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Thule 591 ProRide bike carrier:

Roof mounting bike carrier (discontinued)

Thule 591 ProRide bike carrier

The best selling Thule ProRide 591 has now been discontinued and replaced by the even better Thule ProRide 598; we're sold out of 591s.

The 598 is available in standard aluminium or black coated aluminium.

Use this page to order spares for the 591 (see Spare parts tab) and to order adapters for fitting your 591s to certain aluminium roof bars, e.g. BMW bars (see bottom of page).

You can see how to fit and use the Thule ProRide 591 in the video below.

It is shown here fitting to aluminium T-track bars. It also comes supplied with fittings that work with square steel (32x22mm) bars.

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Technical specifications at a glance:

Fits roof bars up to: 56mm wide x 22mm deep

Fits aerobars: yes, adapters included for most aero bars (adapters required for some OEM bars, see below)

Takes downtube dimensions: up to 100mm diameter (max 80 x 100mm oval, 22-80mm diameter round)

Fits tyres up to: 3.5 inch

Weight: 4kg

Max load capacity: 20kg

Bar to carrier lock: yes

Carrier to bike lock: yes

Matching locks available: yes

Width: takes 33cm of roof bar space

Guarantee: 5 years

Useful information:

You can top-and-tail the bike carriers to take up less space on your roof bars.

Please click here or on the pdf symbol below to see the fitting instructions (2.8MB):

We offer our existing customers a full "Next Day if possible" spares service, and will cannibalise new stock as required to find you the parts you need.

To find the spare parts you need, please see the diagram below, identify the product codes, then choose them from the list below. If you need more than 1 of any item, change the quantities in the Shopping Basket.

Thule ProRide TU591

Item: Description: Our price (each): RRP:
Thule spares (small): 34357 - plastic cam lever including lock recess 2.00
Thule spares (small): 34358 - plastic wheel strap 3.00
Thule spares (small): 34368 - wheel holder with two buckles (straps not included) 8.25
Thule spares (small): 34369 - end plug for aluminium wheel tray 1.00
Thule spares (small): 34389 - centre ring 0.75
Thule spares (small): 50208 - cylindrical nut 23mm M6 x 0.75 thread 2.50
Thule spares (small): 50335 - M6 x 61mm T-track bolt 1.50
Thule spares (small): 50336 - M6 x 35mm T-track bolt 1.50
Thule spares (small): 50551 - plastic cam lever without lock recess 2.00
Thule spares (small): 50552 - roof bar clamp 1.75
Thule spares (small): 50553 - M6 x 92mm bolt, semi-cylinder head 1.25
Thule spares (small): 50554 - M6 x 64.5mm bolt, semi-cylinder head 1.25
Thule spares (small): 50907 - complete roof bar fitting components 13.75
Thule spares (small): 50920 - cylinder nut 1.00
Thule spares (small): 51231 - rim protector 1.25
Thule spares (small): 50789 - ratchet cap 1.75
Thule spares (small): 52114 - rear mounting plate 5.00
Thule spares (small): 52544 - rear bracket clip 1.00
Products no longer available 34356 - roof bar fixing plate 3.50

Item: Description: Our price (each): RRP:
Roof mounting bike carrier (discontinued) 0.00
Bike carrier accessory: 8.95 10.50
Aerobar adapters: 12.95 15.50

All our prices include VAT at 20% Total: £0