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Snow traction aids by tyre size

You can use this page to select traction aids by tyre size alone.

Please note: RUD and KWB snow chains will not be shown here, because their fitting is dependent on vehicle model and engine size in addition to tyre size.

If you want to see the full range of traction aids for your vehicle make and model, please click here.

1. Read the full tyre size from the side of your tyre - e.g. 185/70-15 (Width 185, Profile 70 and Rim dia. 15).

2. Select the corresponding figures from the three columns below
Please ignore all of the letters marked on the tyre such as R, HR, SR & VR.

3. If you know it, tell us the size of the wheel nuts, measured across the flats. We need to know this for products which have a carrier bolted to your wheel. (Check this size using a socket set if in doubt.)


By using the tyre only selector you may be shown snow chains that have not been approved for your vehicle / tyre size combination. It's important to check your vehicle handbook to determine the types of chains that can be fitted to your vehicle.

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