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Spikes-Spider SPORT - size M (Small ring) - no. SPSM (14.300) - RETURNED


There are 3 things we really like about the Spikes-Spider SPORT:

(1) Speed and ease of fit: Once the hub mounting plates are fitted, (about 10 minutes a side, 5 minutes with practice) there's no doubt that Spikes-Spiders are both the fastest and the easiest chains to fit; you'll appreciate this when it's dark, cold and snowing! Please note that if you are new to this system you need to order both the Spikes-Spider and the hub mounting kit; both these items are pre-ticked in the order section at the bottom of this page.

(2) How they work: They use a combination of ice studs and chains, and are very effective. They're not in fact driven by the mounting plates - these just prevent them from being thrown off during fast cornering (which is never advised). Small plastic teeth on the underside of the traction arms grip the tyres, and the reverse of the tungsten carbide studs also slot into the treads. The mounting plates hold them loosely so they can move around as the tyres flex in response to changes in the road surface. A slow motion film would also show that they're allowed to lift off the top of the tyres, just enough to allow for efficient snow dispersal. Because they don't actually grip the tyres they're compatible with anti-lock braking and traction control systems (unlike conventional snow chains).

(3) Overall value: Spikes-Spider SPORT can easily be resized, bigger or smaller, to fit any tyre size for which a SPORT is available. The SPORT model has the widest application list of the whole range, fitting rim sizes from 12" to a massive 23", so we argue that they're the overall best value tyre traction system on the market!

We've been hiring chains for almost 10 years now and are always impressed by the state in which Spikes Spiders are returned, especially when compared to traditional snow chains. This is partly due to the ease of fitting - customers are more likely to take them off when they get to tarmac - but also to the quality of the components; metal components are made either of tungsten carbide or stainless steel, with the major plastic components made of a modified polypropylene.

As well as ski-driving, they're also ideal for UK snow use, especially in hilly areas, or for occasional extra traction on grass or sand, e.g. for pulling horse boxes or trailers on grass, or in various boat launching scenarios.

Fitting is very quick and easy:

  • If snow is expected, or before you leave for your sking holiday, fit a Spikes-Spider hub mounting plate to each driving wheel.
  • When you need extra traction, take the Spider out of its carrying bag and remove the decorative cover from the mounting plate.
  • Push the chain over the top and sides of the tyre, leaving the green section sitting against the wall of the tyre at ground level.
  • "Click" home the locking plate which holds the Spider onto its mounting plate.
  • Do the same on the other side, get back in the car, and slowly drive off. The green sections will wind onto each tyre automatically.
  • Right click here (Save Target As...) to download a movie of these chains being used and fitted (17.7MB).

Removing the Spiders is equally simple:

  • Take off the locking plates, pull the Spiders off the top and sides of the tyres, drive forward and the Spiders will fall onto the road.
  • Give them a shake to remove any snow or slush and put them back in their carrying bag.

Other things you'll appreciate:

  • No part of a Spikes-Spider touches the metal rim, so there’s no possibility of damage to alloys.
  • Only smooth heavy duty plastic touches the wall of the tyre, so you won’t damage the tyre if you kerb it (kerbs aren’t so visible in snowy conditions).
  • There shouldn’t be any damage to your car in the unlikely event of a breakage because there's a secondary chain which will hold the the components together.

Spare parts and resizing information: Please click here for SPORT M spares, and online ordering for these accessories. Click here for a list of all the Spikes-Spider parts which you attach to the wheel, e.g. fix-clips, bolts, spacers.

Summary: The most complete system available, worth buying into if you expect to be a regular ski driver, or if you can see their potential for UK use as well.

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