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AutoSock for Trucks


AutoSock for Trucks are textile 'socks' which you slip over the outer driving wheels when you need extra grip on ice or snow. They take a couple of minutes to fit and will self-centre on the tyres as you drive off. They’re supplied in pairs, have a long term shelf life, fold to about the size of a man’s shirt, are relatively very cheap when compared to winter tyres or snow chains, and are reusable time and again.

Worried about driving on ice or snow?

Are you stuck with your truck in sudden snowfalls or icy roads? No chance to move your unloaded truck due to a lack of weight on the driving axle? Then AutoSock for Truck is the simple solution to get and keep your truck moving! AutoSock for Truck weighs less than 2kg per pair and is much easier to use than conventional metal snow chains.

AutoSock for Trucks is:

  • A perfect temporary winter traction aid for trucks
  • Quick and easy to fit and remove
  • Proven to enhance trucks electronic safety systems
  • Easy to store and lightweight
  • Self -centering

AutoSock for Trucks were launched in 2006 after a long period of testing, evaluation and improvement. The car version has been selling since 2002, mostly on recommendation, and anyone who's had the opportunity to test them for real will immediately realise why. Most people are not only surprised but astonished at the difference they make to general traction, cornering, and braking.

"This cheap alternative to snowchains or to winter tyres is staggeringly easy to fit... I used them while driving in the French Alps last week and can confirm they are absolutely superb." (Nat Barnes, Motoring Editor, Daily Express and Sunday Express)

AutoSock are approved by many car manufacturers, including Alfa Romeo, BMW, Fiat, Honda, Nissan, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and VW.

AutoSock for Trucks are in fact more efficient than winter tyres, they're very small - about the size of a folded shirt - and should therefore be stored in the cab all year for use when required - "Expect the unexpected!" They can be used time and again and, unlike snow chains, can even be fitted on a hill, after you've got stuck.

We show some test data on the web site [link to follow]; it shows that even on a 12% incline, where the test trucks slipped back down the hill before AutoSock were fitted, the AutoSock for Trucks could be fitted on the slope, and then the trucks moved both up and down the hill, repeatedly, without any problems. A similar test was done on sheet ice on a 6% incline. They've also been approved by the German TÜV.

The bottom line is that AutoSock will provide a massive boost in all round confidence when driving on ice and snow, and hopefully "Get you home" or to wherever you're going, but don't overcook it, i.e. you should always drive with particular care in wintry conditions.

Each set contains one pair of AutoSock for Trucks.

Full instructions are shown on each bag which is also designed for easy and clean carrying of dirty AutoSock once you've taken them off the wheels (pull them off with the orange straps).

There's only one possible way to fit AutoSock for Trucks, and no practice is required.

You'll find that small holes are worn in the fabric if they're used on tarmac or heavily gritted roads, but this is no big deal - use commonsense to decide when they are finally worn out.

Please test them at the first good opportunity, and then pass the word!

4.54.5 based on 4 reviews

- Vehicle type: Hatchback
Amazing! My wife found herself stuck in snow and ice in the Pennines hills high above Holmfirth. Cars were spinning off the road and drivers couldn’t keep control of their vehicles driving down the hill. Several accidents occurred as cars slid into each other. We drove to my wife’s car in a Land Rover Discovery, working our way through the chaos. 5 minutes later, once the Autosocks were fitted to her car, we reversed, did a 3 point turn and drove steadily away up the hill. We drove home on narrow, snow covered roads, up and down steep inclines, only passable by tractor, 4 x 4's and cars fitted with Autosocks. I can’t believe how good the socks are.
- Vehicle type: Estate
Bought these a couple of years ago but hadn't needed them until last week. We were caught up in the chaos in France on 27th / 28th December. Stopped to put snow socks on as soon as the road became covered in snow . Took 5 minutes to put on and they were brilliant. Great grip on snow covered mountain road full of hair pin bends. Drove at 20 mph for 10 miles with no problems. Easy to remove & dry out once we reached our destination.
- Vehicle type: Hatchback
Couldn't get up the road to my house - completely stuck. Fitted AutoSock and drove off instantly, no drama. I was boggled at how well they worked. My car has quite a tight gap between the arch and the tyre so they were a bit fiddly to get round the back of the wheel. But they worked wonderfully.
- Vehicle type: Saloon
Regards AutoSock snow socks on my 2nd pair first set lasted 9 years one of the best winter aids you can have. At winters end pop in washer till next year.

About our reviews:

We test, and often use personally, almost all the products we sell, and we stand behind our comments and recommendations unless customers convince us they need changing. Our Customer Services and Workshop staff also have input into our recommendations.

But it's because we've learned a lot over many years that customer feedback is so important. Fresh, first time out opinions are the most useful ones, and in any event we certainly don't have access to the full range of vehicles that our customers have between them.

Product feedback from existing customers helps our new customers make choices, and also helps our suppliers with their product development.

We e-mail our customers a week or so after their order arrives and invite them to send in a review.

Some reviews are suitable for multiple products. Where appropriate we may, for example, use the same review for a number of different roof bar products where the only difference is the length of the roof bar.

AutoSock are taking robust action against patent infringement and want their customers to be aware of the situation; these notes are a summary of their recent statements on this issue.

AutoSock created and developed the "car snow sock" concept, and is the registered holder of all relevant patents. Their main European Patent is EP 1165329 which is operational in all European countries. They have similar patent protection in North America and Japan.

After the last two UK and Irish winters there are unprecedented numbers of copies in these markets; legal activity for patent infringement is either in progress or may be taken against many of these distributors and resellers, some of whom are household names and must have been very badly advised.

Some of the copies and counterfeits are relatively very cheap - as products can be if there are no research and development costs, and if materials and manufacture are of poor quality.

We hope that our potential fleet customers in particular will wish to be confident that the products they use have proper product liability insurance, as AutoSock has.

Some of the distributors of copy products seem to be taking leave of their senses and are making increasingly extravagant claims. These might include

  • statements about German and Austrian testing agency approvals (TÜV and ÖNORM). Some do indeed have these approvals; some claim to have them but do not.
  • statements about the patents they have registered. This is a "smoke and mirrors" trick, designed to deceive. We usually use a wrist watch as an analogy for this sort of activity: AutoSock has patented the bit of the watch that tells the time, the relevant bit; others have taken out irrelevant patents on e.g. the strap fixings, but they still attach the "patented" word to the whole product.
  • Warnings to "Beware of copies!" (Some credit should be given to resellers who have at least attempted to write their own copy instead of lifting it from official AutoSock sites!)
  • Warnings to "Beware of Chinese copies," apparently forgetting that their products are themselves made in China. There is nothing wrong with being "Made in China" - what is foolish is to presume that the factories who make and sell this stuff at knockdown prices are authorised to do so.

Recent EU court decisions include:

  • A preliminary injunction against Siepa and its Austrian and German distributors by the Higher District Court of Düsseldorf, Germany. The penalty for a violation of the judgment is up to €250,000 per incident. Siepa brands include Goodyear and Fix&Go.
  • An injunction against the Trendy distributor in Norway by the Court of Telemark. Trendy branded products have been withdrawn.
  • A preliminary injunction against one embodiment of WeissSock by the Higher District Court of Düsseldorf. The penalty for a violation of the judgment is up to €250,000 per incident.
  • A preliminary injunction against one embodiment of MultiGrip by the Higher District Court of Düsseldorf. The penalty for a violation of the judgment is up to €250,000 per incident.

AutoSock for Trucks videos

Click on the image below to view a short clip from ABC 7 News in Denver, Colorado, broadcast in May 2008:

AutoSock for Trucks on ABC 7 News, Denver, Colorado

Tips for safe fitting, use and removal

There's only one possible way to AutoSock for Trucks, so no practice is needed. Fit them to the outer driving wheels - they'll self-centre on the tyres as you drive off.

FITTING: Park the truck and put the brake on. For safety's sake the vehicle should not be on a slope during fitting, even though this was done during the testing phase. AutoSock for Trucks should be fitted to the outer driving wheels, starting at the top of the tyre and working downwards. Move the vehicle a couple of metres and then push the rest of the AutoSock into position. They'll self-centre on the tyres as you drive off.

USE: Do not turn off any electronic anti-skid programmes such as ETS, ASR, ESP, DSC. Drive with caution, avoiding wheelspin and hard braking and acceleration which will do the AutoSock no favours. You'll find that small holes are worn in the fabric if they're used on tarmac or heavily gritted roads, but the bands of Kevlar across the face of the socks should stop these from spreading. Use your commonsense to decide when they are finally worn out.

REMOVAL: Drag the AutoSock off the wheels using the orange bands, drive off them and pick them up. They can be washed out as required, but remember to pack them for the next time.

WARNING: AutoSock are only for use on ice and snow. Beware of people behind the vehicle who could be hurt by stones or lumps of ice being thrown backwards with great force. AutoSock are intended as a "get out of trouble" solution and are not a substitute for winter tyres! Drive with great caution when using AutoSock and be aware that wheels which are fitted with AutoSock will behave very differently to wheels without AutoSock.

AutoSock for Trucks testing

AutoSock did their initial development on heavy goods vehicles. AutoSock for Trucks may not be used in territories where snow chains are required, (except Colorado USA), but in the UK they'll keep trucks moving in transport depots, get them down to the main roads, and keep them moving on main roads and motorways if the snow falls faster than the ploughs and gritters can deal with.

Click here to see a message sent by a Gleaner Oils tanker driver earlier this winter.

GripTech® grip technology

GripTech® describes the knowledge, embodied in AutoSock, about how to improve a tyre's grip on snow and ice. Achieving good friction in such a situation requires a solution to the problem of the slippery layer of water that's found between the tyre and the ground.

GripTech® minimises the water film by 'wicking away' the surplus water - this in itself requires special fibres, but AutoSock also uses an optimum surface pattern to maximise the available friction.

AutoSock snow sock fleet enquiries

Fleet buyers may wish to contact our Business Development Manager on 015396 22413, or e-mail [email protected] with the following information:

  • Size of fleet
  • Likely quantity by tyre size
  • Contact details

We have a useful tool that allows you to identify which AutoSock you need for your fleet, and to store this information for as long as you want. Follow this link to get started:

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