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Mazda CX-5 (2012 to 2017)Tyre size: 225/55-19

Snow chains and car snow socks for Mazda CX-5 (2012 to 2017) with 225/55-19 tyres

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Our snow chains suppliers tell us that your vehicle and tyre size combination is not suitable for traditional chains larger than 12mm; this is probably because bigger chain links could snag on the shock absorbers. We believe that all the chains shown below are safe to use; the front-fixing “ladder track” chains do not put any chain behind the tyres.
Mazda CX-5 (2012 to 2017):AutoSock, High Performance size 697, one pair, no. AS697
£69.95Code: AS697 View Details & Order
Tyre: 225/55-19
AutoSock are simple to fit and give extraordinary grip on ice and snow. Keep a set in the car for UK use!
Mazda CX-5 (2012 to 2017):König XG-12 Pro snow chains (pair) no. XG-12 Pro 247
£134.95RRP: £215.00Code: KGXG-247 View Details & Order
Tyre: 225/55-19

  • 12mm chains for SUVs with limited wheel clearance
  • Automatic chain tensioning system
  • Ice breaking traction bars
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    If clearance is limited behind the wheel these 12mm chains may be your only option, but they're a good option. XG chains have the following features:
    • ice breaking traction bars which improve lateral stability and also prevent the chain getting stuck in the tyre grooves
    • König’s superb automatic chain tensioning system which constantly seeks to keep the chains as tight as possible and saves you the hassle of getting out of the car again after a hundred metres or so and retightening the chains. When you come to fit the chains at the bottom of the hill leading to a ski resort you’ll probably find several long lay-bys which are designed for "stopping again", but it’s not always so easy or convenient, especially in a blizzard!
    Mazda CX-5 (2012 to 2017):König Easy-fit SUV snow chains (pair) no. SUV 247
    £249.95RRP: £340.00Code: KGSUV-247 View Details & Order
    Tyre: 225/55-19
    • 10mm links
    • A superb chain system that, with very little practice, can be fitted in about 15 seconds. Easy-fit SUV chains should appeal to anyone who needs to fit and remove chains several times on a journey.
    Mazda CX-5 (2012 to 2017):König K-Summit XL snow chains (pair) no. K-Summit 56
    £314.95RRP: £410.00Code: KGKS-K56 View Details & Order
    Tyre: 225/55-19

    • Ideal where there’s minimal distance between the wheel and the wheel arch
    • No chain inside the wheel
    • Always quick and easy to fit and remove
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    The K-Summit is what we usually call a “Ladder track chain”, because a ladder of chain is placed around the face of the tyre, braced off a mechanism which is fixed onto one wheel bolt. There’s no chain inside the wheel.

    These chains are particularly suitable where there’s minimal distance between the wheel and the wheel arch, a typical feature of many rear wheel drives with large alloys. If you can't get your forearms into this gap then the K-Summit is your only König option.

    They’re also easy to fit and remove and, because you don't have to put your forearms over the tyre, you shouldn't get dirty slush on your forearms or clothes.

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