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Fiat Doblo L1 (SWB) H2 (high roof) (2000 to 2010)Tyre size: with 185/65-15 tyres

Thule CU-9 Easy-fit snow chains (pair) no. CU-9 070

RRP: £275.00
Code: TUCU-9-070

Thule's Easy-fit is a truly innovative tangle-free chain system which is easy, intuitive, clean and quick both to fit and, just as important, to remove. Click the image below to see it being fitted in less than 12 seconds:

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Why buy Easy-fit?  Thule's Easy-fit is a truly innovative tangle-free chain system which is easy, intuitive, clean and quick both to fit and to remove.

Who can use Easy-fit?  First of all, please check your car handbook to find out whether snowchains may be used on your tyre size. If there is a "No fit for snowchains" then you need to look for the Thule K-Summit or another "ladder track" chain.

Please also note that these Easy-fit are not strong enough for use on SUVs and 4x4s, even if there is a set for your tyre size. A heavy-duty 4x4 version will be available in due course.

Fitting:  No doubt about it, Thule has designed a winner with its Easy-fit chains:

  • The first thing you’ll notice is the smart zipped bag; this doubles as a kneeler, although you don’t need to kneel to fit Easy-fit.
  • Then, if you’ve ever used snow chains before, you’ll be delighted to see that Easy-fit are not in a tangle when they come out of the bag, unlike almost all other chains.
  • Hold the sprung steel hoop by the red handles, push the hoop over the top of the wheel, place the two ends behind the wheel at low level, then stand up and push down on the foot pedal on the aluminium tensioning bar until you hear it click.
  • The chains will self-tension as you drive off.

You should have fitted them in approximately 12 seconds a side, without effort, and without getting your hands or clothes dirty. Fantastic!


  • Stop the car so the aluminium tensioning bars are vertical, release the safety catch, then press the red release catches.
  • Peel the sprung steel hoops off the tyres, make sure the aluminium tensioning bars are well away from the tyres so you don’t squash them when you move the car back or forward a few feet, then shake the chains clear of snow and put them back in their bag.

It really is this easy! Check out the Fitting video tab for more information.

Technical stuff:

  • The chains stand 9mm high, both on the face of the tyre and behind it.
  • They're approved to Ö-NORM 5117, to UNI 11313, and are fully TÜV tested.
  • Nylon button studs are supplied and should be fitted as appropriate to help prevent the chains from scratching alloy wheels.
  • Easy-fit are guaranteed for 5 years, but this does not cover normal wear and tear or accidental damage.
  • A set of water-resistant instructions is included, together with spare links and plastic gloves.
  • The chains are made from case-hardened manganese nickel alloy steel (MnNi) to provide an optimum combination of strength and hardness. They will rust if not cleaned and dried correctly - see the tab "Care of snowchains".

Easy-fit for rear wheel drives:  Easy-fit chains are particularly suitable for vehicles with limited space between the wheel and the wheel arch. This is an important consideration, because when you come to fit and remove all other chain-link snow chains, and all snow socks, you need to be able to get your forearms into this space. Easy-fit are fitted from the front of the wheel and are therefore suitable for a number of rear wheel drive cars that currently have a very limited range of snowchain options.

Summary:  The Easy-fit is a very clever development of the long-established RUD-matic concept, with the chain held on a sprung steel hoop that can easily be pushed into the narrow space between the top of a wheel and a wheel arch. But instead of taking up the slack with a single tensioning chain, the Easy-fit aluminium tensioning bars tighten in two directions at once, self-tensioning as the wheels starts to turn. Really clever stuff!

It can be more of an effort to remove snow chains than to fit them, but removing the Easy-fit is almost as quick, clean and easy as fitting them. They’re superb! Just be sure that the aluminium tensioning bars are well away from the wheels before you drive off the chains. The carry bag doubles as a kneeler, with the instructions printed right in front of you – a really nice touch.

Easy-fit won the Innovation of the Year Award at EquipAuto 2011, Paris.

We're also showing you a range of other winter motoring products which we're selling here at market leading prices, including a snow and ice windscreen protector, a telescopic snow shovel, and a snow brush - all of these items are almost essential kit for winter weather, especially we suggest the snow brush. Please click on the links to see pictures and more information.

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There are three parts to our snow chains offer this year:

(1) Clearance prices on many top branded snow chains, including RUD and Thule - an amazing opportunity for those who are quick off the mark! Thule (who are the biggest brand in the car racks market) have sold their snow chains division; the same chains are now being sold under the König brand. Thule branded chains have the same specifications as the König branded versions - all that has changed is the name on the chain and the name on the box.

(2)   A free UK mainland delivery option for any snow chain order except any orders including a roof box or a sea crossing.

(3)   Multibuy discounts - significant discounts if you buy two pairs of snow chains at the same time, or one pair of chains and one pair of AutoSock: If you do either of these things, we will discount the snow chains as follows:

  • König, Polaire and Spikes-Spider snow chains - at least 10% off!
  • INNO, Maggi, RUD and Thule snow chains - at least 20% off! Up to 30% off where we have large overstocks.

As usual, you change the quantities in the Shopping Basket.

Snow chain recommendations

We are snow chain specialists, so we stock a large number of brands, and many different types of chain. Regular chain users usually know what they're looking for, and we hope they find it on this site, but many customers ask for further guidance about what they should buy. So here goes:

(1) Please use the filters on the previous page to narrow your choice, and also check out the Basic snow chain information links at the top of the previous page. Note that this year we are aiming to clear our overstocks, offering premium brand chains, including Thule and RUD, at massive discounts, with some at less than cost price. There’s a Clearance filter – it’s worth a look!

(2) The big differences between the European branded chains and most of the Chinese chains are (a) steel quality and (b) attention to manufacturing details. There is a market for cheaper chains than the ones we offer, but it’s not a market we want to be in, especially as the price differences between questionable and good are often only about £20.

(3) These are our recommendations for different types of snow chain, based on many years’ experience of testing and using chains:

Chains for cars / small vans

  • Traditional basic chains: Look for Thule CB series chains being sold off cheap. They have the same specifications as the latest König version, just a different brand name, so this is a great opportunity to grab a bargain. (Thule have sold their snow chains business to König.) Otherwise, the Polaire XP9 (cars) are good value at under £50.
  • Traditional self-tensioning chains: Thule CG-9, Thule CL-10, Thule CS-10 if available - see above. If they've sold out, choose the RUD easy2go, because easy2go are strong, well made, and the bungee type of self-tensioning system is the most reliable. If these are also sold out, the König CG-9 chains really are good, with a clever self-tensioning system.

Chains for SUVs / heavy 4x4s / medium and large vans

  • Traditional basic chains: Check Clearance for Thule XB-16, Maggi RAPID-MATIC V5, RUD Grip V. If sold out, then without hesitation we recommend the Polaire XP16 – a really well specified chain at an excellent price, with innovative packaging.
  • Traditional self-tensioning chains: Thule XG-Pro, or the König XG-Pro if the Thule are not listed.
  • Ladder track chains / front-fixing chains: look at both the Polaire GRIP and the Spikes-Spider systems. The GRIP has many unique features, most obviously their polyurethane tread which allows them to be driven (at low speed) on tarmac - customers who are basically dressed for office work will really appreciate this. The Spikes-Spider SPORT (vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes) are the fastest to fit and remove, and can be resized. Both models are ideal for quick and easy fitting to vehicles which don’t have enough space in the wheel arch to get your hands in to fit traditional chains. The Polaire GRIP are at the leading edge of snow chain design; they’re outstanding.

    Drivers of very heavy 4x4s and large vans should check out the equally fast-fitting Spikes-Spider ALPINE Pro, choice (for example) of many emergency services in Germany and Switzerland, effectively turning tyres into tracks.

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