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Suzuki Super Carry (1986 to 1999)Tyre size: 155-12

Snow chains and car snow socks for Suzuki Super Carry (1986 to 1999) with 155-12 tyres

Snow Chains

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Suzuki Super Carry (1986 to 1999):SnowGecko snow socks, small, one pair, no. SnowGecko S
24.95RRP: 49.95Code: ASGS

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Tyre: 155-12

SnowGecko are
  • made by AutoSock from the same AutoSock high tech fabric
  • give extraordinary grip on ice and snow
  • offer AutoSock quality at a cheaper price. We have limited stock and when they're gone they're gone!
our rating: 4.5 star Our rating
Suzuki Super Carry (1986 to 1999):AutoSock, High Performance size 540, one pair, no. AS540
49.95Code: AS540

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Tyre: 155-12
AutoSock are simple to fit and give extraordinary grip on ice and snow. Keep a set in the car for UK use!
Suzuki Super Carry (1986 to 1999):RUD-matic Classic automatic chains (pair) no. 48414
149.95RRP: 200.00Code: RD484-14

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Tyre: 155-12
  • 14mm on the wheel
  • Ideal for rear wheel drives where space in the wheel arch is limited
  • Also ideal for minibuses and vans with twin wheels
  • Easier and cleaner to fit than traditional chains
Suzuki Super Carry (1986 to 1999):Spikes-Spider SPORT - size SXS - wheel bolt size TBC
369.95RRP: 460.00Code: SPSXS-TBC

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Tyre: 155-12
(1) The fastest and easiest chain to fit, (2) suits all tyres, even where there's a "No fit" for conventional chains, (3) can be used with traction control and ABS, (4) can be resized to fit almost every tyre!
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