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Snow Chains

Snow chains or AutoSock?

What are AutoSock?

AutoSock are textile 'snow socks' that you pull over the driving wheels on cars or light commercials. There's only one possible way to fit them, so no practice is needed. They are supplied in pairs, are reusable time and again, take up minimal space, and they always work. There's also a version for lorries and buses / coaches.

The grip is due to dry friction, coupled with the use of high-tech textiles. Testing has shown that AutoSock are even more effective than winter tyres, including acceleration and braking on ice and snow, and hill starts, but they are intended for short term use only - they're a "Get out of trouble" solution.

Should you buy snow chains or AutoSock snow socks?

The answer is both, if you have the spare cash and the chains are within your budget. The reason is that each does a different job. If driving on slush, new snow, and occasional short stretches of tarmac, AutoSock are in their element. Using snow chains on tarmac is so noisy and bumpy that it's hard work to do so, so you'll be anxious to pull over and remove them as soon as it's safe. But if driving on hard, compacted snow, perhaps with ruts and ridges, then snow chains will be the better bet, because the AutoSock will be very vulnerable to damage.

It is worth mentioning that AutoSock are approved for use in France where the snow chains sign used only to permit the use of metal snow chains. There is further guidance about this matter on autosock.co.uk.