anyone that needs to take 4 bikes and keep access to their boot space as required.
Patrick D - Vehicle type: Saloon
I love this bike carrier for several reasons..it's light but strong and carries three bikes with ease. As with any new piece of kit, it took a few outings before I got comfortable with fitting and removing the carrier and mounting different bikes but now it's no problem. I always feel confident that my bikes are securely attached to the car and the fact that the bikes and the carrier are locked, adds to the sense of security. This carrier couldn't be described as cheap but I would highly recommend it to someone looking for a quality bike carrier..
Michael B - Vehicle type: MPV
Did some research and this looked good. I havnt been disappointed, it is easy to fit and very stable. I have the 4th bike adaptor also which is fine. So all good.
Paul A - Vehicle type: Van
We have just returned from a three week trip to Switzerland and the Italian lakes with two bikes on the bike rack, 2000 miles without a moments trouble, even drove over the splugen pass around all the hairpin bends and steep inclines, the bike rack never moved.The sliding mechanism works really well and allows easy access to the back of the vw t5 via the tailgate.Once set up it is a simple job to put on, or take the bikes off I was unsure how I would get on with a bike rack with not having had one before, I needn't have worried because it is well made and easy to use. Paul. Ps. it also makes a great clothes rack for drying your towels whilst on site.<
Howard P - Vehicle type: Van
Top quality as well as good value. The big hit for me is the large slide away from the back of the van so the boot will open. Works with VW Vans too.
David R - Vehicle type: Estate
An excellent piece of gear. The Roof Box videos do not lie and it is easy to fit to car, fit the bikes and when finished strip and fold under your arm and into the shed or the car. I remove from the car in car parks to avoid it being damaged. We use it as my mate says 'like a field gun team' while I lock the crossbar he locks the wheel straps. I used to have a hanging unit but had to fit padding to avoid bikes clashing and damaging. The lack of tools needed to fit is a great idea as also the green warning that you are not on correctly. Yes it costs a bit but is well worth the price and I have got nothing but praise. I've only used the pull back twice when forgetting to close the boot but it too works well
Geoff M - Vehicle type: 4x4
Top quality and very secure when in use. Attaching to the tow ball takes a few attempts to get the knack but not really a drawback. Fully lockable means you cam leave it attached whilst away from the vehicle, and bikes are locked in place when loaded meaning you can leave them for short periods with confidence. Recommended.
Jon B - Vehicle type: Van
Bought this to replace a Thule model that wouldn't allow my van (VW T5) tailgate to open. This one is significantly cheaper than the equivalent Thule model to my old one, is smaller and lighter which is handy for getting it on and off and storing it in both garage and van boot and the slide mechanism lets me get the tailgate up. The flip side is that it doesnt feel as solid on the van and I feel the need to use the supplementary straps to the top of the tailgate when travelling which somewhat reduces the advantage of the slide back mechanism as the straps need to be removed to access the boot. The other con is that the bike frame clamps cannot be removed and their order changed on the bar as is the case with Thule which can mean quite a bit of trial and error when trying to get multiple bikes to fit on. That being said, I wouldnt hesitate to recommend this product .
Gary I - Vehicle type: Saloon
Easy to use. 3 bike version probably more suited to 2 mountain bikes.
Paul R - Vehicle type: Saloon
Good quality rack, easy to use.
Robin P - Vehicle type: 4x4
The best one can get
Brian T - Vehicle type: 4x4
We bought our Atera Strada DL bike rack after reading the Roofbox review and were so pleased with it that we gave it to our son and bought another one for ourselves. Our son and his family are as pleased with it as we were. The design and construction are first class.
James W - Vehicle type: Van
Super carrier took bikes all the way to France & back. Definitely worth every penny.
Jonathan B - Vehicle type: 4x4
This is a very good quality piece of equipment that has made our family trips out with the bikes much easier. Our previous tow ball mounted unit was heavy, difficult to attach to the tow ball and I always wondered whether the bikes would still be there when we arrived at our destination. Not so with the Atera Strada DL. It is easy to attach, easy to see when it is attached properly and holds the bikes in place so that they never move when we are travelling. I like the lockable bike holders and never worry when parked up with the bikes on. It is thoroughly recommended by me and is worth every penny. We have the 4th bike attachment, and, after a bit of time spent fixing it to the main unit, holds the 4th bike in place very securely. We travel with two adult mountain bikes (a 29er and a ladies 26" and two children's mountain bikes with 20" wheels) and everything fits with no problems
David F - Vehicle type: MPV
Excellent piece of kit. Fits s-max very well, easy to fit and recline to open boot. Carries 3 bikes comfortablly, no notable difference to car weight or performance. Only mild grumble is I haven't figured out a consistent smooth way to remove from tow bar. Still, highly recommend
Paul W - Vehicle type: 4x4
Spent a lot of time researching before deciding which bike carrier to buy and I must say this one is excellent.Went for a two week holiday to France last year and it was a joy to use simple to load the bikes and very secure the quality is superb..The fact you can load and unload your boot while the bikes are all in place is a real plus .I would thoroughly recommend this product ticks all the boxes.Taking it to Austria this year knowing it will perform brilliantly and not let me down.Worth every penny
Paul B - Vehicle type: Van
This rack is ok as it can slide out of the way when you open the VW T6 tailgate and this is why it was purchased. However the build quality is not as good as similar Thule racks that I've had in the past and because most MTB handlebars are now wider I can't open the tailgate completely. Most MTB tyres are also wider (up to 2.8) and this too makes it tricky to strap the bikes on. So overall ok but could be better.
TRBC reply - 30/06/2017
Dear Paul, Many thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback about the STRADA. The DL 3 is the only rack on the market that will allow you to fully open the T6's tailgate, so it really is a clever design. We take your point about the handlebar issue, but unfortunately there's not a lot that can be done about this. Longer straps are available for wider tyres up to 4" (available at the foot of this page): Please donít hesitate to let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Best wishes. Elliot
Kevin S - Vehicle type: Estate
Great product. Highly recommended. Easy to use, very secure and well made.
John O - Vehicle type: 4x4
Its a great carrier. Far easier than other methods. Makes it easier for fat middle aged men to get their bikes out of the cellar and on the road. Highly recommended
Jenny M - Vehicle type: 4x4
I read quite a lot about different tow ball carriers before purchasing. It was pricey but really well built. Easy to put on the car, especially with use of videos, and feels so secure. I don't notice any movement or sound when on the motorway with bikes. Great that they are also locked to the carrier. With garage wall mounted attachment, safely stored when not in use. Very happy with it.
Noel H - Vehicle type: Van
Very well made and way to use. Bought specifically as didn't want to tow a trailer and also be able to open tailgate of van and with the slide away function it's absolutely perfect. Not given 10 stars as not used the 4 bike attachment yet.
James B - Vehicle type: Van
All I can say is absolutely brilliant. Strong, light, easy to use and also stylish. Brilliant
Simon S - Vehicle type: 4x4
One of the best on the market for quality and ease of use. Simple mechanism, 13 pin. Slides away easily from car for full boot access. Clever no tools number plate install.
Robert C - Vehicle type: 4x4
We have been using the Atera Strada DL bike carrier since last summer and found it to be exactly as it 'says on the tin';. It's robust, reasonably easy to use and securely carries three bikes. We have driven the car with all bikes on board locally and for long distance (e.g. Cheshire to Glasgow) and never had a moments concern about the security. Other reviewers have made comments about the set up and I'd agree it does take a couple of tries to align the bikes correctly, so I'd say take the opportunity to practice a couple of times. We now have it down to a fine art and can have it fixed to the car, with bikes on board in less than 20 minutes. If you are doing a comparison shop, check that the competitors have a full-spec connector - the Atera has 13-pin, which means you get your reversing and fog lights on the display.
Owain R - Vehicle type: 4x4
Generally very happy. Unit is heavy to manoeuvre onto the tow ball but once in place is very secure. Carried 4 adult bikes hundruds of miles with no issues.Certainly worth the price and feels like it will last years.
Duncan B - Vehicle type: 4x4
It would be a better design if it folded up so it was out of the way when not being used.
John O - Vehicle type: Estate
I got this carrier for my motor home and also for my BMW estate. It's a fantastic piece of kit. Easy to use, lightweight. The main reason I got it was because it locks onto the tow bar and the bikes also lock on to the carrier. When I'm away in the motor home the bikes can be on the back of the vehicle for up to a month so I want to know they're safe and secure. In terms of the estate car I can access the tailgate by sliding the carrier back. If I was to find fault I would say that when it's on the motorhome I can't put a mountain bike on the first position because the handlebars run on the back of the van. I have to put my road bike there. Overall well pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend it.
Andrew B - Vehicle type: 4x4
I looked at many other bike racks before purchasing the Altera Strada DL. The build quality is excellent and its simplicity is the defining quality of this bike rack. Very easy to fit, no fiddling or adjusting necessary and once the bikes are loaded and locked they are secure and safe. Even with the addition of optional 4th bike stowage rail, the rack is extremely stable when driving. The feature to allow access to the boot space is once again simple but very effective; one button push and the bike rack effortlessly slides rearwards to allow the boot to open, then locks back into its original position with a push. If you are looking for a bike rack that is straightforward to use, durable and secure then the Altera Strada DL is the one to choose
Stuart M - Vehicle type: Van
Bought my DL3 rack specifically for my VW T5 California as it allows the rear door to be fully opened without removing the rack or bikes. Note that the only the DL3 allows the rear door to open on the T5 so even is you only need it for two bike you must get the DL3 not the DL2. Fitting is very simple, slide out mechanism well designed, bike attachment and locks work perfectly, would I recommend it? yes most definitely.
Neil C - Vehicle type: MPV
Quality exceptional. Very easy to get on and off the car - would advise doing it a couple of times when not in a rush to get technique right and order of the bikes especially if they vary a lot in size. And being able to easily get stuff in and out of the boot with bikes on is fantastic. Overall been great - highly recommend for any family.
Nick A - Vehicle type: MPV
Really pleased with the bike carrier. Feels really well made and, once you acquire the knack, it's simple to fit and remove. Very secure and solid. Well worth the cost.
Andrew S - Vehicle type: 4x4
Very solid and easy to use. Fits on tow bar very securely. Driven 100s of miles with 3 bikes on the back. No worries at all
Andrew F - Vehicle type: Estate
Great product! Fantastic for family bikes and for robustly transporting my 'steed' down bumpy country roads. This has surpassed my expectations which is always good. As a professional marketeer I am a tough customer to please. I recommend this product
Jude C - Vehicle type: 4x4
Very easy to fit and to get bikes on and off. A great well made product. Would definitely recommend it
Philip D - Vehicle type: MPV
Superbly made and easy to get on and off our MPV. Our old rack took a long struggle to get on and off as it was so heavy. This one is half the weight. My heart was in my mouth slightly when we slide the carrier back with all 4 bikes (I also bought the 4th bike addon kit) on to get into the boot as it seems like a lot of strain on the detachable tow ball the we have, but it works as advertised and makes life a lot easier when you leave the cars keys in the boot!!! Highly recommended
Clifford H - Vehicle type: Estate
I spent a lot of time researching bike racks online and also looking at a few in shops before going for this one. It was a bit more expensive than most but well worth it!! Attaching and removing it from the tow bar is really easy and the straps that hold the bikes in place are SO much easier to use than the cord and buckle style ones that cheaper racks have so you get a lot less mucky getting the bikes fixed in place. I'd very highly recommend this product.
Malcolm B - Vehicle type: MPV
Great piece of kit. The main rack is ready to use straight out of the box, adding the 4th bike adaptor takes about 30-45 minutes the first time but once it is fitted it stays on. The first time you use it don't try and fit it 15 minutes before leaving as you need to figure out the best way to position/orientate the bikes on the rack. However, once you have done this it takes 10-15 minutes to fit the rack and 4 bikes. Everything can be locked, the rack to the car and the bikes to the rack which gives you some piece of mind. I have it on an large MPV and it doesn't make a difference to the handling or fuel consumption. The way it slides away from the vehicle to allow access to the boot is just brilliant. Overall, it is a well built piece of kit and is easy to use. It is also cheaper and lighter than the best offerings from other manufactures too. The optional wall hanger makes for storing it out of the way nice and simple. The service from roofbox was second to none.
David H - Vehicle type: Estate
Much lighter and much easier to attach than the steel bolt on rack it replaced. Despite that remains very secure on poor roads with 3 or 4 bikes on it. Can occasionally be a bit fiddly to get the locks to engage on the top bar straps and there is a knack to attaching to a tow ball that takes a couple of minutes to learn - probably as a result of the instructions not being as clear as they might be but other than that no issues at all
Edward W - Vehicle type: 4x4
Very pleased good construction but somewhat heavy -as expected re build. Easy to use and feels safe on the vehicle
James W - Vehicle type: Estate
The bike carrier was easy to assemble and Very sturdy and easy to use .... The Germans always seem To lead the way in such items . Brilliant
Keith M - Vehicle type: Van
Fantastic bit of kit that fits perfectly to my VW T5 van. The sliding mechanism to allow the van tailgate to open was the main reason for getting this rack & I wasn't disappointed - it works perfectly - very easy for one person to slide it, even with 3 bikes on the rack. However I do have to loosen & rotate the handlebars of the bike nearest the van to give enough clearance for the tailgate (not a problem for me, but you do have to remember to carry an allen key to adjust the handlebars). It's amazing how many times you need to get into the boot when on a trip with 2 kids & a full van - the 2 seconds it takes to slide the rack out leaves you feeling chuffed every time! Highly recommended bit of kit. Roof Box Customer services were very helpful too, with advice & info when deciding on my purchase.
Chris K - Vehicle type: 4x4
Well built easy to quickly fit on the tow ball,slowest part is connecting the electrics.You have to think about handlebars and saddles when loading when loading 3 bikes as on all carriers.Easy to secure the carrier and then to lock the bikes. Best carrier I have seen!
James A - Vehicle type: MPV
Faultless and easy to use. This carriers design makes bike transport very easy. Access to the boot space is simple too
David B - Vehicle type: Van
A great bit of kit. I can now travel with two bikes on the back of the van and still get easily into the rear using the slide down mechanism. And once on site we take off the bikes and leave the rack in position on the van but folded down so that we can still get in the back . Easy to use, secure and not too heavy..... Buy one!
Julian D - Vehicle type: Van
Highly recommended. Light, sturdy, easy to fit/remove. Bikes are held very securely and are well supported. Tilt forward function allows full access to tailgate. Doesn't take up too much space when stored. Great service from roofbox.co.uk item arrived quickly and well packaged, they also carry a full compliment of spares if needed.
Keith B - Vehicle type: MPV
Excellent bike rack. Very secure with 4 bikes on but depending on the type of vehicle you drive you need to be mindful of the weight that far behind the rear wheels. The slide away function to allow access to the tailgate is easy to use fully loaded with bikes and is a very well thought out feature.
Murray F - Vehicle type: MPV
Excellent quality piece of kit. First time fit was a little challenging but overall this is a superb item. We've got a lot more use out of the family bikes and although expensive, this carrier soon pays its way in terms of increased fun out and about.
Gareth T - Vehicle type: Estate
Good rack - reasonable light and easy to use. The frame support bars are a bit fiddly and you need to take some time raising /lowering seats to fit multiple bikes but this is true of other similar designs. I found that the rack was liable to move form side to side if you are negotiating a twisty road with 4 bikes on the back - not a problem if only carrying two. the rack comes with extra straps to mitigate this but they do not fit my car as they would rub against and possibly damage the rear lip spoiler. The good news with this rack is that there is no noise generated when travelling and no difference in fuel consumption. Also, no need to worry about height restrictions. A good buy overall.
Richard R - Vehicle type: MPV
First rate. I looked around at various options and settled for this. We use it for two 25 kg (i.e heavy) electric bikes taken on long continental journeys and it works really well. The ability to slide the rack outward and downwards with bikes installed means one can open the tailgate easily. Surprised me in being considerably cheaper from the Roof Box Company than from Amazon Well done and many thanks for being there
Mark G - Vehicle type: Hatchback
Awesome carrier. Easy to assemble, mount on the tow hitch, attach and remove the bikes and remove carrier from the car when finished. So please I invested that little bit extra for a quality product! Very satisfied !
David S - Vehicle type: Estate
Great piece of kit with extension for 4 bikes Been to France, centre parcs and no problems Really like the slide out feature to access boot of car with bikes in place Fitted to removable swan neck tow bar so does not interfere with reversing sensors
Chris M - Vehicle type: 4x4
The Atera Strada DL is about as easy as it gets to use. I have a large family with lots of bikes and this is perfect for my needs. Yes, it is one of the more expensive on the market but the times I have spent trying to fix bikes on the back of cars has been massively reduced. I have less bashed fingers and cut hands. The bikes simply slot in (even my kids massive mountain bikes). The Strada also stops that worried look in the mirror thing you do on long journeys. All those "What's that bang" stuff that goes through your head just doesn't happen anymore - it's a solid bit of kit that I (being half Yorkshire, half Scottish) believe is worth every penny.
Nick P - Vehicle type: Hatchback
Bought this a few months ago and it has been brilliant. The first time you put it on it is a bit time-consuming but after that it becomes so much easier. It is not that heavy to lift on to the towbar. I also bought the adaptor for the fourth bike and it has not let us down. Once you get used to the fact that the bikes will move a little on the rack, you forget all about them. The bikes are individually locked one by one and there is a plastic "belt" for each wheel to keep them secure. You can even open the boot with all four bikes on the towbar. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who hates having to take their bikes apart to get them into the car.
Peter F - Vehicle type: Van
Fits a vivaro with barn doors; can open LHS door with rack extended.
Nikki G - Vehicle type: Hatchback
It's great and easy to use
Peter O - Vehicle type: 4x4
Quick to set up, easy to use and very secure - this tow bar mounted carrier is excellent in every way.
Paul C - Vehicle type: Saloon
Fantastic piece of kit and does what it says it does. Would highly recommend as easy to use and very good quality. Previously I had scratched my car trying to use my boot, this rack saves damaging your car and allows easy access to items in your boot. Expensive but if you can afford well worth the extra money. Bikes are secure and locked onto the rack. Would certainly buy again as supplier was very helpfull and delivered on time.
Karen D - Vehicle type: 4x4
Great quality - very well made and easy to use. My bike has to go on first though and then my husbands second, due to the design of my bike's top tube (ladies small Lapierre Zesty). Seat posts do need to be lowered to avoid the saddles getting in the way of the handlebars. It took about half an hour to work it all out the very first time we used it but after that its been very easy and takes about 5 minutes. It is safe locked on to the towbar but can be put in the boot easily for added security when you are off with the bikes, the locks on the straps attaching the bikes also give peace of mind if you have to leave them for a short while in service station car parks, although we do also use a secondary cable with lock as well. We took bikes and dogs to Wales for our first use of it and we were able to get the dogs in and out of the boot with the bikes still on the rack by using the tilt mechanism which means that we can keep the dog guard in place and don't need to take bikes off when they need to stretch their legs on a long journey. A little more expensive than basic bike racks but given the amount we use it we thought it worth paying for the quality and added features. Very happy with this purchase.
Aidan F - Vehicle type: MPV
Great build quality and very easy to use. I do think the price could be slightly better though.
Ian B - Vehicle type: Hatchback
I bought this bike rack because I want a rack to mount on the rear tow bar. It is easy to set up and load. I like the fact that it is small enough to fit in the boot so when I arrive at a track or race I can take my bike off and then store it in the boot and it doesn't take up all the car park.
Steven B - Vehicle type: Hatchback
The Atera Strada is at the upper end of the price range for bike carriers, however as the saying goes You get what you pay for! This is expensive but it is well made and does everything as advertised to a high standard. The locking straps for the wheels and frames hold the bike solidly and there is plenty of adjustment for road and mountain bikes (we've carried both). The tyre chocks are also adjustable and lockable. The carrier when locked to the ball is solid and the ball joint indicator is very useful (green indicator to show a "safe" lock). There are locks on the straps and the ball joint lever, however I'd put them on a par with the Thule roof bar locks. That is, they look good as a deterrent but the locks aren't very robust and a determined thief could make short work of them. I always locks the bike frames with a good lock to the bike carrier. Although the bikes can appear to bounce around a little in the rear view mirror they are very secure. The sliding/tilting frame mechanism is easy to use and again there is an indicator to confirm when the frame has returned to its secure position. We have a 2009 Mondeo and we've used this feature several times to gain access to the boot and it's been a huge benefit! The lights all function we'll, they're are clear and we'll lit. The Atera is a solid, we'll made piece of kit, it's designed and manufactured to last. We've used it many times and it's never let us down. I've lent it to friends and family and would recommend it, it's been a great investment.
Charles A - Vehicle type: Estate
Whilst I rate Roof Box for customer service, the first rack turned up with a pivot bolt missing which did cause a certain amount of stress 48 hrs before our due departure time for holiday. Roof Box pulled out the stops and got a replacement couried to us in 24hrs which did have all the bolts! Not as perfect in function as originally expected, the rack is solid and well made and the pivoting action (once you get the hang of the release button) is great for access to the boot of the car without removing the bikes. Not sure that I'd buy this one again if I needed to choose again, but it does what it is supposed to do
Tim B - Vehicle type: Estate
The design and quality of this carrier is excellent. It seems unfeasible that you can suspend it on a tow bar but you can and it's very sturdy and reliable. The bikes attach to the carrier very securely as well and we fitted the attachment for the fourth bike with no problem. The only thing which slightly goes against it is that it's not as light as you would think and requires a bit of strength to get it on and off the car. That's not really a quibble, just a warning! Overall an excellent product.
Stuart B - Vehicle type: Saloon
We purchased the Atera based on the reviews on this site and can certainly back them up so far. The set up out of the box was pretty straightforward and with the help of the YouTube video on fitting we were up and running very quickly. Built quality is very good and the carrier feels very sturdy and stable once clamped on. Getting the bikes on and off is a breeze and the slide down action to gain access to the boot is excellent. Having lockable clamps is handy for those overnight stops although I would also secure the bikes with a decent bike lock. / chain too for added security. Overall I can honestly say this rack has made family bike trips far less stressful, faster and enjoyable.
Mark T - Vehicle type: Van
Brilliant bike rack slides clear of barn doors on our camper van so much easier to use compared to rack which clips on hatchback boot.
Ben C - Vehicle type: Van
We have used many bike racks over the years and this one just is head and shoulders above the rest. Sure it is expensive, but the quality, ease of use and minimal hassle in putting on and then mounting / dismounting the bikes more than make up for it. Highly recommended.
Nigel R - Vehicle type: Van
This product has been all over the country in just a year. I have a fiat doblo with a large hatchback but we can still open the door once the carrier is slid down. It is durable and light several other people have commented on how much better this design is compared to what they use. Overall, we couldn't, be happier.
Paul S - Vehicle type: 4x4
I spent a lot of time finding the right bike carrier. The Atera Strada is best in class, sturdy and well made, easy to use and most importantly holds the bikes very securely. Customer service with the roof box company is second to none, with prompt delivery. I ordered the additional fourth bike kit which wasn't in stock. Roof box company immediately contacted me to see if I wanted the carrier delivered with the fourth bike kit to follow. This I agreed to there was no additional postage costs and the second parcel arrived very promptly. I cannot recommend the roof box company highly enough. Great product great service!
James M - Vehicle type: Saloon
Really easy to use. Holds bikes secure and allows clear acces to boot if required. Well worth the cost.
John C - Vehicle type: MPV
Light, strong easy to use and very secure. Folds down neatly. Far better than bikes on the roof, fuel economy unaffected when carrying 4 bikes. The extension is easily attached.
Morne W - Vehicle type: 4x4
Easy and convenient to use once you get the hang of the mechanism. Very practical and enough clearance to open boot. Lightweight for one person to handle and secure locks.
Andrew W - Vehicle type: Estate
I am halfway on my return journey through France to the UK. What a relief not to have no more struggling with bikes on the roof and moments of frustration when tunnels through French cities have limited headroom! Excellent well built product, easy to use , takes three adult's bikes with ease and holds them very firmly and securely, the greatest asset is the ability to slide the carrier out and away from the rear door to give full access to the back of the estate and allows our large Labrador to exit easily. This feature makes a huge difference to our long journeys through France which necessitate regular stops for the dog, I would unreservedly recommend this carrier.
Saskia W - Vehicle type: Estate
Excellent bike rack. Very secure. Easy to get on & off once you know how (but not obvious how to remove it-I had to read instructions and learn how to do it). Easy to secure bikes on. I would definitely recommend this bike rack we've used it a lot and it's very strong and safe. Really well made.
Pete B - Vehicle type: MPV
I have a Toyota hiace regius campervan and needed a bike rack to swing out of the way of the tailgate when opened. This bike rack does exactly this and is so easy to fit and use. this bike rack is BRILLIANT!, buy one and you won`t be disappointed
Maurice W - Vehicle type: MPV
Beautifully engineered and easy to use. Definitely the one to go for
Richard W - Vehicle type: 4x4
This has been a great purchase. Service was excellent.
Stuart W - Vehicle type: 4x4
Great product would highly recommend. Had a Thule ride on 3 x bike before but this is far better. Takes all wheel sizes In our house 700c road bike , wife's 28" shopper, daughters 24" MTB , sons 26 MTB and my 29" full suspension MTB. We also have a dog so getting him and luggage in and out of boot is easy. Lightweight and easy to put on and added security with locking to towbar and to bikes Amazing buy one u won't be disappointed
Ben E - Vehicle type: MPV
The rack is so easy to use and set up I don't know why more people aren't using it!
Andrew W - Vehicle type: MPV
I've had this product for several months now and every time I've used it it's been faultless. Simple to use, lightweight so it's easy to put on the towbar and once on, solid as a rock. Folds away flat for easy storage as well. Yes it's quite expensive (that's why I've marked it down one star overall) but the best generally is.
Duncan R - Vehicle type: Estate
So simple to use and the quality is fantastic. Only very slight difficulty is when loading the bikes the straps that secure the wheels sometimes get in the way making it slightly difficult to locate the tyres - otherwise it would be 10/10 all the way
Ian P - Vehicle type: Estate
Quality bit of kit. Solid. German. Enough said
Linda T - Vehicle type: Hatchback
A very simple design which is so easy to use, great quality product, reasonably priced. The bikes are safe and secure and the rack can be removed and locked in the boot if necessary. Before purchasing I checked out Best Bike Rack in What Car and this model came out top and rightly so. Roof box were so competively priced and delivery was prompt. When it was delivered it was exciting to see if it said what was on the tin. It was. If you need a reliable, secure and easy to attach bike rack the Atera Strada DL is the one for you
Julie L - Vehicle type: 4x4
I'm female with 2 boys and I find this bike carrier very easy to use. Very easy to get on and off the tow ball, a little heavy but ok. Took a bit of fiddling around with the bars that secure the bikes but once I had the 3 bikes on, the 2nd time was easier. A very well made product.
John M - Vehicle type: Hatchback
Great allround product
Simon D - Vehicle type: 4x4
Having done a considerable amount of research on cycle carriers (google, various forums inc the UK Lexus Forum) I was directed to www.roofbox.co.uk. The first thing I did was to decide the type of cycle carrier, which for me was a no brainer as I had a tow-bar fitted to my RX400. Having used the website to filter by number of bikes I needed to carry, and numerous positive posts I decided the Atera Strada DL bike carrier Code: AR2603 best suited my family. Roofbox were a pleasure to deal with, regular communication kept me up to date with delivery etc. It arrived after just a few days. Packaging was excellent. The three of us are out cycling whenever we get the chance and the Strada has been brilliant. Don't underestimate how useful its ability to move away from the tail gate is, when you inadvertently leave something in the boot and you haven't positioned the bikes so you can only the tailgate. Not a problem with the Atera Strada :) It isn't cheap but you really do feel your getting a well built, well thought out bit of kit when your using it. Its also recieved several admiring glances and looks of envy (usually from the guys straining to fit their bikes on top of their cars or strapped to their boot!). I'd definitely recommend the Strada and Roofbox.co.uk to friends and family.
Nick A - Vehicle type: 4x4
I bought the additional carrier for a 4th bike which fits neatly over the number plate panel. Takes a few goes to get the hang of fixing it to the tow ball and how all of the locks and straps work, but generally it is easy to use. Once slid away from the car, it allows the boot to open on our Freelander 2 to open easily with a little space between the rack and the car to unload the boot. Quality is great and it feels like it will last a long time. Very happy. p.s. Had the opportunity to look at the Thule 4 bike rack in a car park and it didn't seem any better made, so I am convinced that the Atera is a great quality cheaper alternative.
Chris C - Vehicle type: 4x4
Quite simply, the lightest, most easy to use bike rack out there. The bikes are held really well and the rack slides out the way with a push of a button. Expensive but worth every penny.
Paul S - Vehicle type: Saloon
Exceptionally easy to fit on the tow bar. Lift the handle and the back of the carrier to about 45 degrees and slot over towball. It will now sit on towball by itself. There is a green/red indicator to tell you its on properly. Literally can be fitted in 15 seconds. Pull the locking lever down and you will hear a click. Try n move the carrier side ways. If it moves then one more click down on the lock lever and it shouldn't move at all. The electric Susie is a push in and twist to lock. Nice touch. Led lights so nice and bright. Ready to fit bikes. The hand cuffs for the bikes all lock and the rubber is steel braided. Once you've sorted the order of the bikes on the carrier (biggest / heaviest ) first on is recommended. Bag of sugar test. Hold a bag of sugar against your chest and then at arms length.. Leverage.. Its kinder to your cars rear suspension. Fit the bikes on and fasten wheel clips and your sorted. The tilt mechanism a joy to use. Push the green button down and place your foot on the lower bar beneath the number plate and it will slide and tilt. To put back into running position lift with a little pressure and it will click and green button will be up. Tuv german approved so 130kmh on the peage is safe as its speed rated to that. Obviously pump your tires up for towing weights of your car and you won't feel it on the back. Probably the best bike towbar carrier available today and far better than Thule and others. No fuss fitting. Not overly heavy. My wife can fit it on the car. A real top class product that was designed properly from the start. Don't buy any other carrier. Nothing competes with it.
Chris S - Vehicle type: Van
Firstly, I own a VW T4 with a tailgate and wanted a carrier that would allow me to open the tailgate with mountain bikes on. Having researched options, Atera Strada seemed best option vs Thule. It just about does the trick but only if you don't have a bike on the inner of the three platforms. Ok this is because mountain bike bars are wide. It probably works fine with road bikes. No so much a problem as there's usually only two of us. Other niggles. With mountain bikes, spacing between platforms not quite wide enough so you need to put something between bikes to stop them rubbing together (forks chain/seatstays)- see photo. Holding arms not great for full suspension bikes feeding though "odd-shaped" frames such (Orange / Santa Cruz). Rachet straps easily get worn. Whole thing always feels a bit wobbly to me. But I had a Pendle Rack before! OK, Good stuff. Easy to store. Easy to mount. Slide-away works well. Once you've got your bike mounting technique right i.e. order and which rail goes where then bikes are quick to load / unload. Even with its minor issues (personal observation) I think its probably the best on the market - and the only one that comes close to working on a VW T4 with tailgate.
Jane W - Vehicle type: Hatchback
After LOADS of research we decided to bite the bullet and splash out on this Atera Strada DL bike carrier. We are not disappointed. My husband can have all 4 bikes on in 20 mins (and that is when he is rusty). The slide mechanism means that we can easily open the boot even with the bike rack fully loaded. We love it. The only hesitation I have in giving 10 stars for ease of use is that I personally struggle to click the mechanism onto our tail bar. I literally have to jump up and down on the carrier (there are 60kgs of me)to get it to click. Hopefully this will get easier as the mechanism loosens. This gives me a good excuse to leave the packing to my hubby though. I'm so glad we went for this product. It is a pleasure to use.
David B - Vehicle type: Hatchback
Replacing a Saris Bones as my kids now ride too. Very easy to use, well built. Attaching the fourth bike extender was a bit fidly but a one off exercise. Would recommend.
Keith M - Vehicle type: Estate
I have only used a couple of times but it was easy to use and felt very robust. When mountain bikes are on it the support arms can be difficult to locate due to the different shapes of the bike tubes and can rub if you are not careful. Although there are locks for the bikes I would not leave my bike on it without extra padlocks and even then I would not leave for long. ie not overnight in a public place. Altogether though a good bit of kit, even if a bit expensive.
Kenneth M - Vehicle type: Hatchback
Very well engineered product.None of the components look as if they will fail any time soon. Easy to use once you get the hang of it and work out how to fit four bikes with their handlebars and pedals together. My only quibble would be that the "click" to be listened for when fitting the carrier could be a bit more definite.
Ruth K - Vehicle type: MPV
Great product, but expensive.
Dominic J - Vehicle type: 4x4
This rack did not disappoint. I expected the usual fiddle putting it together for the first time but it assembled with ease straight from the box. re-packing it flat makes for easy storage too. Delighted.
David T - Vehicle type: Hatchback
Good quality, slight knack to using it but easily picked up. After a few goes it fits on quickly and easily. Locks onto towbar and all bikes lock on. Will fit in boot of car if not in use (Golf Mk 4) or you only have a small space to park in whilst out riding. Drops back well from boot for access. Green locking button on mine needs to be clicked up manually and is a bit stiff, but not enough at this stage for a warranty claim. Overall though probably the best rack you can get, has been admired by Thule rack owners. Only thing I haven't tried out yet is the 4th bike extension I bought with it. Let's face it, you've lost your money on the towbar but you'll keep and use a good rack for years and get a good chunk of your money back on a good one if you decide to sell it. This is only a couple of hundred quid more than a Halfords cheapy and well worth the extra. Recommended.
Dave P - Vehicle type: MPV
Build quality is as expected from a German product, excellent. Take it out of the box and it's ready to go! No bolting or fixing required! Only thing is - if you order the 4th bike carrier, that bit does need to be bolted on. Allow a bit of time because it's a bit of a fiddle. Not too bad, but as I say, a bit of a faff. I did it outside on the patio table. Much easier than at ground level. Just ensure there are no gaps in your slabs or decking. The amount of messing about with bolts and washers means I would have lost a few if we'd had gaps in the patio, as they fell to the floor. Hope this helps.
Ian B - Vehicle type: 4x4
My 1st experience of Atera was the Linea, purpose built for our previous Ford Galaxy. When we change to the 4x4, I was worried I would not find anything close in terms of load capacity (4 full size bikes), build quality, security & ease of use. How mistaken I was. The Atera Strada DL matches in all areas, & surpasses in a key one. Build quality is without question, & it certainly takes the load I was looking for, but it's ease of use that takes it to new levels. It fits in seconds, and as securely, & lockable, as the tailgate mounted Linea. We did a lot of miles, with all 4 bikes loaded, it never twitched, always felt stable & secure at every stop we made. The slide back feature was a invaluable with a fully loaded car &, once unloaded at the other end, the folded DL sat comfortably in the back of the car until we were ready to head back. A great product !!
Mark G - Vehicle type: 4x4
Great bit of kit. Got the additional piece to make it a 4 mountain bike rack. Roofbox are a great company to do business with.
Chris K - Vehicle type: Estate
I bought this for my Audi A6 and needed the extension to fit four bikes on. I read other reviews and this one was rated highly. Having purchased this I can see why. It's easy and sturdy to use, has locks on all arms to secure the bikes. It also has a neat feature which allows the rack to slide backwards (fully ladened) for access into the boot. Easy & simple to use and very well made, really happy with the rack.
Jason P - Vehicle type: Van
Incredible product bought it on a friend's recommendation
Steve A - Vehicle type: 4x4
An excellent product that is very high quality. Very secure and easy to fit and operate.
Nicholas Z - Vehicle type: MPV
I am really very pleased with this 3 bike Atera Carrier. Added an extra slot fora 4th bike. Need to use extra straps which are supplied hooked onto the top of the tailgate.These strpa stop the wieght of four bikes moving the gripper on the tow bar. Solidly built bit of kit. I like the fact that the whole carrier slides away from the tailgate so it can be opened fully. The tow bar gripper has a bit of a knack to get it on and gripping properly but I soon got used to it. With four bikes one has to work out in which order they should be put on so that the cross bar grippers can grip without the other bikes getting in the way. It all takes getting used to. I think the sliding mechanism is the best selling point and the build quality.
Robert N - Vehicle type: 4x4
excellent quality - easy to use - brilliant instructions and carries 4 bikes - what's not to like!
Stuart J - Vehicle type: 4x4
Not a a cheap carrier but this has to be the best bike carrier we have ever used. Used it to carry 4 bikes (3 adults & 1 older childs bikes. Yes it is a bit fiddly securing the frame & bikes (really important that the bikes are placed on the frame in the correct order - watch those pedals!). But once its secured its secured. The drop down frame also makes life easier. Aside from this being a fantastic bike carrier, I have to compliment Roof Box Company on their professional advice & customer service. I totally recommend the Atera Strada DL bike carrier and also the Roof Box Company. Thank you for all your help guys.
James F - Vehicle type: Hatchback
I feel a bit bad not joining the rave reviews about this bike carrier, and it may be that it's immeasurably better than all the others but it's the only one I've had, and although it's very good, it's not as incredibly amazing as the Auto Express review that made me buy it would suggest, in my humble opinion. My wife and I have hard tail mountain bikes and bought the Strada for carrying those. The star ratings are difficult to set as for ease of use, if you don't understand the connection mechanism it's impossible; once you work it out, it's pretty simple. The printed "instructions" are in the form of pictures so that it can be single issue for all languages, and they just don't tell you well enough how it works. The new Roof Box Company video is brilliant at showing you how to do it, but when we bought it there was a German you tube video of a young lass with long fake nails putting the bike carrier on, and I was damned if I couldn't work it out when she managed! Just use the Roof Box Co's video. The very good part of the carrier is that the bike harnesses go completely around the bike tubes and lock in place, wheat the Thule ones clasp it, and I like that sense of security. The bikes clearly move on the carrier, not within the restraints if that makes sense, but they can wobble into each other and I have seen rubbed off paint on frames, cranks and the bike carrier itself. If you're buying one of these, be liberal with the heli blade tape, or buy a load of lizard skins and protect the possible contact areas. I'll be doing that when we upgrade the bikes. It's also supposed to be really light etc etc. it's still a big bike carrier and can be a a bit cumbersome and is not light as a feather. It's a great bike carrier don't get me wrong and I'm really happy with it, but from all the reviews I kind of expected it to wrap a big protective cloak around my bikes, attach itself to my car and make me a cup of tea. It's a good secure bike carrier, and if you have the chance to view and hold the competition I'd recommend it as the Strada is not cheap.
Mark S - Vehicle type: MPV
First of all, this is a very well engineered product - well built and well designed, very strong, very usable. I am very happy I bought it. But it could do with a few usability improvements. 1. That clamp mechanism is tricky to remember, and the instructions say that if you get it wrong you will break it. Not impressive. 2. Bikes come in all shapes and sizes, with frames of different heights and widths. Getting those retaining bars through the frames means that unless you want to spend an hour loading and unloading every single time you need to devise a pattern and sequence and stick to it ... When you first get it, assemble it, mount it on the car, and take your time to determine which bike will go in which channel, in what order, where the bars need to go, and adjust everything to fit. Afterwards you'll find that it will only take a few mins each time. 3. It is very annoying that the 4th bike extension comes with a different lock, and is also very wide - making the 4th bike lean out very much. The EVO model seems to address some of these issues, but it's then too wide to fit in many cars.
Kevin D - Vehicle type: Saloon
Well constructed quality product that is easily managed by one person. Only negative I have is the mechanism for releasing the platform to slide away from the tow-ball is very awkward to use. The platform never releases at the first attempt and requires several tugs before it will move. I highlighted this problem as soon as I received the carrier and was assured that they were all the same. A friend has recently bought the same carrier and the release mechanism on his is much better and does release at the first attempt. Other than this I would recommend the carrier to anyone interested. I've marked down the ease of use and overall rating because of the platform issue. If it wasn't for this I would have scored 10 throughout.
James C - Vehicle type: Estate
Very pleased with the service from Roofbox Company, and with the product. Car is a 2013 bmw 3 series estate, with the retractable bmw towball. The rack fits perfectly. The tilting feature works very smoothly to access the full boot. Bikes are held securely, and having a lock on the towball and the bike gives peace of mind. The clamping mechanism to the towball doesn't quite function as per the instructions but feels very secure. It is heavy and takes up a lot of room in the boot when not in use, but it's much preferred to a roof mounted rack that you have to have on the whole time.
John S - Vehicle type: 4x4
excellent, sturdy, good value for money. I have two gripes, the extra bike carrier accessory was an absolute trial to fit as I could not get the bolts into the gap in the frame (ended up having to improvise) and sometimes the handle to clamp the carrier to the tow bar ball doesn't always give an obvious click which you are supposed to feel/hear in order to know it is on properly-apparently this can lead to over tightening but there is no signs of any problems at the moment.
Dave W - Vehicle type: MPV
Used this a good few times now, carrying 4 bikes. On the plus side: Easy to fit, rock solid on the car, secure, light for its size, fits in the boot if you take it off when parked up, people marvelling at the slide-away feature. On the minus: The clamping arm has never "clicked" as positively as the videos would suggest - but you know when it's on and secure, and other owners suggest this is common; when pushing back from being slid-down to access the boot it often doesn't click in first time - especially when loaded - needs a good push and/or manually tweak the lever underneath. Would recommend and have recommended it to others. The ease of fitting is brilliant. The extra straps supplied with the fourth bar are worth using - seen comment elsewhere suggesting that they're not essential - but they do reduce flex/bounce with 4 bikes on. I'm sure the carrier would cope without, but there's less going on in the rear view mirror with them fitted. No regrets spending the extra £ to go for this model, and roofbox service was good too.
Harry B - Vehicle type: 4x4
As you do, the inevitable purchase of a bigger car, and children who are now on adult bikes necessitates a 4-bike rack for the tow-bar. The problem being, there are plenty of racks that tilt, but that means the split tailgate doesn't drop down properly: result damaged car. Having contacted The Roof Box company, I asked if the Atera XL would do what I wanted it to do: namely, slide away from the back of the car far enough so the tail-gate will drop. Their answer is it should: come and let's fit one and see! It fits perfectly and slides enough of a distance away to make the loading/unloading of the car a doddle. Would I recommend? If you are daft enough to buy a pick-up truck or a car with a split tail-gate (which we are), then this is the only option. Brilliant! As we own a hotel, the number of these we could have sold to punters is extraordinary.
John D - Vehicle type: Van
Very well made and very easy to use. It fits onto the towball in seconds, locks on very securely, and doesn't move or wobble when driving. I had serious doubts about it's ability to remain securely locked in position, but it's as solid as a rock. The curved slide away when gaining access to the rear of the vehicle works very well, and can also help when loading cycles. We find that our two road bikes are best carried in positions 1 and 3 on the carrier, it's very easy to load and unload like that. The carrier stands fairly steadily when in storage, but unfortunately rests on the lenses of the light clusters. It would be greatly improved if the design incorporated something to prevent this, as ours are scratched even with careful handling. A cover to protect cycles when on the carrier would be a massive improvement, and a 'must have' accessory. Overall a great product, and also a very easy purchase with this company.
Ewan G - Vehicle type: Saloon
It is expensive, especially when you consider I also had to spend £200 to have a tow bar fitted. BUT IT IS WELL WORTH IT. It is easy to use so it is no big deal fitting it to the car and putting 4 bikes on. I have had my carrier 6 months now and I expect I will still be using it in 10 years. Seems good quality.
Patrick W - Vehicle type: Estate
Brilliant product! Honestly spot on. The only downside is that my cranks used to rub against the vertical bar but was easy fixed with some pipe insulating foam. Also, after few months of use the sliding system sounds a bit "dry" so maybe some grease will help but as a thought for next upgraded model-maybe ball bearing would be more welcomed ;) Overall really happy. Plus thanks to roofboxcompany for excellent delivery time and price!!!
Neil C - Vehicle type: 4x4
Firstly, the service by roof box was fantastic. The deliveries of the atera were uncertain, but roofbox offered an alternative if the delivery didn't arrive in time for our holiday, but in the end, it arrived and was delivered on time. Much appreciated. The carrier itself is very good, well built, and easy to install on the car. One minor gripe, we have the 3 bike version and fitting the top tube restraint arms through the first & second bikes is a bit fiddly, but otherwise very sturdy and secure. The slide / tilt is excellent and allows full access to the back of the boot (Disco 4). Well recommended.
Jonathan S - Vehicle type: Estate
I bought this with the optional 4th bike carrier and have found all the positive reviews to be correct. In short, I believe this to be the best bike carrier on the market. It's not perfect (see below) but it's very, very good. So much easier than putting bikes on the roof, more secure and easier than the boot mounted carriers, and better quality and lighter (5kg lighter than Thule G5) than other tow bar mounted carriers. The carrier is rock solid on the tow bar and doesn't move, meanwhile it holds 4 bikes very securely such that they don't wobble and can be locked in place. There are lots of Internet reviews detailing the carrier's positives and I agree with all of those, so I won't repeat them here. But I did find a few issues so will mention those. 1) It is a tight fit for bikes and with the wide bars of mountain bikes we have to loosen one bike's handlebars and rotate them by 90 degrees. This is no doubt not specific to this carrier and is probably unavoidable. 2) On my carrier the bolt holes on the brackets that attach the 4th bike carrier did not align with the main carrier. Both brackets were clearly slightly bent. The supplier was very helpful and we agreed that I could try to bend them to the right shape and if that didn't work they would provide replacements. I was able to fix the issue and installed the brackets. I am confident this was just an issue with my unit because other reviews haven't mentioned this. 3) When fitting four bikes you will probably have to spend time working out in which order and direction to fit them. My instinct was to put the largest bike on first, but then the long metal arm to hold the third bike wouldn't pass through the first bike. Not a problem, and it just needed 20 mins to work out the best order of bikes and which way round they should go, etc. As per point (1), this is just a limitation of trying to get 4 bikes fitting close together and is probably unavoidable, but when you first use the carrier don't think that you will simply offer up all the 3 or 4 bikes and they will fit easily. 4) The brackets for the 4th bike carrier limit the minimum size of bike that can be carried in the third bike position. Our son's 20" wheel bike is slightly too small to fit but we can just get away with it. I think that's a shame given that there's a good chance that 4 bikes will include 2 children's bikes. The 4th bike carrier itself (or the 3rd bike carrier when the 4th isn't installed) will take any size of bike. 5) One of the bolt holes for the 4th bike carrier bracket is hidden behind the button that releases the carrier to pivot down. At first I couldn't get the bolt through this hole so I spoke to the supplier and they said to use brute force. I did and the bolt went through. Given that this bolt should never need to be undone, this isn't really an issue but I just don't expect this sort of issue on a top of the range £400+ carrier. Despite these points I highly rate this carrier and unreservedly recommend it. I suspect points 1 and 3 are common to all carriers and are just something to be aware of. Point 2 was a fault on my carrier and hopefully isn't common. Points 4 and 5 are design flaws with the 4th bike carrier and really should be fixed given how good the rest of the unit is, but they are minor points and are only noteworthy because the rest of the unit is so good but also expensive.
Guy L - Vehicle type: MPV
I felt a little daunted the first time when fitting to my towbar . But the second time onward it really has been a piece of cake
David C - Vehicle type: MPV
Fantastic piece of kit. Easy to fit and remove from car, and light too. Carrier is small enought to fit in the boot if you want to take it off whilst using bikes. We do this when on camping trips once bikes are unloaded.
Jeff A - Vehicle type: 4x4
I researched a lot before landing on this model, and am extremely pleased with the results. Very easy to attach and use, great tilt mechanism, rock solid when covering 2,000 mile round trip to France and back, even with bumpy motorways and going over other speed bumps that did concern me - but I needn't have done. I went for the additional 4th bike holder that was simple to attach and I leave on the rack all the time. Highly recommended.
Paul M - Vehicle type: 4x4
Well made, lightweight, sturdy design So much quicker to attach to car and load bikes than my previous carrier Worth spending the extra £100 over the cheaper competition to get this design, quality and time saved before and after a ride
Craig R - Vehicle type: Hatchback
Excellent bit of kit, expensive but easy and not as bulky as expected to store. Highly rcommended
Guy R - Vehicle type: Van
This bike rack is excellent. Out of the box or was little fiddley to put the extra 4th bike adapter on but a quick phone call to the roof box company solved my inability to read instructions, which were clear! It's weighs nothing, flat packs onto the garage wall on a hanger and very easy to place on the tow hitch and lock into place. On our VW T5 it is possible to open the barn doors fully to access the rear cupboards due to the rack sliding back on a clever one button mechanism. Travelling it does not move and easily carries 4 bikes. Overall an excellent well engineered bit of kit worth every penny.
Andrew M - Vehicle type: MPV
This has been the best purchase I have made since I swapped to Apple computers. This probably is the equivalent in the bike carrier world. Well built. Simple to use. Secure. Everyone who sees how simple it is, wishes they had done a little more research. But unlike Apple products this is not the most expensive bike carrier on the market. Putting the bikes on the back of the car is now so easy we often take them just in case we get time to go cycling. You don't need to look anywhere else. 4th bike extension is also simple to install, though the additional straps recommended don't fit a lot of cars with small boot spoilers, though with light kids bikes on the back it has not been an issue.
Martin R - Vehicle type: MPV
Extremely good product, the only problems are positioning the arms through the bikes with varying top tube slopes ensuring they always clear and avoid rubbing the individual bikes frames and having to use a strap to support the load for a 4th bike. Otherwise superb product
Marcel C - Vehicle type: Estate
Bought the Atera Strada DL plus the 4th Bike extension and use almost every weekend - great quality and really easy to fit, adjust and take off again. Bikes are held securely and even on long trips with 4 bikes I have no concerns that they will come loose. The additional straps supplied with the 4th bike extension would be better if wider & with a ratchet but for short trips I don't bother with them anyway. I use this with the family bikes which are mixed sizes / frame shapes - once you've figured out the best loading order it is really quick to load but would recommend turning the handlebars on two bikes if 4 are being loaded to prevent rubbing. Overall great value for money and would strongly recomend.
Owen M - Vehicle type: Estate
The rack is very well built and designed. The fourth bike adapter works but makes when fully loaded makes the tilting a challenge as the unit becomes very heavy. Perhaps a horizontal slider on bearings should be considered in the next version as this is the only refinement I would like to see. Other than that this is definitely the best rack I have seen in the uk and as good as the best I have seen in Europe during many years of camping trips to france with kids. Would advise its purchase.
Alison E - Vehicle type: Hatchback
Great piece of equipment. Very sturdy. Not quite as easy to use as suggested. I find it slightly tricky to get the locking mechanism right. Once on though you feel very safe. Very easy to get bikes on and off and I find the tilt option particularly useful to be able to access the boot while bikes are still on On the whole I would recommend this item.
Duncan B - Vehicle type: Estate
This is an excellent piece of equipment. It's very solid (3000 miles this summer with 3 bikes) and incredibly easy to put on and take off. The sliding mechanism that allows you to open the tailgate is also really straightforward to use, and requires no great strength. A really good purchase!
Simon M - Vehicle type: MPV
Easy to use and secure. I like the ability to lock the bikes and being able to slide it away to get into the boot.
John B - Vehicle type: Estate
The 4th extension was tricky to put on, cant understand why the carrier cannot be manufactured for 4 bikes! Once extension fitted the carrier is really easy to put on and off. Great that you can move the carrier to gain access to the boot. The video on youtube from Roofbox was invaluable!!!
Dave P - Vehicle type: Hatchback
The build quality is excellent. The only minor negatives, is that the arms can be a bit tricky to set up to get the best position for securing three bikes, but once you have done it a few times, you learn to work with it. The other is that the indicator sound changes when the carrier is attached and can be annoying, but this could be to do with my car. The locking system is brilliant, and gives you a little peace of mind when you need to leave the car for any period of time with expensive bikes on the back. When i'm at bikeparks etc. all my kit is in the boot,the sliding function of the carrier comes in handy here, because it gives you total access to the boot, without having to reach over the carrier. Attaching the carrier to the car really is as easy as the video shows. Finally, when the rack and bikes are attached and you are on the move, it is solid and secure on the towbar, giving you lots of confidence that your bikes will stay on the back..
Keith D - Vehicle type: MPV
I find the Strada 3 rally easy to use and handle, the lightweight but solid construction ensures the bikes don't move when in use. My only criticism is that the buckle on the outermost bike rail faces inward due to the proximity of the light cluster. If Atera moved the light cluster to enable the buckle to be facing outward then this bike rack would get a 10 for ease of use. Overall still an excellent buy and highly recommended.
Fiona B - Vehicle type: Estate
Very happy with product. Able to lift and fit rack on car and load bikes without help from my husband. So simple to tilt rack with bikes on to open boot, which you will always need to do! Research paid off as product exactly what I was looking for. Only slight negative is some times need to fiddle a little with rack lock to open it.
Julia L - Vehicle type: Hatchback
This is a well made product. I did have an issue with the toggle clamp which failed whilst we were away on holiday. We managed to keep using the carrier until we got back by using duct tape. Roofbox quickly supplied a replacement part when we got back and we have had no trouble sine. I can only assume it was a faulty part. The carrier was a little difficult to attach to the tow bar initially but we soon got the hang and now find it fairly straightforward to attach. The straps to the bikes are easy to use and secure with the added benefit that they are lockable. Overall a good product.
Dave C - Vehicle type: 4x4
After agonizing over which towbar mounted bike carrier I was going to get to replace my roof mounted system (having bought a 4x4 it's simply that bit too high to be convenient) I finally settled on the Atera Strada DL 3. The main reason for this choice is the ability to move the rack, fully loaded, away from the rear of the car for tailgate access. This is a requirement for us as we have dogs in the rear of the car when going on holiday who need to get out for a drink and so on during long journeys. This feature is fantastic, it is easy to use and works very well. The mounting/removing of the rack from the towbar is easy after the first few attempts and once locked in place the whole rack is very stable even with 3 large mountain bikes in place. Getting 3 bikes onto the rack and securely fastened is a challenge, depending on how your frames all line up etc, but it can be done. The mounting straps and so on are well thought through and do not scratch the frames through use of rubber protectors. The electrics work well and a standard number plate is easy to fix in place (and is removable - there are no screws or glue pads holding it in case you want to share use with a mate). Back to the electrics front, depending on what you have on your car, using the 13 to 7 pin converter supplied by Roof Box allows the most lights to work, alternatively, if like mine you have 2 x 7 pin outlets, simply get on the web and look for a caravan 2 x 7 to 13 pin converter cable and using this allows all the lights to work perfectly. I value good things over cheap things, and although this rack is at the top end price-wise, I consider it really good value if you will use it regularly or you are transporting relatively expensive bikes that you want to be sure will arrive in one piece! Fantastic service from Roof Box, both before buying to answer little questions I had and helping me decide which rack was most suitable for my uses and with delivery and so on. A happy and satisfied customer.
Tim B - Vehicle type: MPV
Have used this for family holiday to France & local trips out with the bikes. Easy fitment to the back of the car, but it takes a few goes to get the clamp mechanism sorted out. The whole rack wasn't too heavy either for lifting on & off. Loading bikes is straight forward & easy to adjust for my son's smaller bike. We'd also purchased the additional rack for a 4th bike - easy enough to fit & use. Really like the tilt mechanism which is a godsent during touring, when you need to get things out of the boot & easy to use as it slides back on a rail. the rails, rather than pivot, also means it takes some of the weight too (if fully loaded). After a year of ownership, some robust use & a few trips out in the wet, the rack's holding up well with only light wear & tear. The quality shows. I'm really pleased rack overall & would recommend it.
Paul B - Vehicle type: MPV
Seemed complicated to use at first but the more we use it, the easier it becomes. Great bit of kit!
Charles G - Vehicle type: Estate
Although the Atera STRADA 3 Bike Carrieris not the cheapest on the market, I have to say it has been a breeze and a pleasure to use. We have the extension for a fourth bike which we use with confidence. It's a stunningly cleaver design, clinging securely to the tow ball, and the loaded rack slips back smoothly on rails for easy access to the tailgate. It is attached and detached in a matter of seconds as well, and folds conveniently for carrying and storing. What's not to like here?
Simon F - Vehicle type: 4x4
We carry 4 mountain bikes on the carrier on our Disco 4 and are very pleased with it. I now live in Estonia and we drove here with all the bikes on board. We cycle as a family most weekends so I take the carrier on and off a couple of times every week. So far so good. it's quite heavy to manipulate alone so my wife has not done it yet, but I'm pretty adept now and we can be on the road from scratch in about 15 mins. I am almost over my fears about the tow ball torsion effect although it certainly effects one's willingness to speed unnecessarily. in terms of durability so far so good and everything works well. basically for a family who need to carry 4 large bikes on a regular basis, this is a great solution and relatively reasonable at £450.
George B - Vehicle type: MPV
After reconnecting the light cluster electric points the unit worked just fine. Although disapointed with this small inital build quality problem I have used the cycle carrier many times and it's very quick and easy to put on and off and has made bike transfer alot quicker than the old 'straped on' version.
Andrew J - Vehicle type: Van
Great bit of kit, next time I would buy the three bike rack. I would like to see the rack come with a cover to stop the elements getting at the bikes.
Andrew K - Vehicle type: Van
First things first, the build quality of this is excellent and feels very solid although not too heavy; it's an easy one person job to lift it on and off your towbar. The main reason I bought this over any other carrier is the sliding mechanism. I use this primarily on my Volkswagen T5 camper van and you can easily slide the rack back (complete with bikes attached) to allow the tailgate to open. You do need to ensure that the bike closest to the tailgate either has very narrow handlebars or you just rotate them through 90 degrees since clearance is very tight. The fixing straps are really quick and easy to use and you can have a single bike on or off the rack within a minute without faffing around with straps or buckles. Whilst they look plastic, they are in fact steel straps with a plastic outer so no worries on the security point of view (although I use a motorbike chain lock as well for extra measure and as a visible deterrent!). Would definitely recommend it - especially to other VW T5/California owners! It is pricey but in my opinion is worth it especially when you get asked at Eurotunnel if they can see your LPG/gas bottles are disconnected takes seconds to slide it back to allow access.
Tim H - Vehicle type: MPV
I've had my Strada for a few months now and have been very happy with it. It is quick to fit and very secure. Certainly an improvement over the old Pendle rack it replaced. The only issue I have, and this is common to all such racks, is not being able to easily fit 3 bikes on without rotating the bars of 1 of them. Small beer really but feels a bit of a faff. Overall I am very happy with the rack.
Jonathan D - Vehicle type: Estate
Great product for three bikes, no need to put your back out lifting bikes onto the top of the car. The product is quite heavy itself and it is best to have two people lift if stored in an awkward place. The build quality is excellent and I expect it will last years.
Philip M - Vehicle type: MPV
This is a very robust, safe and easy to use bike carrier. My only negative comment to make is the fact that the arms cannot be added / removed more easily as you load bikes. Perhaps this is something that the manufacturer could consider.
Brynley W - Vehicle type: Saloon
Best gadget ever.
Ewan L - Vehicle type: Estate
The high quality and attention to detail is obvious from the minute to pull it from the box. It is very easy to set up and the attachment for 4th bike which I bought with it is also simple to fix and have confidence in. 4 bikes is a lot to have hanging on the back of the car but after a trial set up and a nervous trip around town, I had full confidence in the carrier. The rear door straps do not take weight but simply stop the whole outfit from swinging too much while cornering. Fixing the bikes and removing them is simple once you find a positioning formula that works - I took photos when I was happy so now I have a visual cue to speed loading. A great product which I am glad I purchased.
James R - Vehicle type: MPV
A very well thought out and solidly built piece of kit that, together with the extra rack, enables us to carry four bikes with confidence. It felt like a big investment at the time but because of the quality, I'm sure it will prove value for money in the long run. It's quite heavy to load on to the tow bar, but once in place it's easy to use and the sliding mechanism means you shouldn't have to unload all the bikes just to open the boot (unless your car has an enormous boot lid like our Peugeot Partner in which case it won't quite clear the bike nearest the car.) All in all a very good buy.
Peter B - Vehicle type: 4x4
Excellent product. very quick to put on car and take off. Light and easy to store. screws securing plastic light covers should be brass or stainless steel so they don't rust but apart from this everything is of a high quality.
Ange F - Vehicle type: MPV
Fantastic product. Really easy to use and solid. The only issue I have is that I find it quite heavy to lift when fitting. Once on its superb though. Particular useful tilt function.
Erica M - Vehicle type: Hatchback
We purchased this bike carrier after lots of research and we have not been disappointed ... We have the extension so carry 4 bikes. It is easy to fit (I can do it without the help of my husband) bikes fit on securely and safely as all bikes can be locked on and the rack locks onto the tow ball. Would recommend to all...... Best purchase we have made for years!!!
Graham C - Vehicle type: Hatchback
I have the extension for 4 bikes and find it very stable and safe on the car. the 4th carrier does make it slightly heavier which is my only complaint. The way it slides away from the car to allow access to the boot is a fantastic piece of design.
Patrick T - Vehicle type: Estate
Well made, easy to fit to car. Due to nature of design bikes are close together, so need to be very careful on loading bikes to prevent scratches from pedals etc.. Once you have method it's easy! We find tilt mechanism for boot access fabulous, well worth paying extra for. We also purchased extra rail for fourth bike, which is a doddle to fit, and works with no problems. The clamps to hold bikes are lockable which are also really useful, the rack also locks to the car. One issue we do have, which might be caused by our tow bar (brand new westfalia on vw passat) is that the rack doesn't stay level, I.e. it tilts a few degrees off horizontal, no matter how much pressure we apply to the towball, we install it horizontally, but a few miles down the road it is tilted, only a few degrees, but noticeable, once it's settled, it doesn't move any further.
Christopher S - Vehicle type: Van
Was the only towbar mounted bike carrier that we could attach to the back of our VW LT35 and still open the back doors. Really pleased with it and the Roof Box Company's quick delivery.
Justin C - Vehicle type: Hatchback
The rack is of high quality and is very easy to use. The wrap round straps are so much more secure and easy to use than any clamp equivalent. Roofbox delivered promptly and showed great customer service.
Stewart B - Vehicle type: Hatchback
Easy to use, even with 4 bikes, we use it all the time. What sets it apart from other good rear tow bar carriers is the ease at putting the bikes on to the rack by using the straps. The product has met all expectations in terms of ease of use, reliability and quality, and in terms of performance. 5 mins to install and uninstall and the rest is easy. Happy with this product.
Clare R - Vehicle type: Estate
Having used hang on racks for years we finally splashed on a decent carrier. The build quality is good although the handle doesn't seem to ratchet quite as tight a it first did. Saying that it has never moved when on the car loaded. I recently also bought the 4th bike kit which was a bit tricky to fit but great quality also. The only disappointment was the requirement for straps which clip to roof rails or tail gate when using 4 bikes. This wasn't clear on the site. All in all though I would recommend this rack to anyone looking to easily transport 4 bikes safely.
TRBC reply - 19/04/2013
This is very useful feedback; we've added a note to the web page to the effect that the straps are not required. They were suggested by T‹V before they tested this carrier, the aim being to prevent any lateral movement, and to minimise vibration. Be assured that they are not required, and that the carrier does not move from side to side! The same self adjusting tow ball fitting and sliding system is used on the latest STRADA models (e.g. EVO), without any requirement for straps. In due course we hope that Atera will retest the STRADA DL, without straps, so that they are no longer included. There's no doubting the overall strength of the STRADA DL - click here to see an extra 95kg on top of at least 50kg of bikes!
Christopher D - Vehicle type: MPV
This is a great product - well designed with some nice touches to make it relatively quick to get the bikes on the rack. Having driven a thousand miles through France loaded up with 3 bikes, it always felt secure. There is a bit of a technique to fitting it to the towbar in the first place, but apart from that, no complaints. Another major benefit for me is that you can fold it up and put it in the boot. Fast delivery and good price from the Roof Box company.
Graham S - Vehicle type: 4x4
Very good product. Very well packaged. Easy to use. I bought the 4th bike attachment which fitted well. All tools and parts required were included. It is a tight squeeze to fit 4 bikes but it just takes a bit of time to get it right.
Lee A - Vehicle type: 4x4
This is an excellent choice to go on the back of a ford galaxy due to the excellent access provided by the slide back facility. Not too difficult either to push all the bikes back up when the carrier has been pulled downwards. Superb build quality. Takes a bit of getting used to the taking on and off, the slightest movemet of the pull down handle can affect if it goes on or off easily. I purchased and installed the extre 4th rail which is only suitable for smaller bikes. Driven 500 miles with no effect on handling or fuel economy. It is a much easier and quicker method of loading up the bikes for a family day out than hang on style and the invaluable access to the boot. Not so easy trying to get parked though, you will need two spaces in the car park. One of the locks on the fold down supports has broken which was disappointing but I'm sure roofbox will sort it for me. Very pleased with my purchase.
Simon N - Vehicle type: 4x4
Very neat bit of kit, it was a bit awkward to use the first few times but once I got the hang of it very easy. We took three bikes 1800 km driving down to the alps. The bikes were very stable and the rack has a great feature for sliding the bikes away from the hatchback if you (and you know you will!) need to get in there, good viability thru the rear window, lighting board and number plate holder all good quality, have already recommended this unit to a friend, who is also happy with it.
George L - Vehicle type: 4x4
Excellent product. Easy to fit and detach, holds the bikes solidly. Stores in the boot. Worth the money in every way.
Matt D - Vehicle type: Estate
The rack is very well built and designed. The fourth bike adapter works but makes when fully loaded makes the tilting a challenge as the unit becomes very heavy. Perhaps a horizontal slider on bearings should be considered in the next version as this is the only refinement I would like to see. Other than that this is definitely the best rack I have seen in the uk and as good as the best I have seen in Europe during many years of camping trips to france with kids. Would advise its purchase.

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Technical specifications at a glance:

Max number of bikes: 3 (4 with adapter 2611, shown below)

Suitable for: all bikes, including Fat bikes (longer straps required, see Max tyre width below). On account of their weight and width, it only makes sense to carry one e-bike (max 23.5kg) on a STRADA DL3; check out the STRADA e-bike carriers if you want to carry more than one e-bike.

Fits bolt on tow ball: yes

Fits swan neck / detachable tow ball: yes

Dimensions: 100cm (width) x 72cm (depth)

Weights: 14.5kg (+2.0kg with 4th bike adapter)

Max load weights: 45kg (63kg with 4th bike adapter). These are the loading weights excluding the weight of the bike carrier (see above)

Max bike weight: 23.5kg

Max wheelbase: 120cm

Max tyre width: If your tyres are wider than 2.4" (officially 2.6" but it depends on rim size) then you'll also need to buy longer straps, shown in the product listing and sold in pairs:

  • Part 094 314 for tyres up to 3.0" (semi-fat)
  • Part 094 300 for tyres up to 4.0" (fat)

Distance between bikes: 18cm

Tilting: yes - slides away from the vehicle

Integral lighting board: yes

Lighting board plug type: 13 pin (7 pin adapter available if required; shown below)

Bike carrier to tow ball lock: yes

Bike carrier to bike lock: yes

Possible to tow when in use: no

Fits with a spare wheel: no

Guarantee: 3 years


The maximum permitted load you can carry is also determined by your tow bar nose weight; you should check that you wonít exceed this before using any tow ball mounted bike carrier.

We were delighted that the Atera STRADA DL3 won the Auto Express tow bar bike carrier test in July 2013. Click on the logo to view the test results:

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Item: Description: Our price (each): RRP:
Atera spares: 022 612 - Atera Strada light unit surround L/H/S £8.95
Atera spares: 022 613 - Atera Strada light unit surround R/H/S £8.95
Atera spares: 022 614 - Atera Strada complete LHS light unit (Jokon) £32.95
Atera spares: 022 615 - Atera Strada complete RHS light unit (Jokon) £32.95
Atera spares: 022 616 - Atera Strada LHS light cover (Jokon) £25.95
Atera spares: 022 617 - Atera Strada RHS light cover (Jokon) £25.95
Atera spares: 022 626 - Atera Strada complete LHS light unit (Delta) £32.95
Atera spares: 022 627 - Atera Strada complete RHS light unit (Delta) £32.95
Atera spares: 022 628 - Atera Strada LHS light cover (Delta) £25.95
Atera spares: 022 629 - Atera Strada RHS light cover (Delta) £25.95
Atera spares: 022 630 - Atera Strada new style 1st bike arm, NO LOCK, (shortest, 30mm alu tube) £23.00
Atera spares: 022 631 - Atera Strada new style 2nd bike arm, NO LOCK, (172mm alu tube) £24.95
Atera spares: 022 632 - Atera Strada new style 3rd bike arm, NO LOCK, (400mm alu tube) £29.95
Atera spares: 022 633 - Atera STRADA/LINEA bike adapter arm (bike to bike), no lock, NEW STYLE £24.95
Atera spares (small): 087 750 - ATERA screw M6x12 £0.85
Atera spares (small): 087 852 - Atera 6mm Nut £0.45
Atera spares (small): 087 866 - M6 washer £0.25
Atera spares (small): 087573 - M6 cylindrical nut £0.85
Atera spares (small): 087872 - Atera number plate washer £0.25
Atera spares (small): 092 296 - Atera Linea/Strada, rubber cushion for ratchet strap £1.30
Atera spares (small): 092 440 - GIRO/STRADA Plastic Screw Housing £0.95
Atera spares (small): 092 441 - Atera wheel tray end cap £2.00
Atera spares: 092 510 - Atera plastic handle (no lock) £2.80
Atera spares: 092 544 - Atera Strada full light set inc. wiring & socket (Jokon) £79.95
Atera spares (small): 092 728 - Atera plastic spacer for upright fixing bolt on Strada £2.20
Atera spares (small): 092 799 - Atera tyre cradle wing nut (M8 17mm thread bolt) £0.70
Atera spares: 092 903 - Atera Strada number plate holder no. £5.95
Atera spares (small): 093 236 - ATERA STRADA bike adapter washer (x1) £0.25
Atera spares (small): 093 454 - Atera tyre cradle restraining nut £1.50
Atera spares: 093 889 - Atera Strada 4th Bike Adapter Bolt £1.00
Atera spares (small): 093 983 - Atera Strada bike adapter bolt £0.40
Atera spares (small): 094 215 - Atera Strada arm strap £7.95
Atera spares (small): 094 300 - Atera Strada 350mm wheel/arm ratchet strap £7.95
Atera spares (small): 094 314 - Atera Strada 300mm (plus size) single wheel ratchet strap for semi-fat tyres £5.50
Atera spares: 094317 - Atera bike carrier wheel restraint, ratchet style, right hand side £12.00
Atera spares: 094318 - Atera bike carrier wheel restraint, ratchet style, left hand side £12.00
Atera spares (small): 095 071 - Atera STRADA alu. bar from below number plate holder £7.95
Atera spares (small): 095 112 - Atera Strada bike adapter fixing plate (left hand) £9.95
Atera spares: 095 120 - Atera Strada 4th bike adapter Black nut £0.75
Atera spares: 095 130 - Atera 3rd/4th bike carrier wheel tray for Strada £30.00
Atera spares: 095 136 - Large washer for light surround £0.25
Atera spares: 095 266 - Atera Number Plate Fixing Bolts £0.75
Atera spares (small): 095 751 - Atera Strada bike adapter fixing plate (right hand) £9.95
Atera spares (small): 095108 - Atera LHS Light Unit Bracket £4.20
Atera spares (small): 095109 - Atera RHS Light Unit Bracket £4.20
Atera spares: 098 461 - Atera bike carrier wheel restraint for extra bike adapter £13.50
Atera spares: 098 462 - Atera bike carrier wheel restraint for extra bike adapter £13.50
Atera spares: 099 762 - Atera bike carrier wheel restraint £12.00
Atera spares: 099 763 - Atera bike carrier wheel restraint £12.00
Atera spares: 882870001800 - Atera Strada DL full light set inc. wiring and socket (Delta) £79.95
Atera spares (small): Atera GIRO/STRADA/NOVA - single lock barrel £4.95
Spares Spare keys - charge for 1 key (brand & barrel number TBA) £7.50

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Item: Description: Our price (each): RRP:
Tow bar bike carrier: £369.95 (rrp. £450.00)
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Free lighting adapter: £0.00 (rrp. £20.00)
Free FASTY strap: £0.00 (rrp. £2.50)
FASTY promotion: £3.50 (rrp. £7.00)
Bike carrier adapter: £70.00 (rrp. £100.00)
Bike carrier accessory: £39.95 (rrp. )
Bike carrier accessory: £53.95 (rrp. £59.00)
Bike carrier accessory: £31.95 (rrp. £37.50)
Bike carrier accessory: £21.95 (rrp. £25.00)
Bike carrier accessory: £15.90 (rrp. )
Bike carrier accessory: £11.00 (rrp. )
Bike carrier accessory: £8.95 (rrp. )

All our prices include VAT at 20% Total: £369.95
In Stock - Get it by Thursday 18th July
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