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113cm wide Carbox YourSize options

Code: JVYS-113

All available Carbox YourSize 113cm wide options are shown in the list below. It's up to you to decide what length will suit you best, especially if you are folding the rear seats and looking for a longer size.

The crucial thing to remember when measuring length is to measure at the 33cm high mark, not at boot floor level.

You should have arrived on this page because you've chosen a 113cm wide YourSize. If you've just arrived on our site, please click here to visit the introductory page.

Where we know which YourSize fits a particular car, we'll list this size (or sizes, where the rear seats can be folded), but we'll also include links to these pages because different people have different requirements.

Choosing the appropriate length:

  • The error you can make here is to choose a YourSize that is too long, such that you won't be able to close the tailgate. If you have to return a YourSize longer than 100cm, there will be a £40 carriage charge if you want us to collect it, £30 for a liner of 100cm or shorter. So please measure accurately!
  • If you want a YourSize to fit behind the rear seats, you need to measure at the 33cm high mark.
  • Working out how much space the tailgate takes up is where people tend to over-measure. One good tip is to close the tailgate, lower the rear seat, and position e.g. a book or a box against the inside of the tailgate; when you open the tailgate, this is your outer mark.
  • Don't think that you can compress a YourSize - you can't! If your maximum distance is 89cm, for example, you need to choose an 80cm YourSize, not a 90cm one.

You'll see (third picture) that the outer edge of the YourSize is shaped to accommodate the shape of a typical tailgate.

If in doubt, choose a shorter model - losing 10cm is unlikely to make a significant difference to the usefulness of a YourSize boot liner.

Special Offer! Buy a Carbox YourSize high liner from us this season and we'll give you, free of charge, an 80cm x 60cm anti-slip MultiMat (1 MultiMat per liner purchased).

A larger anti-slip mat is also available for purchase - see below.

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Do I need to be at home?
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How to measure your boot space

Measure the width of your boot at its narrowest point at a height of 33cm. Use this measurement to choose the appropriate width of YourSize (exactly or less than 92/99/106/113cm)


Measure the width at the narrowest point on the boot floor. If this is narrower by more than 6cm you will need to order one size smaller.


Measure the length of your boot at its shortest point and at a height of 33cm with closed tailgate. Make sure the Your Size you order is at least 1cm shorter than your boot length.

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Size options:
Carbox YourSize: £137.95 (rrp. £160.00)
Carbox YourSize: £137.95 (rrp. £160.00)
Carbox YourSize: £141.95 (rrp. £165.00)
Carbox YourSize: £144.95 (rrp. £170.00)
Carbox YourSize: £148.95 (rrp. £175.00)
Carbox YourSize: £152.95 (rrp. £180.00)
Carbox YourSize: £155.95 (rrp. £185.00)
Carbox YourSize: £159.95 (rrp. £190.00)
Carbox YourSize: £163.95 (rrp. £190.00)
Carbox YourSize: £166.95 (rrp. £195.00)
Carbox YourSize: £170.95 (rrp. £200.00)
Carbox YourSize: £174.95 (rrp. £205.00)
Carbox YourSize: £177.95 (rrp. £210.00)
Carbox divider: £14.95 (rrp. £17.50)
Carbox anti-slip mat: £28.50 (rrp. £35.00)
Carbox anti-slip mat offer: £0.00 (rrp. £14.95)

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