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KAMEI Fosco 540 gloss black roof box no. KM540 (0 81540 21)

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KAMEI's new Fosco 540 is an adventurous design - it's designed for efficiency (reduced drag, maximum real-world load carrying capacity) which really means that it's designed to complement the latest in car design concepts. It deserves to be a winner!

Note that it's only designed for fitting to T-track aluminium bars - in other words it will not fit to square bars.

Please see the Description tab for full details and important fitting information if you will be fitting this box to Thule WingBar Evo..

IF Design Award winner

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What's so special about the KAMEI Fosco?

Compared to the standard shape of roof box, some might think the new Fosco looks like a fish out of water when first removed from its carton, but put it on a modern car roof and it's obvious that it's now back in its element. Stand to one side and you'll see that the long raking nose follows the line of the car windscreen, and the Fosco's gently falling lid-line follows the car's gently falling roof-line. And now that the whole box is correctly poised, its gently falling lid to base line draws the eye forwards to the front of the box, and echoes the same falling styling line (above the door handles) that you'll see on so many of the latest cars. The KAMEI designers have done something really smart with this box design.

The Fosco's styling follows the 'teardrop' contours of the modern car, reckoned to be the most aerodynamic shape available - wider and higher at the front than at the back, to minimise drag and to maximise fuel efficiency.

We are really interested to note, as roof box nerds, that the designers have taken the stiffening ribs out of the base and put them instead into the box sides - this might not make much difference to the nominal capacity but, together with the use of the lowest possible profile ClickFix roof bar fittings, this near flat base gives a lot more real world load carrying space than would otherwise be the case.

So now you only need to add KAMEI's exceptional build quality, and features including DuoLift opening (opening the box from either side) and Stabilus gas-strut assisted lid openers (extra wide, extra smooth) and a 'Just pull to shut' lid closing system, and this Fosco is a box that ought to be on your short list if it's within your price range and you are looking for a large, spacious box.

More information on core features

ClickFix: The ClickFix system is claimed to be "the world's fastest roof box mounting system". Certainly we can't see how it could possibly be any faster. Place the ClickFix above the aluminium roof bar T-track slot and push down the handle. Done - it automatically adjusts to all T-track profiles (where the channel is at least 20mm wide), even to BMW profiles that usually require special adapters.

Fitting is very easy: Place the box where you want it on the bars, slide the fittings so that they are centred over the slot in the top of each aluminium bar, and flip each ClickFix lever from one side to the other. The system works with all T-track profiles that we know about, including the wider BMW bars, but note that if you are using Thule's Evo WingBars you should not fit the rubber strips in the area where the ClickFix is located – there is more information about this on the tab “Fitting to Thule Evo WingBars”.

Just pull to shut central locking: KAMEI's central locking systems have the benefits of central locking without the potential drawbacks. Turn the key and the lid opens wide on its gas struts, but to close it you just pull the lid until it clicks shut - no need to hold the front and back shut while simultaneously turning the key. And you can’t lock the keys in the box inadvertently because the keys can’t be withdrawn from the lock until the box is properly shut. This is clever engineering.

Duolift with gas struts: This Duolift box opens from either the left or the right hand side, making it very easy to fix to roof bars (no need to stretch across the box), as well as providing full choice about where you position it, depending e.g. on what else you are carrying on the roof, and which side to load and unload. The DuoLift system includes patented gas struts for wide and easy opening and closing. There are well-integrated handles on each side of the lid to make opening and closing even easier.

Some other features:

  • Externally 216cm x 94cm x 44cm
  • Internally 204cm x 80cm (front) / 74cm (back) x 39cm - it's a very large box that makes optimal use of its 540 litre capacity
  • The empty box weighs 22kg, and it's certified to carry a maximum load of 75kg. You should note your vehicle's maximum roof loading limit, and the weight of the roof bars and roof box, before working out what maximum weight you should carry.
  • All KAMEI boxes are TÜV and GS (security) tested and approved.
  • The ClickFix box to bar fittings slide at all four fitting points so there’s never a need to drill new holes if the distance between your roof bars is non standard.
  • The ClickFix can't be used with steel roof bars. If you want to fit a Fosco to steel roof bars, you'd need to replace the ClickFix with the Comfort Sliding Fitting system; this would be an unusual request, so please e-mail [email protected] for more information.
  • The 3 combined locks/hinges are at just the right places for optimum security.
  • Includes an anti-slip mat for the base of the box


There's a general consensus that KAMEI, based in Wolfsburg in Germany, makes the best quality boxes on the market. Don't just take our word for it! They're a specialist box manufacturer, Quality Assured to ISO 9001, represented in over 40 countries, with numerous Best Buy awards over the years, including the last 6 consecutive Auto Express "Best Buy" awards!

With their innovative and intelligent designs, top quality materials and engineering, and outstanding build quality, it's no surprise that KAMEI are Original Equipment box suppliers to several major manufacturers, including Audi, Mercedes-Benz and VW. And their boxes have the longest guarantee of any manufacturer in the car rack systems sector - 6 years!

In summary:

KAMEI's whole heritage is in forward thinking automotive design. The Fosco is an exciting addition to their line up and deserves to be a great success.

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Very few customers know much about the roof box market before they visit our site. We have a lot of information about the things to think about before buying, and the “real world usefulness" of various roof box features, but you’ll be buying sight unseen, and you probably won’t have used a roof box before, so there is inevitably some luck in getting a box that you’ll be happy with.

We want to remove the risks of buying these large and often expensive items, perhaps from brands which almost every other roof box retailer doesn’t stock, and so we have a unique “90 day Exchange Scheme” for roof boxes.

This allows you to use a roof box and, with the benefit of experience, to exchange it for a new one within 90 days of invoice date, only paying a contribution to our carriage costs. Most exchanges are from a shorter box to a longer one, or from a wider box to a narrower one.

These are the rules of the Exchange Scheme:

  • You are allowed one exchange only.
  • The original box must be in "as new" condition, subject only to fair wear and tear.
  • The replacement box must be a different model. Not just an alternative colour.
  • The replacement box must not be part of a package deal or be from our Bargains section.
  • Roof bars are never part of the Exchange Scheme.

This is how the Exchange Scheme works:

  • We charge in full for the replacement box, including carriage charges, and a charge for any packaging needed for the return of the original.
  • If you want us to collect the original box, there will be a £50 carriage charge (please note that regional surcharges may apply).
  • We arrange the collection, if requested.
  • When the original box arrives back here we refund you for the invoice value of the original box, but you won't get back more than the invoice value of the replacement box. In other words, if the replacement is cheaper than the original we won't be giving you "extra cash back".

Please note: we can only collect roof boxes from mainland UK.

Fitting boxes with KAMEI ClickFix to Thule WingBars

If you wish to fit this box to Thule’s WingBars, you should not insert the rubber strips into the bars, because they will be caught up by the ClickFix mechanism, and pushed into the T-track slots in the aluminium bars. This will put too much strain on the ClickFix system, and will not be a safe fitting.

Fitting the rubber strips into WingBars is not an easy task; if it were easy, it would be done at the Thule factory! Spare yourself the hassle!

When a box is fitted to roof bars there is no need for noise-reducing rubber strips anyway; this is true if anything is fitted to roof bars, e.g. a bike carrier or a kayak carrier – all these items make some noise.

If you wish to leave your bars in place with the roof box removed then there is sense in cutting and inserting the rubber strips, but not in the area of the ClickFix fixings. It is best to use the box a few times before doing this, so you can be confident that the box is in the optimum position on your roof bars. Removing the rubber strips is easy; putting them in again a second time, neatly, is very difficult!

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Spares 05211116 - Kamei ClickFix cover (x1) £3.25
Spares 52057/07 - Kamei 'one lock system' keys (x2) £15.00
Spares 52011 03 - Kamei internal load strap (pair) £7.50
Spares 52595 01 - KAMEI gas strut for Corvara, 510 and Oyster boxes £17.95
Spares 0 52100 10 - KAMEI ClickFix fitting (x1) £17.50

Roof bar compatibility

Steel (22mm x 32mm) barsNo

Aero barsYes. fits all T-track aluminium bars (where the channel is at least 20mm)

Min. distance between roof bars650mm

Max. distance between roof bars860mm

Box features / capacity

Box opens fromBoth sides

Maximum loading capacity75kg

Volume540 litres

Maximum number of skis6. (max 180cm)

Length (internal)2040mm

Width (internal)800mm. front (740mm back)

Height (internal)390mm

General information


Guarantee6 years

Length2160mm. (external)

Width940mm. (external)

Height440mm. (external)



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