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RUD-matic Classic automatic chains (pair) no. 48489

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RUD's 'Classic automatic' snow chains, otherwise known as RUD-matic CLASSIC, are a good option for rear wheel drives with limited clearance between the top of the wheel and the wheel arch. They're very quick, clean and easy to fit and to remove, compared to all other traditional snow chain types - RUD have the patent on this technology.

RUD's Classic automatic chains are particularly suitable - sometimes almost essential - for rear wheel drive cars where there is limited clearance for your hands and forearms between the top of the wheel and the wheel-arch; they also appeal to people who just appreciate the technology.

They are also often used on twin wheeled minibuses where it's really difficult to pull traditional snow chains through the narrow gap between the wheels.

Note that the first picture shows both the outside of the wheel (left) and the inside of the wheel (right).

  • The 'automatic' element is that there's no need to grovel around in the snow at ground level while you push one end of the snow chain around the back of the wheel, no need to join a steel hoop together and then push it over the top of the wheel until it falls down behind, out of sight. You won't be able to do this if there isn't space for your forearms.
  • Fitting Classic automatic snow chains is relatively very easy - you just push the sprung steel hoop over the top of the wheel, carrying the chain with it, drive forward or back a quarter wheel revolution so the tensioning chain and behind-the-wheel pulley system is visible, and then pull the tensioning chain tight before wrapping it out of the way.
  • See the "Fitting video" tab to see how this system works - it's very simple.
  • Classic automatics are made of a fine-grain chromium manganese alloy steel, producing harder wearing links than RUD's Easy2Go or Grip chains; this is why they may be used on heavier vehicles than other 14mm chains.
  • Made from 4mm round chain with wedged edges; they stand up to 14mm off the face of the tyre.
  • They're mounted on a sprung steel loop rather than on a standard steel cable.
  • They include RUD's "ProtectAR" pull through eyelets which prevent any part of the chain from touching and marking alloy wheel rims.
  • Classic automatics also have a reversible chain mesh for a long lifetime (but you still need to be careful not to use snow chains on tarmac any more than is absolutely necessary.)
  • They're supplied in a smart strong zipped waterproof ballistic nylon carrying case 50 x 50 x 4cm, so they'll pack nice and flat in your car.

We rate these chains very highly for ease of use, but they've also scored very high marks in test results for their traction, durability, tracking, braking distance and smoothness of running.

Why choose RUD? Simple - they're reckoned to be the best. But don't just take our word for it; RUD are official suppliers to Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Saab, Volvo, and VW, amongst others, and also supply the British Army - ample evidence that their snow chains are as good as they come.

In summary:

  • A top quality solution where there is limited space between the wheel and the wheel arch, so ideal for many rear wheel drive cars
  • Also ideal for use on twin wheeled vehicles
  • In any event cleaner and easier to fit than traditional snow chains.

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Please click here or on the pdf symbol below to see the fitting instructions

RUD-matic Classic Automatic Snow Chains - Fitting Instructions

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There are two parts to our snow chains offer this year:

(1) Clearance prices on many top branded snow chains, including RUD and Thule - an amazing opportunity for those who are quick off the mark! Thule (who are the biggest brand in the car racks market) have sold their snow chains division; the same chains are now being sold under the König brand. Thule branded chains have the same specifications as the König branded versions - all that has changed is the name on the chain and the name on the box.

(2)   Multibuy discounts - significant discounts if you buy two pairs of snow chains at the same time, or one pair of chains and one pair of AutoSock: If you do either of these things, we will discount the snow chains as follows:

  • König, Polaire and Spikes-Spider snow chains - at least 10% off!
  • INNO, Maggi, RUD and Thule snow chains - at least 20% off! Up to 30% off where we have large overstocks.

As usual, you change the quantities in the Shopping Basket.

Many customers will, for example, use snow chains on their driving wheels for Alpine use, and use AutoSock on the non-driving wheels, especially if these are the steering wheels. Also note that AutoSock work very well in very wet snow, even on slush, where snowchains are often not suitable because they can't get any grip in the snow. So having both AutoSock and snowchains makes sense from at least two different perspectives.

 Fitting instructions and videos 
 Delivery charges and Payment options 
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