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This product fits: Sorry, these chains are sold out for the season

Sorry, these chains are sold out for the season:

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Sorry, these chains are sold out for the season:
Sorry, these chains are sold out for the season
with 215/65-16 tyres
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Why it's important to select the correct vehicle and tyre size


There are a surprising number of vehicles that cannot use traditional snowchains, the types that put chain on the inside of the wheel as well as on the tread. This is usually because there is not enough space between the wheels and the shock absorbers; this can be a problem for ordinary SUVs and 4x4s as well as for high performance cars.

You will find this important information in your car handbook - please check this before using your snowchains! Our database is intended to do the basic work for you but, with so many new vehicles and tyre sizes, it should only ever be treated as a guide.

Tyre size

Please also check your tyre size - if you buy incorrectly-sized chains they will be either too tight or too loose.

Ladder track chains

The good news is that car handbooks usually only refer to "traditional snowchains". Ladder track chains such as the Polaire GRIP and Spikes-Spider range only put chain over the tyre tread, so are not subject to these restrictions. They are also ideal for use on rear wheel drives where there is minimal space between the top of the wheel and the wheel arch.

Sorry, these chains are sold out for the season

We're out of stock of this snow chain and are not intending to order more of them this season. But if you really want this model, and especially if you want to place a volume order, please e-mail or phone our Sales Office on 015396 21884.

The chains would have to come from mainland Europe, so there would be a delay of at least a week, assuming that the supplier has stock. In addition, freight costs for chains are always significant, because of the weight, so we need to order enough to make it worthwhile.

We almost certainly have the largest range of snowchains in the UK - please click here to find what we have for your vehicle and tyre size.

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