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YAKIMA bike carriers

Again, innovation, especially with the JustClick range of tow bar carriers, wheeled or carried around in the folded position, minimal back strain, before being placed on the tow ball from above and locked into place when the bike holding platform is pushed down.

The FrontLoader roof mounting carrier holds the bike by its front wheel - another Yakima patent; also look out for HighRoad, their premium tyre hold carrier.

A couple secure their bikes to the roof top of their car in front of a mountain background

YAKIMA roof mounting bike carriers

Seize the day and take your bicycle where it's never been before with our car bike racks. YAKIMA bike carriers secure your two-wheeled beauty to your vehicle for a smooth ride.

Two people secure three bikes to a Yakima Just Click tow bar bike carrier

YAKIMA tow bar mounting bike racks

Use your tow ball to carry up to four bikes on a tow ball carrier and go wherever you want. It's super easy: just click and go

Three mountain bike sit in a pickup bed with a Yakima Gatekeeper bike protector

YAKIMA pickup bike racks

Transform your Pickup into the ultimate bike rack with our pick up tray accessories. All of Yakima's accessories will help ensure your bikes won't get damaged while on the go

A man uses a loading ramp to load a second mountain bike onto a Yakima tow bar rack

YAKIMA bike carrier accessories

Make the most of your bike rides with Yakima bike accessories. Fork adaptors, deadlocks and other accessories to enhance your riding each day, week and month.